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which one is the best drug to treat the tape worm Taenia (albendazole resistant) infection in India?

I have suffered with tape worm (Taenia) infection for the past 3 years, I took heavy dose of albendazole treatment so many times but it no use.
so which one is the best drug to treat the tape worm infection? in India cant get nicolasamide tablets.

I am SO sorry to hear about your tapeworm. I don't have an answer for you but I sympathize with you. I had a tapeworm for 12 years and it's HORRIBLE! I took everything they gave me. I was a baby when my mother noticed it and 12 years old when it finally passed 40 feet. Nobody knows why but I never saw it again. I'm 66 yrs now. I still remember the screaming everytime I saw it coming out. I hope you find good answers here. I'll ask around and see if I can find out anything. Abby  (+ info)

How to treat an infection around a screw in the jaw?

I have screws in my jaw from a surgery and I think one of them is infected. My gum is quite sore and swollen around it. I was wondering if anyone knew how i could treat it?

If it gets too bad I have to go back the surgeon and have another surgery to get them taken out. It took me so long to recover from the last surgery I really don't want to have to do that unless it's a last resort. It's only been a day or two so far.

Any suggestions?

➀ Call a dentist.
➁ Rinse with warm salt water to alleviate the soreness of your jaw and gum.  (+ info)

Plain and simple can a yeast infection screw up a pregnancy test?

I just want to know!
I took 2 test this past weekend and got no response. I just want to know if it is the test or something else!

Im pretty sure it wouldn't affect the test, Visit your GP just to make sure though as you don't want to mis-diagnose pregnancy.  (+ info)

Do i have a pin worm infection?

For a couple of years now, ( about 2-4 ) I've seem to have the symptoms of a pin-worm infection. One of the symptoms is rectal itching, mostly at night, which is something I've had for many years now. I am going to ask my aunt about it, she is a doctor. I just wanted to ask if I should be worried, what the treatment is and what the diagnose process is. Thank's for your time!

you can get antibiotics like tetracyclines that will kill larva and kill the pinworms eggs so it cant reproduce.  (+ info)

can a vaginal infection screw up your chances of having kids?

i'm 16 and i want to have kids when i get older but i think i may have a vaginal infection and aren't going to the doctor for about a week or two...can an untreated vaginal infection for that long screw up my chances of having children when i get older??? i don't want to ask my doctor because my dad will be there and the law is a parent/guardian must be present at all times...no acceptions...could someone please help??? if it comes down to it i will ask the doctor though
its either a bladder infection or irritated vaginal path

  (+ info)

What kind of worm infection in humans is this?

i went to the bathroom and saw a longgg slimy thing in my poop. its quite thin and white, just like a long thing of slime but dsnt separate.

what is this???

  (+ info)

Can a sinus infection screw with your cycle?

I am on 150 mg Clomid this cycle, and I also have a sinus infection ... and my cycle looks like this ::: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2113f8
I got a positive LH test, but I'm not sure I ovulated by the way my temps look. What do you think?

Based on your temps, probably no O yet unless you have a sustained temp shift. And just about anything can mess with your cycle, so try to take care of yourself!  (+ info)

how do you get rid of ring worm a fungal infection.Tried canesteen fungal cream not working. ?


If the diagnosis is correct and the infection is localised Daktarin might be better. If the infection is more generalised both investigation and possibly oral anti fungal preparations might be required.  (+ info)

What treats Ring Worm infection on the back?

Does Garlic help, or does first antibiotic ointment help? or anything else !!

Typically topical anti-fungals. See more on ringworm here:http://www.examiner.com/x-7707-Tampa-Disease-Prevention-Examiner~y2009m5d4-Its-not-a-worm-its-a-fungus-among-us  (+ info)

How long should I wait to change my nose screw?

I've had my nose pierced for 5 weeks now. I was told not to change it for 6-8 weeks, but I have had no pain or soreness for a week now. I purchased another titanium screw and I would like to change the one I have out for the new one. If I go ahead and change it will I be more likely to get an infection? What can I do to help keep the risk of infection down? The screw I currently have in slips around fairly easily as well. Thanks for your help!

i wld think ud be okay to (although if u have a bent ring- it will be uncomfortable no matter how long uv had it- mine is at least). just wash ur hands first. wash teh jewelry, and wash the hole once the new jewelry is in with antibacterial soap and water (nad if anything happens and it feels like- maybe u shldnt have changed it- clean it with a sea salt mix -1/4 tsp sea salt per 8 oz water-just soak a cotton ball with it a put it on it for a few min a day- itl heal u quick if u do encounter trouble). have fun with ur jewelry!  (+ info)

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