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Do I have a schizoid personality disorder?

I dislike social situations that aren't just with my close friend. I'm often paranoid that people are talking behind my back. I really dislike loud people, and people that try hard to be liked.
I can feel passionate about someone one second and then switch it off to be completely uncaring.
I can be extremely jealous
I have a hard time talking to people, but can easily flirt.
I often blow things out of proportion to feel like the victim and make people feel like they've wronged me.
Do I have a schizoid personality disorder?

People with Schizoid Personaltiy Disorder generally have little or no interest in other people.

You can't get a mental health diagnosis this way and on line tests for personality disorders are useless. You have to see a licensed professional. If you feel like you need help, talk to a doctor, psychologist or counselor.  (+ info)

Only to people who know about schizoid personality disorder?

Is it possible that having no social life can lead to me having this schizoid personality disorder???

I was reading about different personality disorders, and when I came upon schizoid personality disorder, I found that I have many of those traits... Does that mean I actually have the disorder??

It was attributed to addicts, but although I'm not some alcoholic or drug addict, I still have several of the traits found in people with this disorder...!!!

Is it possible that I have it, even though I'm not an addict? And they were also talking about what is called a "secret schizoid", where the person appears completely normal, but once they're asked to engage emotionally, they have great difficulties: "the schizoid individual is able to express quite a lot of feeling and to make what appear to be impressive social contacts but in reality giving nothing and losing nothing, because since he is only playing a part his own personality is not involved. According to Fairbairn, the person "...disowns the part which he is playing and thus the schizoid individual seeks to preserve his own personality intact and immune from compromise." [...] Further references to the secret schizoid describe that the individual actually "enjoys" regular public speaking engagements, but experiences great difficulty in the breaks when audience members would attempt to engage him emotionally." I feel like I can relate to this stuff, I don't know if it means that I have the disorder though. I personally haven't had any friends since I was around 16 (literally, zero friends), but once I entered university last september, I made some friends. None of them wanted to spend time with me out of school though, and I don't really know why. I'm quiet around people, and I'm constantly not very happy with my family, but I realized that I have a nice unifying influence on them nonetheless. I don't know, can someone who knows about this stuff tell me if I have this personality disorder?? I'm just wondering why people aren't interested in spending extra time with me, and why I find it so hard to just converse with people about anything??

Thanks in advance

What you have is "reading too much disease". Just about everybody can diagnose themselves with one or more personality disorders, but you need a Professional opinion and preferably one that is not a snap judgement.
You probably have minor signs of autism, bipolar, and whatever else you read about too.
We all do to some extent.  (+ info)

Why is a schizoid personality considered a disorder?

It seems like people meeting the diagnostic criteria of SPD could still be perfectly happy in life, content with themselves, and still be "productive members of society". So why is it considered a disorder?

Because the people in charge of deciding disorders are not the people who actually have them. Nonetheless, a requirement for diagnosis of personality disorders is that the disorder is causing personal distress to the "patient" involved; if the person is not distressed by the disorder, a diagnosis should not be given.  (+ info)

Do I actually have schizoid personality disorder?

I have looked up schizoid personality disorder and I have all of them symptoms, but I have some friends. I don't really like my friends..well they are okay I guess but I just am nice to them because I want to seem normal. When I hang out with them I don't talk and I only do hang out with them when I need to such as at lunch. I wouldn't hang out with them if it wasn't for people bullying me if I was not with them. After school times I don't talk to any of them.
I'm not bored with them. I don't want to be close to anyone. I don't even connect with my family and would much rather be alone. The only reason I don't want to be bullied is because I don't want to have to interact with the people who try to upset me.
I'm not bored with them. I don't want to be close to anyone. I don't even connect with my family and would much rather be alone. The only reason I don't want to be bullied is because I don't want to have to interact with the people who try to upset me.

Yes it sounds like you might have schizoid personality disorder.

In my entire life i have never really had any interest in people. I used to have very few friends but at the moment i don't have anyone, and i am not lonely, i don't feel sadness or anything like that. In fact i'm perfectly happy, i feel great without anyone and i don't really need anyone in my life. I often feel like people are useless to me so i do everything to avoid as many people as i can. I have been like this all the time in my life. I can live my life without people.

I don't even want to talk to my family because i don't want to talk about anything in fact i have nothing to talk about. I would rather like to be alone than be with my family because i simply don't want to be with anyone too much. I can spend some free time with someone but i don't like it when i have to spend too much time with someone.

I don't care what people say behind my back about myself or what is their opinion about me and i don't care what they do/where they go in their free time . I'm not afraid of rejection i simply don't care about people , i have no desire to spend my time with anyone.

I love to be alone and i spend most of my free time alone and i have no intention to change it.

When someone looks into my eyes or i look into someone's eyes i become nervous,embarrassed my face turn red and i often say very stupid things in social situations. People often laugh me when i become like this. I have got very poor social skills .

By the way I'm very shy,quiet , i have introverted personality. In school i was almost always alone i hated to be in group and i hated to be with others. I only talked to someone when someone asked me something about.

Also i have very few interest such as computers and programming.
I like to talk about my interests and i keep talking about it
over and over again.

Anyway i'm definitely sure that i'm asexual. Never had interest in girls but i know that i'm not gay.

I guess i might have SPD or might have asperger syndrome because they are very similar to each other and it is very hard to make difference between them. People with ASP don't like to be around people and spend a lot of time alone.
Honestly I don't know which i have.

Based on what you said , you sound schizoid to me.
But i have a few questions for you.
Have you always been like this?
Do you like to be alone?
Do you care about other people ?
Do you care what people say about you?
Do you have very few interest?
Do you like to be with your family?
Do you afraid of rejection?  (+ info)

What is a schizoid personality disorder?

