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How to decrease the curvature of scoliosis?

Aside from wearing brace and the usual therapy, what else may decrease the curvature of spine? My scoliosis is S-shaped both are above 40 degrees. I've been to chiro and they taught me some pain managements. Physical therapist taught me the usual therapy. While medical doctors suggested operation.

I want my scoliosis to be at least 20 degrees each. I'm 20 years old.

Please help!

You said your 20, so your pretty much done growing. It probably wont get any worse, so that's good news. I'm sorry to say it, but it's not that easy to just make your curve go down. They do say that if you strengthen your ab muscles, it will help with the back pain, but not to make the curve go away. I also had a "S" curve of about 55 degrees, and i had the back surgery because mine was hopeless. I'm thinking that the best thing for you is to get it corrected now while its manageable, and you are young to recover fast! Good luck and let me know if you need anything!  (+ info)

What is the difference between having back pains and scoliosis?

Recently I've had strange lower back pains and Ive had them for awhile now. I was checked two years ago if I had it and I did not but I am not so sure now. What are the symptons of scoliosis?

You don't just "develop" scoliosis. If you were checked two years ago, then I highly doubt you have it now. It is possible that you could have lumbar strain, or something called lordosis. I found out that I have lordosis when I into physical therapy for lumbar strain. There are a lot of things that can cause lower back pain. Heat and stretch. Lay on your back, tuck your knees up, and pull your knees closer to your body with your hands. It works, trust me.  (+ info)

How many people in the USA have scoliosis, hypertension, sleep apnea or a broken rod in their back?

As to the statistics on the Scoliosis I would like to know how that would apply to botht he hereditary forms and conditional or accidental forms of Scoliosis.

How many people currently live in the USA today?

Ty in advance!

I read on the net that sleep apnea affects between 6 and 8 per cent of the male population over the age of 50. And between 2 and 4 per cent of the female population over the age of 50.

It becomes more common in women after the menopause and it's thought that estrogen is protective for the development of sleep apnoea.  (+ info)

I have scoliosis what is something to help with posture and back aches?

I am a 23 year old woman with scoliosis. I tend to slouch a bit and have back aches. Do you know of any products or remedies to help posture and soothe back aches due to scoliosis...

First you do not state the degree of curvature? However as you 'slouch' a bit perhaps you do not have a diagnosis of scoliosis, but think that a slouch is scoliosis? The reason why people slouch because the muscles in the back, weaken, due to bad posture. Therefore if you can exercise those muscles, get your core strength back, then you will not slouch and so have no pain. The best exercise for this is Pilate's, so see if they have classes in your area. It is worth learning the different types of Pilate's exercises, because like riding a bicycle once you learn it, you have it for the rest of your life. Best of Luck  (+ info)

In what ways can scoliosis affect a girls life?

I meet a girl who suffers scoliosis. I wonder how can it affect her life. Can she live a normal life? Make sports and dance? Does she suffers from pain oftenly? Sorry for my ignorance in the issue.

she can deffinitetely live a normal life! there have been girls with scoliosis that have done cheerleading- including the tumbling (back handsprings, flips, ect) and they can do just about every other sport (although if you get surgery you must wait 6 months to a year to get back into some sports)
there might be some back pain, though  (+ info)

How many degrees is scoliosis if you have a perfect S shaped spine?

Is it 25 degree's on the top and 45 degree's on the bottom? is that about right?

And how many vertebrae are fused for this type of scoliosis? Is it 4 ?

I'd think that would be a very elongated "S".

I had something like 60 degrees on top and 48 on the bottom before fusion and it didn't look like a perfect "S". I also had 12 vertebrae fused. I don't have a correct answer for you, though.  (+ info)

What do you think causes scoliosis 10 points?

I know that no one knows the cause of scoliosis but what do you think causes it? Just curious btw
Haha, I don't think gravity has really anything to do with it dude.

Scoliosis can be caused by congenital (developed in infancy), developmental, or degenerative (joints degenerating - adult scoliosis) problems. Most cases, however, have no known cause (idiopathic scoliosis - often developed in adolescence). Another type is neuromuscular scoliosis, caused by unbalanced muscle weakness - it often accompanies neuromuscular conditions such as cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy. The risk is increased during puberty, when the body's growth rate is at its fastest.  (+ info)

How severe is scoliosis with a curve of 30 degrees or more?

Is it likely that I could have gone my whole life(i'm 19) without knowing I had scoliosis if it was more than 30 degrees. I went to military processing today and they told me I have scoliosis, but very minor, but I had to come back another day to get an xray to see if it exceeds 30 degrees. Any information would be great.

A curve with a Cobb-angle of more than 30 degrees is not minor anymore. It could have developed within a short period of time, though. You can still (and should) do something about it, because it can also progress while you are skeletally mature. I advise you to look into Katharina-Schroth-exercises, that's a lifelong training program you do at home after you have learned it in a specialized clinic.  (+ info)

Are people with scoliosis allowed to ride roller coasters?

I'm 14 and I have minor scoliosis and I'm going to Cedar Point in late June and I was wondering if people with Scoliosis are allowed to ride roller coasters. There will be a best answer given out.

With surgery, definitely not. With mild scoliosis, I'd bet that you could. (I did, and I had a major curve.) If you are in good shape and have strong core muscles, I'd be surprised if you have any problems at all. (I'm not an expert, though, and each scoliosis case is different.)

On the other hand, if you have problems, I don't think you should sue anyone. You know the risks.  (+ info)

What will new doctor do about scoliosis back pain?

Have scoliosis, My back is hurting bad. Old doctor prescribed quite a few pain medications and darvocets to be the latest and they don't work. Now i got a new doctor and i was wondering if i tell him what my last doctor prescribed me and that they didn't work, will he prescribe something else? And what might it be?
Had to change doctors because i lost my medical insurance and now having to go to a regular doctor to treat my pain.

Perhaps being forced to change doctors was a blessing in disguise. If you weren't getting the pain management that you needed, its good to move on.

You were given some fairly weak meds. Many stronger ones are available, by themselves or in combination with others. Your best approach is to always take your meds as prescribed, keep a pain log at least for a little while (what taken, when, how much, pain level before and after, and what activity causes you increased pain), and make a strong effort to communicate with your doctor.

When you're given a new med, find out how long its supposed to take before the med does its job. Give your med time to work. If its not working and you've given it an honest chance, talk to your doctor to let him/her know what's going on and that you'd like to either adjust your dosage or else try something else.  (+ info)

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