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Does anyone have a recipe for yoshida sauce? Or something very similar.?

Any idea how to make your own. We don't have a place here that sells it. Thanks in advance.

Mr. Yoshida's sauce can still be purchased from Costco.....Or if you need the toll free number to order it over the phone or online, I'll add the link when I get home, as I have a bottle in the fridge and one in the pantry......It is my favorite Asian marinade (as well as dipping sauce for eggrolls....)

Christopher  (+ info)

where can i buy Mr. Yoshida's "Original Gourmet Seasoning" seasoning?

Costco Wholesale
Maybe Sam's club
Or Smart and Final.  (+ info)

Is it ever confirmed that yuji picks shana over yoshida?

shakugan no shana
anyone know for sure?
im confused

who are yuji,shakugan and shana??

wrong section I think....  (+ info)

where can I buy Mr. Yoshida's teryaki sauce in the cartersville/Atlanta GA area?

I would think you could contact them http://www.mryoshidas.com/ and ask. It seems to be owned by Heinz now. Can you ask your grocery store if they can stock it? Be sure to look around the barbeque sauce area at the store.  (+ info)

can any one tell me where i can get yoshida sauce?

They sell it in Costco and Sam's Club. Here's a link to a place that sells it online.  (+ info)

where can I buy mr. yoshida's teriyaki sauce in oh., mi. or ca.?

♥last time i went home to CA. i bought it at COSTCO. i just L♥VE that sauce. i even brought it back to japan with me! (what yummy dishes do you use it with???)♥  (+ info)

looking to buy mr yoshida's sauces on line?

i contacted heinz and they said sams club/costco usually sell it during fall/spring seasons only and more on the west coast. i'm in louisiana. i'd love to find it online to order, but haven't yet. any help would be appreciated :)

It's sold online at the following sites:



And it's all over ebay
http://www.google.com/products?oe=utf-8&q=mr+yoshida+sauces  (+ info)

Where online can I find Mr Yoshida's Wasabi Teriyaki sauce?? Sold at Costco, but no longer at the one by me.?

I've seen at Sam's Club too.

Try their website:


  (+ info)

How to make Korean style teriyaki chicken?

I have boneless skinless chicken thighs. I also have Yoshida teriyaki marinade. I do not have access to a BBQ. What is the secret to great teriyaki?!

I marinate alot of meat in teriyaki. Just marinate and bake, saute, stir fry, or dust in flour after marinate and pan fry. I don't know any Korean secrets though. Try google search recipes, you can find anything.  (+ info)

Anyone know anything about Yoshida's gourmet sauce?

I have just bought a bottle of yoshida's gourmet sauce after tasting a sample of chicken coated in it at my local costco. I know I might sound a bit stupid but I'm really not sure what to do with it. Do I cook the chicken first then put some sauce over and cook some more? or can I just use the sauce and pour it over the chicken when it comes out of the oven? Please help as I really like the sauce but want to know if it can be used without cooking it. Any advise would be appreciated.
Thank you!

Mr. Yoshida's Fine Sauces announces a flavorful line of sauces including Original Gourmet, Hawaiian Sweet & Sour, and Cracked Pepper & Garlic Sauce. Designed for a variety of uses from marinating and grilling to stir frying and sautéing, these sauces are as versatile as they are appetizing. Try each sauce for a flavorful experience. Here is the site http://www.mryoshidas.com/  (+ info)

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