I took a personality test, and got that.
NOT a schizophrenic.. a schizOID

There's a difference people.

Schizoid Personality Disorder - individual generally detached from social relationships, and shows a narrow range of emotional expression in various social settings.

some of the smartest people in history were schizoid because they occupied a remote end of the intelligence bell curve.  (+ info)

Do I have schizoid personality disorder?

I prefer being alone.I am emotionally cold and indifferent to criticism or praise.I only talk to people if I need something or am bored.I have only tree friends.I do feel sexual attractions but not so strong that I would get a girlfriend.Almost every person I meet,I don't like (and people I haven't met but I'm sure I wouldn't like).Mostly the activities I do are reading,watching movies,and working out a little.
Do I have schizoid personality disorder?If you think I do don't give me any advice of therapy.I like myself this way.

Sounds like you are a loner but I wouldn't say it's as bad as Schizoid PD. First off, you do have a couple of friends, schizoids typically have NONE. For me friends are just too much of a drain on my time and mental resources. I have even cut off contact with most of my family and avoid contact with the remaining few. I find ALL people to be boring and a waste of space. You are driven to talk to people when you are bored..... boredom could never drive me to seek out people..... nothing could drive me to seek out people. You don't mention this but Schizoids tend to have a very rich fantasy life in which they spend a great deal of time....... it goes way beyond simple daydreaming or fantasizing, I can spend weeks in a single fantasy and even manage to incorporate my job into it so I can stay in fantasy even at work. I fall so deep that it takes days for me to come back to the world.

No advice. being a loner is probably a part of your personality, nothing wrong with that, but I wouldn't say it's as severe as Schizoid PD.  (+ info)

What is the difference between schizoid and schizotypal personality disorder?

what is the difference between the two? i was diagnosed with both also is it the same thing as schizophrenia? i was also diagnosed with that
they all seem to be relatively the same to me
also diagnosed with borderline personality disorder ? what is this ? i think theyr just trying to give me every mental illness in the book now

"There are many similarities between the Schizotypal and Schizoid personalities. Most notable of the similarities is the inability to initiate or maintain relationships (both friendly and romantic). The difference between the two seems to be that those labeled as Schizotypal avoid social interaction because of a deep-seated fear of people. The Schizoid individual simply feels no desire to form relationships, because they quite literally see no point in sharing their time with others.
An important distinction is that people with Schizoid Personality don't typically experience the perceptual distortions, paranoia or illusions typical of Schizotypal Personality or the psychotic episodes of Schizophrenia."  (+ info)

Is schizoid personality disorder really a disorder or merely a personality?

An introvert for example and wouldn't you agree that these people are likely to be insightful and have high iqs for being such a way as they are? I mean if people choose this lifestyle they have probably learned how unreliable, cruel and unpredictable people can be and avoid them for that reason. They are not emotionless. Rather, I contend, they are supremely sensitive and see right into the very hearts of others.

A personality disorder, like schizoid, is a disorder that is part of, caused by, or perhaps causes, the patient's personality. It's really difficult to tell where the disorder begins and ends, and it's likely that everyone has some sort of personality disorder or another to some extent - but usually not enough to be diagnosed, or to affect their ability to function.

You are right with your observations of introverts. Most tend to be insightful people, many have high IQs, and many are quite sensitive and not at all emotionless. However being introverted does not mean that one suffers from schizoid personality disorder. Introversion is a trait, a part of your personality, whereas a disorder is when the symptoms of something are severe enough to negatively affect, or disable, you. Most introverts can function perfectly well, and are still able to interact normally with people, it's just that they choose not to, sometimes out of fear or shyness.

People with schizoid personality disorder choose not to interact with others because they just aren't interested in doing so. This doesn't really stem from learning about the nature of people, but is probably there from the very beginning, and like other mental disorders, is possibly caused by a sort of malfunction or imbalance in the brain. People with schizoid personality disorder will tend to be introverted, however most introverts don't necessarily have schizoid personality disorder.  (+ info)

What sort of jobs do people with schizoid personality disorder usually have?

This is not schizophrenia, by the way.

I guess we prefer solitary jobs... I have a job in a small office and I have my own office so it's not too bad. I don't think I could handle working with the public (like retail) or in a large office with tons of cubicles... that would drive me nuts. I always wanted to work in a lab.... like a mad scientist, lol. but I guess my own office in a very small company works ok.

I don;t think it matters much what we do as long as we can have some privacy doing it.  (+ info)

What can I do to help my 20 year old son who has schizoid personality disorder and social anxiety disorder?

Since he turned 12 he has isolated himself, has no friends,barely speaks to his family and stays all day in his room. He has had so many psychiatrists and therapists and meds. Nothing seems to help him. He's a great person and has a high IQ. I feel helpless as his mother.

My 22 yo son has similar diagnoses. Life with him has been tough for the family because nothing seemed to work, etc. We have spent a lot of time and money trying different things. Some of the problem was us understanding and believing that his mental illness was what it was.

But, some things to do/not do. Don't push him to be in public school, home school him as necessary. Encourage him to read and study. Make sure he gets opportunities to be physically active, get him in team sports, art classes, music classes, church groups, etc if he can handle it. Dont push him to be like other kids, he will likely never be even close to how other kids socially act. He needs to learn coping skills and discover what works for him.

You need to learn them too (for yourself). You need to make time for yourself and the rest of your family in a way that you arent worrying about him.

By the way, my son is now on social security because he is unable to work due to his illness.  (+ info)

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