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What diseases affect the pituitary gland?

I am doing a science project and wanted to know what diseases affected the pituitary gland.

hormonal diseases.  (+ info)

What are 12 diseases/conditions in the endocrine gland that involve the thyroid?

What are 12 conditions and or diseases that happen in the thyroid gland that is related with the endocrine?

Thyroid cancer  (+ info)

What Can I do about a Vaginal Sebaceous Gland?

I have a small bump on the inner side of my labia, which was diagnosed by an OB/GYN as a sebaceous cyst. It's pretty small, but I'd like to get rid of it somehow. My OB/GYN said that they sometimes go away on their own, but if they're become larger or irritated/infected, that they are removed. Is there some way to quicken the disappearance of sebaceous cysts? Would a warm/hot washcloth help? How can I prevent them in the future? I don't understand how I got it in the first place, I'm a very clean person; I shower every morning, and take a long, warm bath at least once or twice a week.

A sebaceous cyst is just a blocked oil gland, much like a pimple elsewhere on the body. Using warm packs may help them drain sooner by softening the plug. Just be careful not to burn yourself. Using warm sitz baths may help as well.

It's also possible that you are describing an Bartholin's cyst, which is a gland near the entroitus (entrance) of the vagina. This provides natural lubrication to the area, but occasionally becomes inflamed or infected. Sometimes antibiotics and local treatment with heat will resolve this, but they can become very large and painful and may need to be opened and even need a drain inserted. Some women may have one flare up in a lifetime and others have repeated problems that require surgical removal. (This is a fairly minor procedure, but has to be carefully done to prevent a relapse.)

Getting one of these doesn't mean you aren't hygienic, but good hygiene may mean they heal sooner. Overactive oil production is the culprit here and that just goes along with having hormones.  (+ info)

Does anyone know any enocrine system diseases/disorders of the Thymus Gland?

I'm doing a poster on the thymus gland, and i need to find two good diseases/disorders that are caused by the thymus gland. I found some but they really dont make any sense. Does anyone know? or know a site i could go to?

Try this site:

http://www.becomehealthynow.com/article/bodyimmune/961/3/  (+ info)

What diseases can develope from a tumor in the parathyroid gland?

From the list below.

1. Osteoarthritis
2. Achondroplasia
3. Osteoporosis
4. Hypocalcemia
5. Hyperthyroidism
6. Hypercalcemia

Please explain.

Parathyroid is a gland in neck whih produces a hormone called PTH (parathyroid hormone). Its oversecretion will cause:
PTH causes increase absorption of calicium from Gut/ kidney and bone and increased excretion of phosphate from kidney thus it will lead to Hypercalcemia (increased caliun level in blood) and hypophosphatemia.
Most common cause of hyperparathyroidism is adenoma (85%)  (+ info)

I have sebaceous gland on foreskin any home treatment?

I went to a doctor but he said it was nothing,but it really hurts so im askin is there any home treatment for it to go away,pls help.
thanks in advance

Can't you just pop it like you would do with a zit?
And then put neosporine on it to prevent infections.
Colors  (+ info)

How to control the sebaceous gland so that it doesnt produce too much oils?

is there any way to control(at least abit) the production of excess oils by the sebaceous glands...

Try using Toner or Astringent - Proactiv is great too! Good luck:)  (+ info)

What is a better option for a lump (caused by blocked sebaceous gland) on the back, surgery or ointment?

ointment wont help. I had one on my neck and had to get surgery to remove it. It flaired up on holiday and the doc drained it but had to get it removed when I came home. I was terrified but never felt a thing.  (+ info)

Is there anyway to get rid of Sebaceous gland bumps?

i have lots and lots of these little tiny pin tipped sized bumps around the skin of my eye diagnosed to be Sebaceous glands, the doc said there was NO WAY to get rid of them. so is this true or was she not really sure? i want smooth skin but these things just stick out and make me look older and sleepy all the time and i am only 18 lol
yea yea cysts! my bad lol i said milia but the doc said sebaceous but idk i am so confused lol

You mean sebaceous cysts?

Sebaceous cysts can be removed through extraction using a syringe or surgery depending on size.

I had one before. It disappeared after taking required dosages of amoxicillin described by the physician.. no extraction required..

or If you mean Milia..

These can be cauterized.  (+ info)

how to stop the Sebaceous gland producing sebum >?

please ! i know that its complex but i need help

Isotretionoin is the drug of choice.But consult doctor.  (+ info)

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