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Why doesnt the national asscociation of mental health, consider "infantilism" a psycological disorder?

Why doesnt the national asscociation of mental health, consider "infantilism" a psycological disorder, as opposed to just anouther weird fetish?

well - psychological disorders typically interfere with daily life. I don't think infantilism interferes with a person's daily life. Maybe their addiction to such acts would be the problem. The DSM-IV also has a "catch-all" type psychological disorder that is essentially meant to catch all the "problems" that don't fit nicely into the system in place...

Are fetishes a psychological disorder? Is homosexuality a psychological disorder? these are the types of questions that lead to yours. . . .  (+ info)

What is genital infantilism and can it be cured?

My friend is 22 years old. She was told by the doctor that her womb is like a womb of a 15-16 year old. Can it be cured and how? Can she get pregnant and have babies? If it is cured how long will it take?

she really should have asked her doctor all these questions......
it hard to find any exact answers in any searches on the syndrome....all or most make it sound like it's a delay of maturing of the sexual organs  (+ info)

What is the best way to resist sexual urges?

Hello, everyone. I am a 25 yr old single male who has struggled with sexual urges since about 15. At first, I thought it was all normal teenage thing and would go away as I enter my 20s. I felt it wouldn't cause much problems at all.
But to my surprise, I am still struggling mightily against the temptation. I don't know why but the sexual urge feels as tempting as wanting to eat food, sleep, or drink water. I have VERY VERY hard time lasting 2 weeks without at least relieving myself through masturbation.
I am still single and a virgin as well. So far, I have been using masturbation as a crutch to relieve my tensions but on some days, I find myself masturbating 3 times a day. Needless to say, I feel very humiliated, angry at myself on those days.
Can anyone help me on some tips to resist the sexual urges or at least control my sexual urges? The urge really feels as strong as wanting to eat food, drink water, and sleep.
Thanks in advance for any insights.

Masturbation is not a bad thing and I dont understand why you feel that it is....its very normal so dont worry about it !  (+ info)

Is there evidence that circumcision reduces sexual sensation?

I have just seen a youtube video discussion that states that circumcision reduces sexual sensation. Is there any truth to this? Does this mean that circumcised men will never be able to have the same sexual experience that uncircumcised men do? Is it possible that this reduces the level of orgasm, or sexual pleasure?

An orgasm is an orgasm (yet it will always feel different to different people and at different times). But the feeling of an orgasm has nothing to do with whether you are circumcised or uncircumcised or have a penis or a clitoris. The sensation of orgasm has been studied and the autonomic bodily reactions that people exibit during orgasm is consistent between men and women and usually for about the same period of time so in general they all feel the same thing during orgasm.

Now as far as sensation goes, yes many studies have shown that a circumcised penis is slightly less sensitive than an uncircumcised penis. All that means is that it's slightly more difficult for a circumcised man to achieve an orgasm than an uncircumcised man. The reasons for this are two:

1) the foreskin contains thousands of nerve endings on the ridged band which are pleasure sensitive. These are all removed during circumcision which means that you only have about half to of the pleasure sensitive nerves left on the penis.

2) the glans of the penis also contains many nerve endings responsible for orgasm and with a foreskin protecting it the glans remains moist and sensitive to touch. When the foreskin is removed and the head is constantly exposed, it keratinizes and becomes less sensitive. For uncircumcised guys, retracting the foreskin for a long period of time is uncomfortable because the head is too sensitive and is irritated by the friction of rubbing against the underwear. This doesn't bother circumcised guys because their penis head is less sensitive.

Ultimately, the level of sensitivity loss isn't significant enough so that a circumcised man can't achieve orgasm nor does it significantly reduce pleasure because most circumcised guys have been that way since they were born so thats all they know. If you have never experienced having a foreskin before, then you would never know what you were missing so at the end of the day it doesn't effect you at all.

There is a growing movement of guys who are interested in "foreskin restoration" to restore sensitivity but how successful this is is debatable.

(Oh and the reason why Kevin (down below) is still extremely sensitive after circumcision is because he was only cut a few months ago. Obviously it takes years to become less sensitive and eventually the rubbing in his underwear will not bother him. He basically just proved my point though....)  (+ info)

What sexual questions does the doctor ask during a physical?

