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how long does it take for a seroma to be reabsorbed by the body, post infection?

If some one has had surgery to abdo and 13 days later was readmitted with a sepsis (which was infected fluid). Now is producing more fluid and the wound opened up but has since healed. Is now left with a small ball of fluid. How long will it take the body to reabsorb this fluid?? The patient is now fit and well.
BTW - the abdo surgery was a DIEP breast recon, 2 years post mastectomy.

This sounds localized and if you speak with your Dr about it, an aspiration should take care of the problem. I've had fluid removed myself and my Oncologist was wonderful. I didn't feel anything. The fluid was not reabsorbed by my body, it only increased which is why he had to aspirate it. Then it never returned. So talk to your Dr about it if you haven't already, but don't let it just stay there. Good luck  (+ info)

What are the symptoms of seroma?

I had a lumpectomy, and I am wondering what the symptoms of seroma are? Thank you

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Can I have radiation with untreated seroma?

I had a lumpectomy two months ago. I have much pain at the biopsy incision. My surgeon and cancer specialist are ignoring my cries of pain and soreness. I am due to have radiation in 1 and a half weeks. What do I do? Thanks

Seroma or Sarcoma? Radiation is never given for seroma.. either you wait to let it resolve by itself or drain it but never radiation.  (+ info)

when will a 'seroma' go away > or whatever this bump is in my earlobe?

there is a bump inside of my earlobe caused my me piercing my own earlobe and screwing up. Someone told me it is a seroma , now .. how can I get rid of this > and how long will it take to go away ?
i pierced it two nights ago ,

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seroma weeks after breast cancer op?

I have painful swelling and have to get doctor to drain fluid. Had a lumpectomy. Have others had this and for how long. This has been a month after surgery.

A friend of mine had a lumpectomy to deal with her breast cancer and some swelling can occur for several months after surgery (including for mastectomy-my mom had this done for her breast cancer). I would recommend getting back in touch with your doctor to let them know that you are very concerned about this and want to see what additional suggestions they may have.  (+ info)

What do u do if you have a Blood Hematoma/Seroma on your breast from an auto wreck & you are nursing ur infant

I have a sore blood Hematoma/Seroma from stretch,tear or leak in a blood vessel in my left Breast ive iced & ill heat later but does any one know what 2 do if u r going though this while nursing? It makes it more pain full , but if I stop ill Engorge & thats painfull happened in a car wreak any sugesstions would be helpfull tell I see my ps on tues thank u so much ,...MUAH

Icing and compression is the best thing until the swelling and inflammation are abated. After that, moist heat applied several times a day will cause the hematoma to re-absorb. Just don't apply heat until your sure the swelling has stopped or it will just increase swelling.

Good Luck  (+ info)

I had a hysterrectomy july3/09 was vomiting for 3 days afterwards(dryheaves) ended up with a hematoma seroma?

now 7 weeks later my stomach is still hard a swollen the hematoma has disolved but the doctors say there is nothing wrong then i started doing some research and i was wondering if maybe i have a torn stomach muscle appreciate any help thanks

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Hematoma to seroma?

I had a bad hematoma under my left armpit. It has gone down, but now there is pain on the side of my left breast and it feels filled with fluid, is hot, and burns to the touch. Could the excess fluid from the hematoma have now formed a seroma?

It is possible, but you should really contact a doctor. You may have a bad infection. Good Luck!  (+ info)

What can be done about swelling after hernia surgery?

I had an umbilical hernia repair 4 weeks ago but the doctor couldnt use mesh. Since the day of the surgery Ive had a softball sized hard swelling at the site that the doctor said was a Seroma. He said it sould resolve in a few weeks but it is the same size it was the day after surgery with no decrease in swelling. It is painful and not decreasing in size. He didnt say anything about draining it. Should I be concerned, what should I do?

putting ice on it  (+ info)

Seroma on c-section incision?

It seems that a seroma has formed on my c-section incision, other than minor scabbing, some oozing, and discomfort, how long would it take to heal? do seromas really heal on their own? It has been almost 5 mos, and I would expect all to be healed completely. One OB says to wait a couple of weeks and it should heal. Any experience or advice?

I have had 2 c-sections and never expeirenced that! You should get a second opinion! Mine was healed 6 weeks after delievering! Good Luck!  (+ info)

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