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Is it possible to have scabies and body lice at the same time?

I have lesions on my ears, face, around my lips, eyelids, eyebrows, and in my hair. Generally scabies rarely goes above the neck. From what I have read, pubic lice and body lice are part of my malady. I am seeking some advice. At night, hell breaks loose on my body despite using Permetrin (Acticin 5% cream) which is specific for scabies Does the Permetrin also kill pubic and body lice?

Yes, it is possible to have both. Permetrin should get rid of lice & scabies, however...you may still have a problem with itching for up to three weeks after you are NO longer infested. Make sure your clothes and bedding are clean so that you do not reinfest yourself. Make sure the person you were having close contact with has also been treated. I would wonder where that person contacted their pubic/body lice. There are several anti-itch creams you can buy OTC. Using them might help you at night especially when you are trying to sleep. I would say one of two things is happening....you are possibly no longer infected, but are still itching (may go on for 2-3 weeks), or you are reinfesting cause you are not using clean bedding every night/clean clothes every day...or your partner is still infected.  (+ info)

If you have scabies and run your hands under really hot water, can you burn the mites alive so they die?

Is there a certain temperature that the mites will die if placed in? I have scabies and was wondering if by running my hands under hot water multiple times a day could keep their population down by killing them off? And I heard that vaseline can suffocate them? Is that true?
I have an appointment made already, but I'd like some relief in the meantime.

Why not go to the doctor and get a cream instead - its a lot less painful.  (+ info)

How long does a room need to be left empty after scabies infestation?

Where I work we often have to house people for upto 24 hours. Often, these people have untreated scabies and I have heard that one good way of ensuring the eradication of scabies mite's is to quarantine the room for a period of about 72 hours is this true?

other than quaranting the room are they using any chemicals to disinfect? Using chemicals to disinfect would make the period of quaratine to 72 hours.. alone would take 2 weeks!!!  (+ info)

What are the differences between scabies and pubic lice?

Just say someone was itchy in the pubic hair region with a rash and red bumps. What would be signs to tell wether it was scabies or crabs?

GO TO THE DOCTOR! This sounds like something that needs to be taken care of! At this point, who cares what it is, just get it fixed!  (+ info)

How can I tell the difference between dry skin and scabies?

It has been very cold for a long time and the air is dry, but I was possibly exposed to scabies by a friend a few weeks ago. I am itching like crazy! Especially when I am finishing my shower every evening. When I get out of the shower I have red, blotchy rashes on my body, but they go away as my skin cools. What would you do?

The previous posters are mostly correct. Scabies will be most prominent in the folds and creases of your body. Additionally, the lesions will not appear blotchy as your have. Rather, they will leave a distinct zig-zag scarring pattern on your skin where the organism burrows itself.

I agree that you may be having a sensitivity issue with your soap or a cosmetic product. I recommend that you discontinue the use of all of your cosmetics and buy new soaps. If this doesn't correct your problem see a doctor for sensitivity testing.  (+ info)

What is the best remedy on skin infections caused by scabies?

My husband has been clamoring for an itchiness around his fingers and feet. He couldn't sleep well at night caudes by itching. What medication is good for him? Or is it really scabies?

Scabies is a burrowing insect that leave what looks like ting gray tunnels under the skin. A doctor can do a skin scraping test to determine if it is. Until then it is best to get the itching under control.
Apple cider vinegar is the best remedy. Have him take a bath with 1 cup of AVC. I use this all the time when I get hives from my allergies. I also have eczema and this helps a lot. Also I take baths with 1 cup of instant oatmeal(unflavored) in an old sock, tie it up use like a tea bag in the bath. He can also use the bag to dab the spots. Oatmeal is a great itch reliever. Good Luck! This is my favorite site for home remedies. Earthclinic.com  (+ info)

What are the ways to eliminate the longtime scars caused by scabies?

My friend has a lot of scars and it remained there until now for almost 20 years. She lost her self-esteem because of that. The scars were due to the scabies she once had.I really need to help her thanks.

there is a vitamin complex that may work the best...email me  (+ info)

If my sister was treated for scabies, is it safe for her to hold my newborn baby?

I am about to have a baby and my sister is planning on visiting from Australia. She and her fiancee have had issues with scabies for the last month or so. Will it be safe for her to visit with my newborn son after she has been treated?

Is it infectious? Hmmm... seems like a bad time to travel, but she is going a far way. I wouldn't let her hold my baby if I were you. But I'm "overprotective". I think she'll understand.  (+ info)

What are Scabies and how does it affect children emotionally?

Hi there,

I'm doing an ECE (Early Childhood Education) project on Scabies. In my group I'm suppose to focus on the mental and emotional wellbeing of a child with Scabies. So other than answering what exactly Scabies are could someone tell me their experiences with it specifically a child of yours or someone else's you know of please? Internet or book references would be nice but not necessary.

Thank you!
(My project is due in 2 weeks so please take your time in answering, thanks!)

Scabies are mites that burrow under the skin. They leave waste under the skin which creates a rash like irritations under the skin.
Ok When I was in the fifth grade my older bro who was 18 at the time brought some home to live with us. It took use a long time to get rid of these nasty pests.. This was in the early 80s and treatments weren’t as affective as they are now and my family didn’t know about remedies like tea tree oil or neem.
You cant get rid of them by simple being clean. Wash all you clothes sheet ect wont help. But the good news was that they cant live away from your body for three days..
Now the emotional issues children go through. It was embarrassment insecurity. Since you cant have ANY contact with your friend and family even a handshake can spread this easily.
Children need social contact for healthy emotional health and security. This separation time from friends and family creates an physical barrier between those the children care for. This can do one of two things create a stronger character in the child or cause emotional scaring. In this day and age children have been coddled and spoiled and this has cause issue to be amplified, They are less prepared to deal with separation. I call the generation since 1980 the microwave generation, wanting instant gratification.
I was embarrassed mostly and holding on to secrets are a tremendous Psychological
weight for anyone to bare and even harder for children. These children need support and a loving environment. But also the understanding that this time of separation is not only good for them its better for others. This is something people don’t understand now “Self sacrifice for the good of all”  (+ info)

What are over the counter treatments for scabies?

My mom thinks that I have scabies, and we would like to know if there is an over the counter treatment for it?

Anything that works on mange for dogs works for scabies. If it doesn't hurt the dog, it won't hurt a person. Think bug killer. I ended up having to spray everything in the house with Raid to get rid of it. I got it from my dog.  (+ info)

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