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i would like to know what is Morphoea Localised scleroderma?

I have some white patches, where doctor told me it is called localised scleroderma, can any one help me with full detail, and where can i can take good treatment in bangalore.

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If anybody is associated with the Scleroderma Foundation or Federation, do you know if there is funding?

In other words, if a scleroderma patient has no insurance, do you know if there is funding available that would help that scleroderma patient?

Do a little more web research and contact those who're available via internet.
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what symptoms 1st appear in someone with lupus or scleroderma?

what are the 1st symptoms usually experienced if you are suffering with lupus or scleroderma, do symptoms persist or can they come & go.

I'll try and answer the lupus one as that's what I know. The symptoms are very wide as lupus is a very individual illness that isn't the same in any 2 patients.

In my case I woke up thinking I had a very bad case of flu. I never went to the doctor as I was always fit and healthy but did so in this case as I really felt awful. I was sent away by the GP who said I should just take some paracetamol and go to bed (she didn't examine me).

The next day I woke up in a pool of sweat and I couldn't move at all. All my joints were swollen and I had a rash on my legs, I also had a blinding headache. A doctor was called and I was rushed to hospital as they thought it could be meningitis. I stayed at the hospital for a week (no blood tests were ever taken!), I was then sent home with the diagnosis of a 'virus'. For the next 4 years, about once a month I would go to my GP describing classic lupus symptoms (I didn't know what lupus was at the time). It was only when the doctor got fed up with me and I had severe joint pains that they referred me to a rheumatologist who immediately diagnosed systemic lupus.

In a lot of the patients we see, the most common symptoms seem to be the exhaustion, depression and joint pains, most people have said they have had them all at some time. Then we all have had some or all of other symptoms such as mouth ulcers, hair loss, etc etc. The symptoms of lupus 'wax and wane' in other words come and go. They can be triggered if you're particularly stressed or even have something as simple as a cold. Lupus can also sometimes go into complete remission (although lupus is currently incurable so it never totally goes away and can be triggered again).

If you read the patient stories on our website you will see that the start in each patient varies http://lupus.org.uk/whatislupus/whatislupus.htm. We will also be launching a brand new lupus documentary in the next few weeks (which will be available for everyone to view free of charge on our website) and again you will see patients talking about how their lupus started and it's different in each case.

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My mom has scleroderma; what is the best way to comfort her from afar?

My mom was diagnosed with scleroderma 6 or so years ago. Lately, she says it has been getting worse, affecting her esophagus and she needs to get it stretched.

I'm her only family, and I live over 5000 miles away. She has a few friends, but no one to insist they go to the hospital with her etc. It's breaking my heart...what else can I do besides call her and give her my love and support?

I don't understand what her condition is, but i'll try to help in the best way I can.

"Life is too short so take the time and appreciate". -Lyrics by Nicholas Jonas.

Appreciate the fact that your mother is alive. You have an oppertunity to visit her, so why dont you? She is your MOTHER. Come on - you LIVED inside of her for 9 whole months and she brought you into this world. The least thing you could do is to pay her a visit? Dont take your mum for granted.

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What is a single non-bleeding localized erosion in the gastric antrum?

I had an edoscope a single non-bleeding localized erosion in the gastric antrum. There was no sign of recent bleeding. What does this mean?

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What would cause a localized abdominal pain?

I have a sharp, localized abdominal pain for the past 2 days. It is on the right side, just slightly underneath my stomach. I have no other symptoms. What could it be? What's the best course of treatment?

Now if it's under your stomach(rib cage area) that could be many things., if it's under your belly button on the lower right, it is most likely your appendix. Go check, mine burst and you definitely DO NOT want to go through that.
It could very well be life threatening if you don't act on it NOW
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How many people died from Scleroderma?

It is a concern that i might have Scleroderma... does anyone know:
A. the different kinds
B. how many people died for it.

I understand your concern but you can not just come up with the diagnosis
you need to visit your Doc & let him examine you & then you need to do a screening test which if positive then there is a specific bl test to Diagnose scleroderma

Scleroderma is a chronic autoimmune disease characterized by fibrosis (or hardening), vascular alterations, and autoantibodies.

A.There are two major forms:
1.Limited cutaneous scleroderma (or morphea) mainly affects the hands, arms and face, although pulmonary hypertension is frequent.
2. Diffuse cutaneous scleroderma (or systemic sclerosis) is rapidly progressing and affects a large area of the skin and one or more internal organs, frequently the kidneys, esophagus, heart and lungs, and can be fatal.
There are no treatments for scleroderma itself, but individual organ system complications are treated.

B.Prognosis is good for limited cutaneous scleroderma, except for <10% of those who develop pulmonary arterial hypertension ≥10 to 20 years. 5-year survival is 90%, 10-year survival 75%. Prognosis is worse for diffuse cutaneous disease, particularly in older age, and for males. Death occurs most often from pulmonary, heart and kidney complications. 5-year survival is 70%, 10-year survival 55%.

