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How fast can you spread sexually transmitted diseases after you contract them?

Long story short I had sex with a girl whom I know had sex with a guy like the day before and I'm just a little paranoid about getting a disease. I assume they can be spread immediatly I'm just hoping someone can prove me wrong.

As soon as you get out of bed...  (+ info)

What are the chances of catching sexually transmitted diseases?

iff a woman is on birth control is it really worth wearing a condom. What iff people have been using condoms their whole life but want to get pregnant, whats the chances one of them have stds.

Or are stds just a rare problem that mainly comes up with people who often have sex with diffarent people without using condoms?

No, stds are pretty common and you're taking a risk every time you have unprotected sex with someone. If you are in a long term committed relationship both partners should be tested before having unprotected sex...and even then you're putting your health in their hands by trusting them not to cheat.  (+ info)

What is the best way to eradicate sexually transmitted diseases?

How about promoting abstinence for people who are unmarried? Wait until you're married to have sex.

I'd hate to say this but, it doesn't matter whether you are married or not to sex with someone else, there will always be diseases. And it only takes one very irresponsible, stupid person not tell you he or she has something, and then let you be sucked into having sex with them, and bam you've got something. It is very rare to find people who will go without sex until they are married, that's just old fashioned. You can't stop std's from being transmitted, there will always be someone out there that has caught something from someone. And the bad thing is that these young people will never learn to wear condoms, that's why it's mainly young people who catch diseases, because they think that it will never happen to them.  (+ info)

Why the alarming rise of sexually transmitted diseases in Singapore youths?

The Singapore Health Minister says that the rise in STDs among younger singaporeans are on the rise. Why should it be surprizing? Isnt that the trend worldwide?

Who is surprised? People who refuse to accept that young people are having sex and therefore refuse to educate them regarding safe sex.
Just an opinion.  (+ info)

Can sexually transmitted diseases be transmitted by radio?

You are not going to believe this but I know a lady who asked me this question.How should I answered the poor lass?

Tell her yes and not to listen to mix 106.5. Bill and Marla get around!!  (+ info)

What are the three most common Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

I am writing an article for my journalism class, and I would like to know what the three most common STD's are, and the two most unknown STD's. Please also list source's where you found/know the information from.

The three most common I would say is HSV, HPV, and chlamydia.

two most unknown gonnerea, syphylis?  (+ info)

How many sexually transmitted diseases do you think Hugh Hefner has had?

Do you admit that his face looks like a crumpled up piece of paper - (and by 'paper', I mean lined A4, not bond super gloss).

Do you think his 'thing' still works?

Why does his voice make me want to jam a pen in my eye everytime I see him 'playing himself' in movies.

And that's 'playing himself', not 'playing WITH himself' (although he probably does this too).

probably none clean sex is safe even without a condom. He is freaking Hugh Hefner he only gets the best girls just because you have sex doesn't mean your gonna get std.  (+ info)

Sexually transmitted diseases how they spread?

we had a dr come into our school today and we were talking how sexually transmitted diseases can spread in homosexuals, how can they be spread bye 2 men?

STIs (aka STDs) are spread the same way between all people regardless of sexual orientation. i certainly hope that the dr that spoke with you wasn't only talking about gay men and STIs.....I see MANY straight men coming into the clinic with STIs that they received from heterosexual contact......everyone is at risk for STIs if they are engaging in intimate activities involving genital-genital contact and/or exchanging body fluids.

STIs are either spread by contact with genital fluids (semen, vaginal fluids, rectal fluids, or blood) or some STIs are spread by simple touching/rubbing of the genitals together (ie. skin to skin contact). Herpes, for example, can be found anywhere in the "boxer-short area", and skin-skin contact in this area could spread herpes if one person is infected

For more info, check out: http://sexualityandu.ca/teens/index.aspx for lots of great info on a variety of STIs and other sexual health related info....there are also some pretty fun interactive online games as well.  (+ info)

Can sexually transmitted diseases be passed on to offspring is the mother already had it before she gave birth?

Thanks to all :)
I don't have it nor pregnant, just h/w for school

Yes, some STDs can be transmitted through pregnancy and delivery. If the mother has genital herpes and has an outbreak during delivery, the baby could be born blind if it is born vaginally. Women can transmit HIV to their babies through pregnancy, delivery, and breastfeeding. If they take meds as directed during pregnancy, have a C-section, and don't breastfeed, risk of transmission of HIV to the baby is less than 2%.  (+ info)

How do all porn stars not just die from sexually transmitted diseases?

I am really surpised about this. I mean those women that do like a 100 men etc, they must catch something. What about people like Ron Jeremy, he must have AIDS by now. Can anyone explain how they don't end up catching every STD known to man.

Great question!

Porn stars actually have to frequently get STD checks done. For those who unfortunately caught an STD could wear condoms.. condoms are more commonly seen in today's porn videos.

Hope this info helps!  (+ info)

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