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Can paranoid schizophrenia be detected in clinic without true history of the subject?

Can paranoid schizophrenia be detected by a doctor just by talking to a patient without being told about history and other symptoms of the patient. If no, can you suggest some books referencing this.

A mental health professional with interview skills can do this sort of diagnosis through interviewing the patient. A medical doctor who is not specifically trained to mental health will have a pretty good idea, and possibly prescribe something to help.  (+ info)

What are the actual differences between paranoid schizophrenia and paranoid personality disorder?

I was looking up symptoms for both, and the only difference I could find was that with schizophrenia, you hear voices and have delusions. However, being paranoid someone's poisoning you sounds like a delusion in both cases. I myself have most of the symptoms if not all, and occassionally hear voices, but I'm a functioning individual as well. I don't want to think I have schizophrenia, but I meet all the criteria for that...I can't find any differences. But if I'm gonna be labeled, I'd rather be labeled with PPD

One of the primary differences is the quality of the delusions. A person with paranoid PD might believe that a person they know is trying to kill them. A paranoid schizophrenic might believe that bigfoot is trying to kill them. Besides, with paranoid schizophrenia, there are also the essential features of schizophrenia, which BTW, means split mind. It is characterized by uncontrollable shifts in thought (inability to control your thoughts or maintain a continuous thought process). Either way, a qualified psychiatrist would be the best person to answer the question.

Also, paranoid personality disorder is not necessarily a set of learned behaviors. There is still a lot of debate about that one.  (+ info)

How to tell my family that i may have a paranoid schizophrenia?

My mum has had schizophrenia and it scares the f*** out of me i started slitting my wrist and then became suicidal now i have being feeling weird and according to an online doctors symptoms i may have paranoid schizophrenia to most of you i will properly be too young to have (im 14) how do i tell my family this?

You can't say you "may have". You need to speak to your GP and he/she will refer you to a specialist. You sound like you need this advice. Do this before telling your family anything, it might make your mother worse.

Edit: Online doctors are good for nothing when it comes to mental health. you have to have face to face interviews.  (+ info)

I just found out my boyfriend has paranoid schizophrenia, what am in for?

My new boyfriend just confesed to me he has paranoid schizophrenia. I am the first person he has ever told. He has been living with it for years and manages it with medication and the rest.

I just don't know what I am in for, I really like him, and don't want to break up with him because of potential problems with his illness, but am I just being naive?

He is a really special person, I don't want to hurt him, but I don't want to be hurt either - is there any chance for a happy life?

If it is already being managed well, and has been managed well for years there shouldn't really be a problem.

He may run into a relapse down the line but if the meds are working now, an adjustment when he hits a relapse should work just fine : )

If you truly love him you will find ways to cope and help out when/if he hits a relapse. There is definitely a chance for a happy life (more than a chance actually), as you said he has been living with it and managing it for years.  (+ info)

If I allow myself to be diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia or PPD will I still be able to use Criminology?

Sorry the question wasn't worded very well but I was running out of text. What I want to know is if I allow myself to be diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia or PPD, will I still be able to pursue my desire to work as either a forensic scientist or a homicide detective? Please don't answer unless you know what you are talking about.

I'm not a complete expert on this, but this is what I know based on my PSY 202 course, and general knowledge of the law:

Since PPD can be contained (treatable, but not curable-- that they knowof), it may hurt you're chances of getting hired in a detective or enforcement field, but you cannot be immediatley denied because of it.

Choosing a career in the forensics field, you would have a better chance, because it does not involve human-to-human analytic skills (or at least, its not the major aspect of the position).

As most types of disorders, it is generally the best idea to accept medical help. If the condition progresses, there is a chance that you can be clinically declared ill, which will 100% affect everything you do and want to do in your future. It looks better to an interviewer when you accept something like this and if you're able to describe why it won't interfer with your work.  (+ info)

Could someone please let me know experienced doctor in Pune who can treat paranoid schizophrenia?

Could someone please let me know experienced doctor in Pune who can treat paranoid schizophrenia? My relative in his late 20 has been diagnosed last year with paranoid schizophrenia. However he does not want medication and not ready to accept the fact that he is not well. He is getting worst day by day. Please help. I don’t know how to convince him to see the Physiatrist. I tried my best but he does not want to go. I am looking for some doctor who is experienced and has handled several such cases.

And you want someone recomended of the web?

Go to a hospital.  (+ info)

Is It Possible To Have Paranoid Schizophrenia, With Absolutely No Hallucinations?

I was reading a quote from Heath Ledger about the version of the Joker he played in the new batman movie and he described the Joker as having, among other mental disorders, schizophrenia. Obviously he didn't mean disorganized or catatonic schizophrenia, since the character wouldn't be able to function in the way he is supposed to, which just leaves the paranoid type.

So i am wondering, is this new Joker supposed to be hearing voices and/or seeing things that aren't there or can a person with paranoid schizophrenia have absolutely no hallucinations?

Yes, actually a common alternative to hallucinations in P.S. is delusions where instead of seeing, hearing, or feeling things that are created by the mind, there are thoughts and beliefs which aren't real. I had a client many years ago who believed that he had secret connections to the government and must place tin foil around the microwave at 3:00 so that they can give him their daily update. Technically, he didn't see, hear, or feel anything that wasn't there, he just imagined he had special powers, so to speak. strange, isn't it?

Dr. max L.  (+ info)

what to do about paranoid schizophrenia?

what should i do about my paranoid schizophrenia? besides go to the doctor, is there any self help metheds to deal with this disorder? and yes i am pretty sure i have it.

  (+ info)

What is the life expectancy of someone that has paranoid schizophrenia?

Also want to know do the symptoms ever get milder?
Is there any chance they will need less medication as they get older?
Or do the symptoms of schizophrenia stay the same throughout a persons life?

*Only answer if you know or have any idea/personal experience
Will report abuse if you answer negatively.

People with Schizophrenia often have a shorter life than the average person. There are two possible reasons; the medications may have strong side effects that lead to health problems. The other reason is that people with Schizophrenia may let a health issue go for a long time without telling a doctor (because they are "guarded" or have difficulty talking about it).

In my experience, a lot of patients with Schizophrenia would die in their late fifties or early sixties. Many of them like to smoke and don't take care of themselves very well. They tend to not have motivation to exercise and so on. Obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease are common comorbid diseases. I know of some patients who would live into their seventies or eighties, but most don't seem to live that long.

Sometimes the symptoms do go into remission. Some people need less medication, and some may eventually be able to do without it. It depends on the person, but most the time they are on medication for life.  (+ info)

how exactly does paranoid schizophrenia work?

i am writing a novel, and one of my main characters is a paranoid schizophrenic. i know what it is, and the basics, but really i need background, and more detailed knowledge, not just from a website that could be a dodgy source. i don't know any doctors, mental or otherwise. i need to know things like, could a seizure trigger something in the mind? could such a seizure turn the person to intense violence. ect. thanks.

Your afraid of all the imaginary people in your head so you might soon become scared pull out a knicve or gun try to kill all the illusions and then mistakenly kill your friends family or random people on the street. So dont be afraid and put down the weapon  (+ info)

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