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What is scarlet fever? What are the symptoms?

what are the symptoms of scarlet fever?

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How many people have been diagnosed with Scarlet fever?

It may also be called streptococcus.

Scarlet fever results when one is infected by a strain of lysogenic strep ... that is the strep must be carrying a viral stowaway that gives it the peculiar ability to generate a toxin that causes an odd rash.

The course and correct treatment of "scarlet fever" is not different than that of other non-lysogenic strep infections.

Now that Strep is routinely eradicated by a number of antibiotics it doesn't have the terrifying reputation it once did. IMO, Scarlet Fever is becoming an anachronism. Statistics of the incidence of this old scourge are no longer maintained.

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I have scarlet fever and im going to the DR tomorrow at 1pm for testing does the testing hurt?

I am terrified of needles and I have NO idea what they are doing all they said was a lot of testing and blood work can anyone help me on what they are going to do,if it hurts,and how many shots and where they go? I am very scared to go tomorrow. I am 15 turning 16 so im sure you understand...PLEASE HELP ME !!

Take it easy, They will probably need a blood sample, just a VERY BRIEF sting, then they might give you anti biotic maybe a shot in your hip, won`t hurt but a few seconds and even then it won`t be real bad. You want to get better don`t you? It will be over in no time! A lot of nurses/docs, are so good nowdays you may feel very little at all. Like I said, It won`t be a terrible pain. I wish you the best! You will do fine, I just know it! By the way, I used to be terrified of needles too! silly...  (+ info)

How long does it take for someone to get Scarlet fever when they have strep?

if u dont treat strep, how long does it take?

about 10 days but not everyone gets scarlett fever and some get it even when the strep is treated it all depends on the persons immune system  (+ info)

How does the body fight off scarlet fever?

Please can you help me quick for my science project at school.

Thanks ;)

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Could Mary Ingalls have avoided scarlet fever, or becoming blind from it with Vitamin A?

I don't understand why her eyesight wasn't saved in time? Did she inherit the illness?

No, you don't inherit scarlet fever. It is passed by a bacteria, though, which means it can be spread from person to person. That's not the same as genetic inheritance.

Mary went blind after having suffered a stroke as a result of the illness. Without modern medicine, there wasn't really anything they could have done about it.  (+ info)

Does getting scarlet fever as a child lead to any long-term health problems?

I've been told that some children suffer from hyperphotosensitivity later in life as a result, is that true?

Nearly 40 years ago when I was a medical student much time was spent studying diseases like this. The 2 potential problems were heart and kidney disease, both caused by the deposition of immune complexes.

Soon after I qualified these complications had become rarities, in small part because penicillin is inappropriately given to everyone with a sore throat, but more because of general improvements in health and hygiene.

I only ever say these complications once in the late 70s when I was doing paediatrics. I still see 3-4 Scarlet fever cases a year though.  (+ info)

I never had chicken pox. but i had scarlet fever as a baby which supposedly made me immune to chicken pox.?

I am now 24 and concerned b/c my mother in law has shingles and my husband insisits i go help take care of her. I know someone who has never had pox can get it thru exposure to shingles. Since I had scarlet fever as a baby am i safe or should i stay away?

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Im doing an essay on scarlet fever does anybody hae any questions about it?

please ask questions quickly need them by this monday
okay great question if it hereditary i need more scientific questions like that tnx alot! keep em comming. o btw does anybody want answers for their questions?

What's the origin of the name for scarlett fever? (Why is it called scarlet fever?)
Who discovered it? (might tie in to previous question)
Is it contagious?
Is it hereditary? (Caused by defect in genes)
What are the symptoms?
What is the cure?
Are there any side effects to the medications needed to cure it?
Statistics -- how many people get it in the world / North america / specific countries
How many people die from it (what's the success rate of any medications taken to cure it?)
Emotional side effects of having scarlett fever -- how can this affect your day-to-day life?

Hope those questions help :)  (+ info)

My friend has scarlet fever and was wondering?

Would aloe vera be able to cure the itching.
Or would it aggravate it?

Please comment soon shes in so much pain from itching.
shes used up all of hers.

The skin normally itches before peeling in scarlet fever, a bit like sunburn.

Your friend really shouldn't scratch as she could end up with permanent scars - seriously!

Aloe Vera won't harm it, and may soothe it, - calamine lotion mentioned in the post above, will dry the skin, which may cause further itching, and is awkward to wash off...although the scrubbing to get rid of the dried lotion may feel good (alleviating itching temporarily) it's too rough and could lead to scarring if the little blisters are burst..

Hope this helps
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