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What are the chances of Salmonella food poisoning?

My friend wrapped up a just-cooked burito at about 8pm last night (it has chicken in it) and put it in her bag without refrigerating it and ate it at about 11am the next day. she was unaware of the dangers of this but I was wondering what are the chances of her getting salmonella food poisoning? thanks !
i haven't conacted her in any way aswell, so I'm just wondering the chances.

its very unwise to leave any sort of food for that amount of time and especially with chicken.  (+ info)

what is the difference between salmonella and food poisoning?

Foods are removed from stores due to Salmonella contamination which I know from personal experience causes severe vomiting etc. Other times media says that people got sick due to Food Poisoning which I have also experienced illness from bad food. Are they one in the same or different? and how?

"Food poisoning" is often the term used to describe the illness caused by Salmonella contamination, but it could also describe any illness caused by food that is contaminated with illness-producing microorganism.  (+ info)

how do I proceed with a lawsuit against company that made food my son got salmonella poisoning from?

My son got salmonella poisoning from banquet pot pies. I was told by one of the healthcare workers that there are law suits already started against them for this same thing, how do I proceed with a lawsuit?

Contact an attorney. They would now the specifics of the current lawsuit and if it becomes a class action, they would be able to get you in on it. But you need to ask an attorney about the details.  (+ info)

Ice in ice cream - can it cause salmonella food poisoning?

I ordered some pizza and icecream this evening but the ice cream had shards of ice throughout it. I think that meant the ice cream has defrosted and has then been re-frozen. i also think re-frozen ice cream can cause salmonella poisoning.

Am I right?

By the way I have called the restaurant and they are providing a replacement, but i just wanted to know.
To I hate you: wow then you must have eaten GALLONS of it huh?

The shards of ice cream is freezer burn not from defrosting. Ice cream that has defrosted and refrozen feels sticky and gummy. Not good. Also, no it can not cause salmonella poisoning because it doesn't have the right ingredients in it to get that bacteria. It can get other bacteria though.  (+ info)

What are the best ways to ensure quick recovery from salmonella food poisoning?

i have it, it isnt pleasant, and i want to do everything possible to get better quick. Apart from the usual plenty of rest and fluids, are there any tips on how to help my body get rid of these bacteria? What should i eat, what should i take?

Any help would be much appreciated,


Drink loads of water. How on earth did you get it ?Are your culinary skills and hygiene not up to scratch or was it a dodgy cafe.? I think you just have to sit it out.  (+ info)

How long does it take for food poisoning (salmonella) to make you sick?

I heard it can take 72 hours. Is that true?

Sorry to say, every one of the 23 answers so far is wrong because SALMONELLA DOES NOT CAUSE FOOD POISONING. It will make you sick, alright, but that is through INFECTION, not through the ingestion of a preformed toxin, which is what FOOD POISONING is.

Why is the difference important? Because food posoning requires you to flush out the offending TOXIN, not the germs which cause it. INFECTION, on the other hand, needs your immune system, competition form other flora, and intestinal peristalsis to remove it, and can lead to other infections of blood, gall bladder, or even your heart.

Amazingly, several people answered this question with a good citation which told them this, but they did not even read the source.

Now, as to how long after ingestion of Salmonella you can get sick: the BEGINNING of symptoms is usually within 48 hours, but it may be as long as 72 hours. How long it takes depends upon the number of bacteria which you accidentally ingest (eat): if the numbero f bacteria is small, you may have a longer "incubation period"- the time between your contact with the germ and the beginning of illness.

The second source tells the interesting story of how this is known- at a medical convention in Wales, Salmonella contaminated chicken was served. The doctors who gorged themselves on the chicken (ate 2 or more pieces) had shorter incubation periods, more fever, and worse diarrhea than the doctors who ate only one piece. Vegetarian doctors did not get ill.

You may stay ill for another 4 days if you have uncomplicated infection of the intestines, but if infection spreads to the blood (which is called enteric fever, or typoid fever) you may be ill for 10 more days.  (+ info)

What are the main symptoms of salmonella food poisoning?

Has anyone ever had it?

Severe stomach and abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea.  (+ info)

How can you tell the difference between the stomach flu and food poisoning like e coli or salmonella?

neighbors kid might have either or

Norwalk virus (no such thing as the stomach "flu"..flu = upper respiratory infection) is a VERY contagious virus.Once contaminated fecal/vomit particles
are ingested (via nose/mouth) it takes about 2-3 days incubation time before symptoms present themselves.Symptoms can range from minor/moderate-severe
varying on the type of virus and how many particles you actually ingested and lasts on average a few hours - 24 hours.

Symptoms are: Fatigue, low grade fever, stomach pain, gassy "explosive" diarrhea, and forceful vomiting.Disinfecting when one has this virus is VERY important
in reducing the risk of others getting it.Bleach is the #1 disinfectant to use for this virus as other cleaners such as Lysol will not kill it.
Hand washing is also VERY important in order to prevent from getting the virus.The virus is not airborne although you can become infected by
standing in close proximity of a vomiting individual and ingest the aersolized vomit particles.

Vomiting is actually a pointless immune response to this virus.The virus is not located in the stomach but rather in the intestines.(not so fun fact? lol)

Salmonella and e coli poisoning (along with some others) are more serious than the typical intestinal virus.Salmonella and e coli can last up to a week
and symptoms are much more harder on your body than the intestinal virus.Severe stomach cramps, green or bloody diarrhea etc. If the symptoms last 2 or
more days, or if the symptoms become "unbearable" it's time to take a trip to the hospital.There, they will test fecal or vomit and determine if it's a
viral or bacterial infection.

Unfortunately, there is no "cure" for Norwalk (although a vaccine is currently in the works) and if you test positive for bacterial infection, they will
put you on antibiotics.  (+ info)

Can I say Typhoid Fever is equal to Salmonella Food Poisoning to my Primary School Students?

No, Typhoid Fever is Cause By "Salmonella thyphi" (Invasive) but Their are Other Salmonella Food "Poisonings", e. g. "Salmonella thyphium" (Sp?).

BTW, Salmonella ssp. Are Members of the Same Family (Enterobacteriacae [Sp?]) as "E. coli".  (+ info)

Can raw eggs with no salmonella cause food poisoning?

If I ate like two raw eggs mixed with heavy whipping cream [that's been left outside for a while] can I get sick? Even with the eggs don't have salmonella? [sick like vomit sick...]

  (+ info)

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