The cause is unknown. Scleroderma runs in families, but the genes have not been identified. It affects the small blood vessels known as arterioles, in all organs. First, the cells on the inner lining, or endothelium, of the arteriole die off, along with smooth muscle cells, by a process of apoptosis. They are replaced by collagen and other fibrous material. Inflammatory cells, particularly CD4+ helper T cells, infiltrate the arteriole, and cause further damage. Many of the inflammatory and destructive protein signals have been identified, and they are potential targets for drugs that could interrupt the process

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I have scleroderma, and would like to know how to rid the swelling in my hands and feet?

I only have this severe swelling in my hands at night and or when I drink. I have to sleep with the house really cold in order for the swelling to stay at a minimum. When I drink, my hands get really swollen and hot. During the day I don't have much of any symptoms. A real drag to not be able to wear ring, as I can't wear my wedding rings, and I am a ring-o-holic.

Hi Dana,

I have a similar problem and swell up so bad at night that I sometimes cannot close my hands and my legs & thighs get bad too.

I use pantyhose right now for my legs and it helps a lot and I do ankle pumps (move my foot up and down) - this helps push the edema out of the area. Any form of muscle movement/contraction will help push fluid out of the area. I also do Manual Lymphatic Drainage to remove fluid from the area. This is a link to a video. I have the DVD and it is helpful: http://www.realbodywork.com/lymph/lymph.htm

Compression garments work better than pantyhose. You can wear them at night while you are sleeping or at any time. They make compression socks and gloves that decrease edema:

This site looks great but I have not ordered from them yet. You might want to bookmark it.

SOCKS: http://www.lymphedemaproducts.com/products/socks.html

GLOVES: http://www.lymphedemaproducts.com/products/gloves.html

I have not received a diagnosis yet - and wish I could find out why I am swelling so much. It really only happens at night and in the shower.

Ask you doctor if it is okay to use compression garments to help. I really don't think they are contraindicated for scleroderma. But MLD may be - I am not sure.  (+ info)

what type of bug bites in a localized area?

what type of bug bites are grouped together in a localized area. my daughter woke up this morning w/ 25 bites all around the nape of her neck.

It may not be bug bites. I would need more info to tell you what it may be, but if the rash is very red, if she is running a fever, or if the "bites" are draining, I'd take her into the doctor ASAP. There are many infections and rashes that look like bug bites but are, actually, more serious problems that may need medications.  (+ info)

what are possible symptoms of scleroderma?

im having trouble finding alot of information on SCLERODERMA. Anyone outthere have this disease? what were your inital symptoms and where can i find out some good info to bring to my dr.??
and what are possible complications if left untreated?
anyone with scleroderma?? any info on initial symptoms etc would be greatly appreciated!

Symptoms of scleroderma may include one or more of the following:

Raynaud's phenomenon (numbness, color changes and pain in cheeks, nose, ears, fingers and toes due to abnormal sensitivity to cold)

Joint pain, swelling, and stiffness of the fingers, hands, forearms, feet, lower legs, and face, (especially in the fingers and knees)

Thickening, hardening, and discoloration of the skin

Ulcers or lesions on fingers, face, tongue, and inner lining of the cheek

Shortness of breath and coughing

Digestive and gastrointestinal problems including difficulty swallowing, bloating, and abdominal pain

Sexual dysfunction

Dry eyes

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Five particular symptoms occasionally occur together and are clinically recognized as a variation of scleroderma called CREST syndrome. The term CREST stands for Calcinosis (painful calcium deposits under the skin), Raynaud's phenomenon (abnormal sensitivity to cold in the hands and feet), Esophageal dysfunction (problems with swallowing caused by internal scarring), Sclerodactyly (tightening of the skin on the fingers or toes) and Telangiectasia (lesions on the hands, palms, forearms, face, and lips).

Scleroderma is called both a rheumatic disease and a connective tissue disease. The term rheumatic disease refers to a group of conditions characterized by inflammation and/or pain in the muscles, joints, or fibrous tissue. A connective tissue disease is one that affects tissues such as skin, tendons, and cartilage.

An individual with scleroderma may develop either a localized or a systemic form of the disease. Localized scleroderma usually affects only the skin on the hands and face. Systemic scleroderma, however, affects the connective tissue in many parts of the body, including the skin, the esophagus, gastrointestinal tract, lungs, kidneys, heart, and other internal organs. It is unusual for localized scleroderma to progress to the systemic form.

This place is too small to discuss everything on this disease, you may check this link for exhaustive info http://www.healthherbsandnutrition.com/remedies/s/scleroderma.htm  (+ info)

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