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How would someone get help for these disorders or any type of sexual dysfunction?

Discuss the two types of orgasm disorders: premature ejaculation and female orgasm disorder. How would someone get help for these disorders or any type of sexual dysfunction?

They aren't really disorders or dysfunctions. Both of those are masks or symptoms of something else, almost always stress- diet- and health-related. Communication is key.

Making positive changes can do much to 'overcome' those situations. Positive reinforcement being one of the most effective. As is learning kegel exercises for both sexes. Attitude plays a major part; then diet as mentioned. Counseling and meds. may or may not be of benefit, but I would certainly use them as a last resort, not first.   (+ info)

Does the male sperm or the sexual position determine the gender of the child?

I've had some say one, some say the other, and saome say both. Anyone know for sure?

lol well, i have asked parents and teachers they are a part of the said "some."

My dad swears its the position that counts.

My mom says hes stupid its the sperm.

Its the sperm not the position.
The best way to make the gender you want is timing, not position. This is no gaurantee but it can help:
Male sperm swim faster but die sooner.
Female sperm swim slower but live longer

So if you want a girl, have sex before ovulation: this way the male sperm will die by the time the egg comes out and the slow females will finally make it to the egg
If you want a boy, have sex during or just after ovulation: This way the egg is out all ready, no waiting for it, and the one who makes it is the fastest swimer (usually the male sperms)

I attached a website that explains supposedly why positions matter, but I dont believe it because it said the opposite for me. I had a boy missionary, but apparently I should have had a girl.  (+ info)

Does anyone know the gender or sexual preference of the Wonder Pets?

I know Tuck is a male and I get the vibe he may be gay. What is your input on Tuck, Ming Ming or Linny. Thanks all. This is sewious

I hate how Ming Ming has a lisp first of all! Why did they do that?!? For children learning to talk, she's teaching them words wrong! Anyway, I think Ming Ming is a girl and the other two are boys. I guess that's just how I've always perceived them.  (+ info)

It is sexual discrimination to specify the gender of the au pair?

If I engage the services of an au pair, can I insist on a pretty young girl, or do I have to find another excuse if the au pair has stubble and will not wear a skirt whilst vacuuming and taking the poodle for a walk?

I don't think there is any harm in asking when you have the interview to be honest. Most gay/lesbian people are open about who they are. The thing i find most worrying is that it bothers you? any particular reason this bothers you ?  (+ info)

What are some mental disorders that can be caused by sexual abuse?

I don't even know where to begin with this question. So many problems coping with pretty much anything can stem from sexual abuse.
In a perfect world we would be able to recognize what happened for what it was and it wasn't our fault but it just isn't that simple. It doesn't make a person weak because they are haunted in their dreams and in their subconscious.
If someone has the wisdom to make a sexual abused person overcome what happened to them, I too would love to know. All I know is that the memory never goes away and all the logic and flowery words of a therapist and years putting distance between the event or events will never make it go away. It will resurface in one form or another time and time again without you being aware sometimes. The subconscious is a powerful thing and sexual abuse has crippling effects for those who are abused. My hat is off to those who lead normal lives with families who support and believe them after they have been abused.  (+ info)

Is it possible to know your baby's gender by the position of sexual intercouse??

I read the article at yahoo about knowing your baby gender by the position of sexual intercourse, so i wonder if is it possible. Big if so why every one should know it so that they can have the baby the way they want .That way it can safe many baby's life as they are born as their parents chose the baby's gender.

nope  (+ info)

what to expect when going to see a therapist about eating disorders and sexual abuse?

I'm going to a clinic, its an over night thing, there are therpist and doctors and all those peple there. what kind of questions will they ask? will they weigh me? will they do a physical exam, if so what does that include? i'm so nervous and scared please respond to this if you can help me

Unless the abuse was recent, I don't think there'd be an invasive exam. Maybe if the abuse was long term to check for displaysia, etc. No matter what the people there will be trained in this type of thing, and will be very respectful and will get the job done quickly. Of course they will weigh you, and check your height.

They will simply talk to you. They will probably be quiet most of the time, and encourage you to talk.They'll guide your talking, but by being sensitive. People there have specialized training and devote their days to helping vctims like yourself. Don't worry. Be as open as possible to get the most out of it.  (+ info)

I don't know how sexual intercourse happens I have some disorders can some sensitve person?

out there explain it to me please?

I prefer to be married b 4 kids though.

  (+ info)

how can we teach our children to look at ppl and not see race,gender,sexual orientation,religion,etc?

how do we teach them to judge others on the basis of character,and not by the outside?

children learn by example, if u are not racial or ethical bias then your children wont be... u need to tell the child that god makes all different kinds of people and regardless of what color or religion they are they are all gods people..  (+ info)

is it true that diffrent sexual positions affect the gender of your children ?

NO the mans sprem affects the gender of the children.  (+ info)

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