I'm 14 and a female and want to do sports in high school so I know I'm going to have to get a physical. I had oral once and I was wondering if they ask any sexual questions like that and if you have to say yes even though it was just oral. Also does the doctor keep it confidential from my parents or do they tell them about it.

The doctor will only ask you if you've been sexually active. And as far this goes I believe you're safe to say you have not had sex. I don't care what old people say, oral doesn't count as "losing your virginity" or anything :] And yes, everything you say will be confidential. THe doctor will not tell your mom you have had sex, if you had.  (+ info)

How do you deal with sexual side effects of antidepressants?

Nearly everyone I know who are on antidepressants have some level of sexual side effects. I understand that medications have side effects, but I've been on many different antidepressants over the past 3 years and it seems that I have problems with orgasms. I either have very muted orgasms or nothing at all.

My question: How do you deal with the sexual side effects? My doctor has tried dosage adjustments, drug changes, all sorts of different combinations of drugs, but it seems that antidepressants affect my orgasm trigger. Please serious answers only. Thanks. If you were able to overcome this problem, how do you do it?
I give all the medications a fair trial, none was less than 3 months. It was my doctor who decides when it's proper to make a change. I've been on antidepressants for years and side effects are part of the drug trial. This question only addressed the sexual side effects and how to deal with it. I'm fully aware of what is a fair trial of these meds. Please, I'm not look for an opinion on just side effects. I would assume that most of the people on an antidepressant will relate to this and they might have some useful advice on how to deal with issues specifically sexual side effects.

All SSRI medications potentially have this effect. This occurs because these medications are selective for a protein called the serotonin transporter, but they are not completely selective and they also affect other neurochemical systems in the brain. The degree to which this happens varies from person to person. In my case I have not only been unable to orgasm when taking these medications, but I am rarely able to attain an erection.

One way around this is to take medications that raise serotonin without targeting the serotonin transporter.

Please read the following articles to gain the background information that is necessary to understand this.

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor - Wikipedia
Antidepressant - Wikipedia
Dietary supplement - Wikipedia
Omega-3 fatty acid - Wikipedia
5-Hydroxytryptophan - Wikipedia
S-Adenosyl methionine - Wikipedia
Tyrosine - Wikipedia
Magnesium - Wikipedia
Zinc - Wikipedia

SPECT imaging, a type of brain scan, has proven that these supplements are as effective if not more effective than many of the traditional medications. They also have very few side effects.

Please see the following answer from a previous question and the book about depression and anxiety. Please ignore the irrelevant information.

Please email me if you have any questions.  (+ info)

It is true that prolonged sexual abstinence is not healthy for the prostate?

Nocturnal emissions, prostatitis, prostate adenoma and prostate cancer - can be caused by (totally) prolonged sexual abstinence? Totally means no sex, no masturbation, total sexual inactivity. And please tell me where I can fin articles related to this subject. Thank You.

I have read articles that it helps a man's prostate if he masterbates to orgasm at least 3 times per week after age 50.  (+ info)

How does sexual response work for abjectly blind men?

Acknowledging that sexual response and/or attraction operates to some extent at all sensory levels it would nonetheless seem to be - especially for men, that visual response is the major component. How then does an abjectly blind man become erect without "seeing" who he is with or who he is "looking at" (so to speak) ?

Don't always need to see what you are fucking.....Matter of fact, sometimes it's better not to see.....  (+ info)

How long after sexual intercourse can you take a pregnancy test?

I know most people will say wait until you miss a period or something, but I was wondering how many weeks/days after sexual intercourse can you take a pregnnacy test?

10 days after sex/ovulation is the very earliest you could see a positive. Most women do not get positives until 14 days after sex/ovulation which puts them at their period (usually)  (+ info)

How much percent is the possibility of catching sexual diseases even if you wear a condom?

I want to know how much percent is the chance of catching sexual diseases (AIDS etc.) for men when you wear a condom and have a sexual intercouse with a prostitute or woman who has a sexual disease ?

if the condom is used correctly you have a 98-99% Chance of not getting a STD.  (+ info)

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