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Is it possible for an individual to have XXY chromosome? What is the sex of such individual?

What causes it to happen?

This is about inheritance that I'm studying now, it's just O-Level standard only.

non-disjunction during meiosis
You can have xxxy, also. Anything with a y turns out male  (+ info)

Can chromosome xxy make you have less interest in opossite sex?


No, those chromosomes only determine your sex.

X is the female chromosome. Y is the female chromosome. Because your mother can only pass on the X chromosome (because she is female and that is all she has), everyone has an X. The second letter is the one you get from your father, which is either X, female, or Y, male.

So in a nutshell:

YY--Not Possible
XXY-Even more not possible  (+ info)

What disorder would you have if you are missing a sex chromosome (if you have only one)?

Turner syndrome or Ullrich-Turner syndrome, also known as "Gonadal dysgenesis", encompasses several conditions, of which monosomy X (absence of an entire sex chromosome) is most common.
Affects 1 out of 2500 female births.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turner_syndrome  (+ info)

Does the sex chromosome of the mother or of the father determine the sex of a child?

The mother always has the X chromosome and the male can either add another X chromosome to create a girl or had the Y to create a boy, so it is up to the man!  (+ info)

What will be the chromosome type(whether XX/XY/YY)of baby born to a man who has changed his sex & vise versa ?

Wether the chromosome type ie., XY for a man changes on changing the sex ?

Anyone who has a surgical 'sex change' only changes the appearance of his/her genitals from one sex to another. The chromosomes of the person in question would remain the same. Because the sex organs would no longer function, a child could only be concieved artificially, if at all. Therefore if a person who was born male, has a 'sex change' he no longer produces sperm. The testes are removed, but she doesn't get ovaries. If a person who was born female has an operation to become male, the ovaries are removed and no testes are added. Some do have prosthetic testes, but not functional ones. Any child concieved would have to be from a presurgery sample of sperm or ovum. The child would be just like any other child, and could not be carried by a transgendered person, because the proper hormones would not be available or the lack of the neccesary organs would make it impossible. There are no humans with YY chromosome combinations, only XX or XY.  (+ info)

Sex Chromosome y cell missing?

I recently lost my son, he was born not living at 8 months. The pathology results just came today and says my son had %15 of the sex chromosome y missing.
He had all his bits and pieces and apeared 'normal'.
Has anyone ever had this happen to them? and was the affected person living? Any defects? Beacuse a male has the xy and a female only has the xx chromosome does it mean the sperm inwhich my partner has may be missing y cells?
Thankyou for your answers, I know this is a very personal matter and I appreciate any information given to me. Kind regards.

Sometimes, an extra chromosome, or even no chromosome, is "transfered". Your baby had an XO chromosome, where the Y chromosome is missing. This is very rare, and unfortunately, the end result is that the baby cannot live.  (+ info)

Is there some kind of test called the chromosome test to determine sex of the baby in between 10-12 weeks?

Not called a chromosome test but the amniocentesis checks the chromosomes and can tell definitively what the sex of the baby is.  (+ info)

can we determine baby's sex by eating certain food? or is it really by chance of x and y chromosome?

Of course there is no 100% certain way of choosing the gender of your child without medical intervention but some foods and other techniques do help influence the gender of the child. Here's some things that can help:-

There are a number of differences between the sperm that carry the male chromosomes and the ones that carry female chromosomes that you can attempt to exploit. In particular the X and Y chromosomes have a different mass and confer a different acidity onto the individual sperm depending on whether it is carrying the X or Y.

1. "male" sperm prefer an alkaline environment and the acidity/alkalinity of the vagina varies as ovulation approaches and passes. Therefore, timing of intercourse is a critical factor in choosing the sex of children. Intercourse at or very close to the time of ovulation when the secretions are most alkaline, would very likely result in male offspring. Intercourse two or three days before the time of ovulation, on the other hand, when an acid environment will prevail, would be more likely to yield female offspring.

2. Diet may also influence vaginal acidity - a fatty, fried "unhealthy" diet is likely to make the vagina more favourable to "male" sperm whilst a diet rich in fruit and vegetables is more likely to favour "female" sperm.

3. Male sperm tend to be not such strong swimmers so in a race to the egg the females are likely to win if there is a greater distance to swim. Therefore choose a position where penetration is at its deepest and afterwards lie on your back with your hips higher than your head so that the sperm don't have to swim uphill!

See here for details:-
http://en.allexperts.com/q/ObGyn-Pregnancy-issues-1007/gender.htm  (+ info)

who male or female determines the sex of the child re:xy chromosome?

Gee let's see...
Women have XX
Men have XY

Therefore when the cells undergo meiosis (split into two daughter cells that have half the DNA of the mother cell) in a woman each will end up with X, and for a man half will end up with X and half will end up with Y.

So as only men have Y so the sperm determines the gender.  (+ info)

what type of sex chromosome abnormality is Cri du chat syndrome?

Cri Du Chat isn't a sex chromosome abnormality - it's a deletion of the short arm (the upper part) of Chromosome 5 (a somatic chromosome, not an X or a Y that determines the sex of the individual).  (+ info)

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