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I would like to know people who have seizures i started having seizures about 4 yrs ago it was really scary for me i would like to know how people who have them how do they deal with them.Thank god i have seizures once a year.I would gladly appreaciate your stories =)


Always sorry to find yet another person who must deal with seizures; help anyway I can.

I personally have had a few different types of Epileptic seizures, for the moment or until you say otherwise, I assume your question and your seizures are Epilepsy related.

I vaguely recall my first few years (seizures) though recall quite well the desire to speak with those who also go through what I was going through.

In my opinion, my story alone is not that helpful, whereas my suggesting a few sites (ones I used) would be exactly what you are looking for.

As a resource:

For resources, reading and conversing with others who are dealing with seizures (forums and resources):




These sites have been the tools that have helped me more than any one person ever could.

I have an absence seizure and or simple partial seizure as often as every day though most often three days out of nine, thankfully my complex partials ‘appear’ to be controlled; currently controlled. Tonic-Clonic Seizures have not returned making it five years of control for me.

How I deal with them, hard question to answer simply as that varies depending on the situation. The most important lesson was learning what might trigger seizures for me, and therefore what to stay away from or how to protect myself when in those situations. Learning these adaptations took years and I learned most of it from those websites I mention above (or at least they gave me direction).

One thing you need to hear (supportive), how many seizures someone has is not how the forums typically compare, for that matter most often they do not (compare) as that is not logical; one or a hundred, in either case, to many and hard to adjust life around.

Personally, I am beginning to suspect ‘more frequent seizures’ can be less scary because you do not adjust as (((you))) must.

If you feel I can help further, feel free to send an email to me, it would be my pleasure to help. Just know that I am slow to respond.

toad  (+ info)


Could a person who has a history of seizures develop a seizure by not eating enough or not sleeping enough?

you sure could, these are two big reasons you would have one. diet and sleep both effect health directly, and stress to the body and mind.  (+ info)

How does epileptic seizures affect the heart?

I have seizures about every week and it has been going on for 1-2 years. My mom says that I need to step up and take more charge of treating them. I've had one seizure a week for almost a year. Should I also be concerned with other symptoms that can affect my body? I have been having problems controlling my hands, written and some verbal dyslexia, and constantly tired. What part of my brain is this affecting and what do I do?

Epilepsy does not cause long term effects on the heart. During a seizure your heart rate can increase, but this is temporary. Your epilepsy is not well controlled if you are having seizures every week. Poorly controlled epilepsy can be associated with status epilepticus, which is potentially life threatening. Status epilepticus could also lead to permanent brain damage. It is defined as a single unremitting seizure with duration longer than 5 to 10 minutes or frequent clinical seizures without an interictal return to the baseline clinical state. It can occur if antiepileptic medications are discontinued abruptly. I am not saying this will happen in your case, but for this reason you need to make sure you follow your Neurologists instructions and take your medications. It is hard to say what part of the brain is affected in your case without knowing the type of seizures you are having. The other symptoms you are describing, such as fatigue may or may not be related to Epilepsy. You need to discuss this with your Neurologist and work with him/her to control your epilepsy better. Good luck.  (+ info)

Can I start having seizures from playing video games?

I recently fainted while eating at a restaurant. I read about seizures, and it seemed I might have had one. I had a strong headache before it. Is it possible that a video games may be the cause of this? Also, why would this happen now to me and not years before.

Video games won't cause you to start having them. I'd say that you played video games long enough your eyes got fatigued, causing the headache which made your blood pressure drop suddenly which is what causes fainting. Especially when you're eating, because you start absorbing sugars and such which effects your body chemistry. Not to mention your vagus nerve controls breathing, blood pressure, and the sensation of if you're hungry or not. So that was being stimulated too. I'd say it was all the wrong triggers at just the right time. You fainted. I would be more concerned about your thyroid if that's happening. That can cause blood pressure issues, headaches, and fainting.  (+ info)

How effective is Carbamazepine in preventing generalised seizures?

2nd go here at finding an answer. It's shouldn't be a difficult question, after all it's prescribed to prevent seizures, so how effective is it? I would have thought it would have been the first question asked when prescribed any drug. How effective is it? I'll put it another way, if 100 children are prescribed this drug how many of them are likely to stop having seizures? None of the UK epilepsy charities can answer the question, the drug company won't tell me and the consultant won't give a straight answer.

Try these links...hopefully they will help you find your answer.

I googled "effectiveness of Carbamazepine for seizures"

Good luck!  (+ info)

What is the likelihood of a neurologist diagnosing a person with seizures if your eeg's are normal?

I had a head injury and have exhibited some kind of partial seizure symptoms since falling, my eeg's were normal and now I am going in for a sleep deprived eeg. If it is normal can they still diagnose seizure? I am afraid of losing my drivers license and don't want that to be diagnosed with seizures.

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What are some tips to reduce or rid the occurrences of seizures?

Right now, I take about 8 pills a day and still sometimes I get seizures. Sometimes, when I hear a certain word spoken or think of one in my head, it triggers off a seizure. Is this common for anyone else? When I feel the seizure coming, I sometimes have to fight it off in my mind. Is there some ways or things that I am doing wrong? I'm eating all my medications on time.

  (+ info)

What is the difference between primary generalized seizures and partial seizures?

I know that there are types of seizures defined under each category, but is there any underlying commonalities between the two? Specific traits to tell the difference? Something common between all the seizures under either type? Thanks!

What is the difference between primary generalized seizures and partial seizures? another way for a doctor to say he/she has no clue.....  (+ info)

What video games are most likely to cause epileptic seizures?

I have a friend who is prone to epileptic seizures while playing video games. What games should I avoid to ensure a safe, but fun time with my mate?

games with flashing lights. sounds won't do it but flashing lights and flashing scenes will be a trigger.  (+ info)

What could be causing seizures and memory problems?

My friends dad is having seizures and was recently discovered doing random activities at night with no recollection of having done them. He was hard to wake this morning and has no memory of having visited his daughter all day yesterday. Any information as to why this could be happening will be greatly appreciated. He has seen doctors and they say it's some kind of post traumatic stress disorder, but nothing they are doing is helping. Each episode gets worse!

Please tell your friend her dad needs to see a good neurologist.
PTSD does not cause seizures!
ptsd can cause lots of things, including behavior as if they are somewhere else, loss of memory esp when they act like it's another time, place.

Seizure can be caused by many factors - head trauma, congenital (from birth) defect, or imbalanced electrolytes (sodium, chlorides, potassium etc).
Seizure - if it's a classic seizure - will cause drowsiness & lethargy afterward.

Only neurologist can determine cause and treatment!
If he has PTSD and it's from war, he needs to go to nearest VA clinic (not hospital, but clinic if possible!).

http://www1.va.gov/directory/guide/home.asp?isFlash=1  (+ info)

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