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Could someone with catatonic schizophrenia have clear-headed moments or days?

Could someone with catatonic schizophrenia have moments/days/episodes where they're clear headed and visibly symptom-free?

From what I have heard, the answer is no. You may want to call a doctor and ask that though.  (+ info)

Can paranoid schizophrenia lead to disorganized or catatonic schizophrenia?

I was wondering, could one type of schizophrenia left untreated lead to other types?

Catatonic -In this case, the person is extremely withdrawn, negative and isolated, and has marked psychomotor disturbances.

Disorganized-In this case the person is verbally incoherent and may have moods and emotions that are not appropriate to the situation. Hallucinations are not usually present.

If you have been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and start to show symptoms of either catatonic, or disorganized schizophrenia you should speak with your doctor. I'm not sure wether it could lead to them or not, but the doctor could have miss-diagnosed you. Either way it does sound possible from doing brief research.

Good luck

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I think I have Catatonic schizophrenia what should I do ?

hi im 13 years old, my mum has booked me a doctors appointment because of my behaviour at school and stuff... anyway i have been reading on the inernet about the symptons of Catatonic schizophrenia and i have like 65% of them like i make silly noises repeat words stay in the same position for ages sleep for a long time... anyway what should i do ?

Your age makes diagnosis rather complicated. You're certainly not catatonic. You can't be considered schizotypal (which is closer to what you've described) until you're 18. See a psychologist if these symptoms begin to affect your life negatively.  (+ info)

What do patients with catatonic schizophrenia usually report feeling?

After catatonia occurences, what does a CS patient report feeling/thinking during the episode?

I can't speak for everyone, or even say my experience is typical, but this is what I can recollect:

Nothing. Apathy. I'm not really aware of what's going on around me, and the very little that gets through generally doesn't make sense, and on the rare occasion it does, I don't care. I don't feel like me. I feel very detached, like I'm watching some weird parody of life on an alien planet. It's not that I don't recognize my loved ones, but that spark of emotion that we take forgranted is absent. I also feel very childish, like I want to regress to being very young and unresponsible (not a word, but irresponsible isn't what I mean). I get this fuzzy feeling from the outside world, nothing comes in clear, it's like being heavily drugged without the drugged feeling. I have a high tolerence to pain under normal circumstances, but I've heard that I've completely ignored painful stimuli like sharp pins and high heat. I'm sorry if this doesn't make a lot of sense, but it's like trying to describe the color red to someone who was born blind. It's a very inchoate experience that doesn't translate well to sanity. And it's very hard to recapture the essense of catatonia when I'm not suffering from it's effects. The more "sane" I become, the less that any of my past symptoms make sense.  (+ info)

Catatonic schizophrenia disease report help?

I have a disease report to do in anatomy and i need help on finding the first patient that was diagnosed with catatonic schizoprenia. I know that this disease has been around for thousands of years but I can't find the first patient diagnosed. Also can you please tell me the website so I can site my source. Thank you.

Roy, a 21-year old boy, was experiencing social withdrawal on account of delusions and paranoia. After being admitted in an institution, it was observed that he was exhibiting some movement and behavioral abnormalities. He was seen walking backwards and he had a distinctive facial expression. The patient was ultimately diagnosed as having catatonic schizophrenia.  (+ info)

what is the duration of treatment of catatonic schizophrenia with flupenthixol injection?

a patient started on the above injection has shown remarkable improvement after the fiest dose. Will he require lifelong medication? when can a switch to oral flupenthixol be made? Is olanzapine required to be added?

yes, the patient will require the lifelong medication or until the doctors have found that it is stabilized or if the patient or parents of the patient want him/her to stay on it so any future reactions on occur. While it is stabilized, the patient need to go thru counseling. For the other parts, I could not find, but you can read up on the website I posted too.  (+ info)

what the difference between catatonic schizophrenia and paraniod schizophrenia?

bob rungta...I have had schizophrenia since age 14. It is a very bad disease.

Schizophrenia and Psychosis - What's the Difference?
It is valuable to understand the difference between psychosis and schizophreia. Psychosis is a general term used to describe psychotic symptoms. Schizophrenia is a kind of psychosis. Several different brain disorders can lead to psychotic symptoms, including lesions in the brain resulting from head traumas, strokes, tumors, infections or the use of illegal drugs. If a serious depression goes untreated for a long time psychotic symptoms may develop. These examples demonstrate that not all psychosis is schizophrenia. If is for this reason that doctors may take quite some time (6 months or more) to diagnose someone, because while the symptoms of schizophrenia are quite obvious - the fact that the symptoms are not being caused by some other brain disorder is frequently not obvious.  (+ info)

is there any disagreement on whether catatonic schizophrenia exists?

if you know, please add a source

Of course there is always disagreement about most, if not all things.

Here are some resources for you, thankyou for asking this question.....


www.psychminded.co.uk 'schizophrenia, the ultimate delusion' january 30, 2003

book: Mary Boyle author: Schizophrenia, A Scientific Delusion
book: Consciousness East and West

When people ask a question like this, they are usually responded by ones thinking they are asking if the 'symptoms' exist...............not whether schizophrenia exists............
It has everything to do with the way one percieves illness.......
Studies show the sanest person can see a group of psychiatrists, who will all come up with a diagnosis of some kind for mental illness..........no matter how sane they are.  (+ info)

what if a person with catatonic schizoprenia refuses to take meds?

My son is 19 and has been diagnosed with catatonic schizophrenia. It has been one year and he refuses to take meds or seek help. What could the long-term outcome be if he does not get help now?

Mother cures son with schizophrenia with Dr. Abram Hoffer's niacin (vitamin B3) therapy

Dr Hoffer proven trials curing schizophrenia with niacin treatment since 1952
http://www.doctoryourself.com/review_hoffer_B3.html  (+ info)

Is It Possible To Have Paranoid Schizophrenia, With Absolutely No Hallucinations?

I was reading a quote from Heath Ledger about the version of the Joker he played in the new batman movie and he described the Joker as having, among other mental disorders, schizophrenia. Obviously he didn't mean disorganized or catatonic schizophrenia, since the character wouldn't be able to function in the way he is supposed to, which just leaves the paranoid type.

So i am wondering, is this new Joker supposed to be hearing voices and/or seeing things that aren't there or can a person with paranoid schizophrenia have absolutely no hallucinations?

Yes, actually a common alternative to hallucinations in P.S. is delusions where instead of seeing, hearing, or feeling things that are created by the mind, there are thoughts and beliefs which aren't real. I had a client many years ago who believed that he had secret connections to the government and must place tin foil around the microwave at 3:00 so that they can give him their daily update. Technically, he didn't see, hear, or feel anything that wasn't there, he just imagined he had special powers, so to speak. strange, isn't it?

Dr. max L.  (+ info)

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