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Where can I find information linking jogging strollers to Shaken Baby Syndrome?

I was told by a shop assistant at a baby store today that jogging with your baby is frowned upon due to the possibility of Shaken Baby Syndrome occuring. This is why it's hard to find three-wheelers designed for runners in Australia according to her. I'd like to find out more about this but haven't come across too much information as yet. Is there a high risk of causing SBS if you take your one year old jogging on bitumen or hiking on unsealed tracks?

Jogging strollers do not cause shaken baby syndrome. You shouldn't use them if your baby does not have enough head and neck strength,which is why most companies say not to use them until after 6 months.  (+ info)

Can a seven month old baby get shaken baby syndrome from a bumpy boat ride??

We took her on a boat ride today and we hit a few rough patches of water and I just got so worried about the whole shaken baby syndrome thing. She has acted fine and her usual self since then but Im still worried about it.

I wouldn't worry about it. She's fine.  (+ info)

Shaken Baby Syndrome from the perspective of a doctor?

Hello, I am currently doing some research for a Human Growth and Development class. I must write from the perspective of a doctor and comment on a child who has died from Shaken Baby Syndrome. How should I got about it? What information should I include to make it sound like I am a doctor and how can I make it sound professional? Thanks to anyone who can answer this question.

  (+ info)

how many shaken baby syndrome cases are there in california each year?

Does some one have any information on this topic I need it for a research paper. I found info for Tennessee, Colorado, Australia but not California. I need it for California. Please help. Any statistic or any info on this will help as well. How many cases are there in a year for the SBS shaken baby syndrome in California?
Thanks everyone

The term shaken baby syndrome was changed quietly a few years ago. Its now called shaken impact syndrome, because they found that shaking a baby alone will not kill it, it also needs to be beaten against something while being shook to cause enough trauma to die. They didn't publicly announce the name change so there would be no public confusion about the name. I think they had other reasons, but that's just me.
So, try looking up shaken impact syndrome. Maybe Cali is using the correct term.  (+ info)

What are the symptoms of shaken baby syndrome in older kids?

If a child was shaken as a baby, and there was some brain damage, and it was never diagnosed, what are the symptoms and side effects as the child grows older? what are the side effects in their teenage years?

If you think this may have happened you should seek professional advice.  (+ info)

I would like to know if a baby can get Shaken Baby Syndrome from riding in a car?

I would like to know if a baby get Shaken Baby Syndrome from riding in a car, if the baby was not strapped in tight enough to it's car seat. The breaking motion is backwards and forwards, and I'm wondering if this might propel the baby forward enough during a breaking movement, especially on hilly roads.

No. It's not the same thing. SBS would result from something far more violent. I know it seems like it may,because smaller babies,when they can't support their head,it just kinda hangs there. But they are okay. No need to worry as long as the car seat has been inspected and installed correctly. They will be fine.  (+ info)

Question about baby shaken syndrome and a car?

I have an older car and it's quite bumpy at times, bad suspension or something. But I was wondering if I should be worried about baby shaken syndrome when my infant is in the back seat? She's in a car seat and everything but when I was in the back seat with her one day while my husband was driving I saw her head kindof bumping around, can this cause that or no? I don't know if I am just being paranoid.
Only serious answers please, I'm concerned and really want to know.

I don't think you have to worry about it. In my child development class I think I remember my professor saying that a baby has to be shaken pretty forcefully for that to occur. I don't think you have to worry about it :)  (+ info)

Can bouncing cause shaken baby syndrome?

My 6 week old daughter is comforted best when we bounce her in our arms on one of those exercise balls. The more intense the bouce the more she likes it and drifts off to sleep. We also sleep her in a baby hammock during the day which also bounces. I worry that this bouncing is causing her brain to bash up against her skull like shaken baby syndrome. Is this possible?

The force has to be strong enough to damage the brain stem... and if you were doing that with a "bounce" the baby would be flying in the air. As a parent, you should know best, and know whether or not something is too rough for your baby. If her neck is jerking around when you bounce, not good. If she's staying safely nestled in your arms, it's fine!  (+ info)

Is anyone studying shaken baby syndrome?

I need to get in contact with someone who knows a lot about shaken baby syndrome. I need to concentrate more on the physiological part. If you are studying this can you leave your email so i can send you a list of questions. Also, could you state your career and how you know this information (if your a doctor or neurologist or something along those terms)

Shaken Baby Syndrom is horrible.

This are people who experienced it with there children you can find a lot out from reading their blogs and getting links from there

Im proud to see someone trying to educate on this issue! It needs to be addressed to the world!  (+ info)

Is there an adult version of shaken baby syndrome? Articles?

I've found one citation of an adult version of shaken baby syndrome. Nothing more.

Here are some:

Pounder DJ. "Shaken adult syndrome." Am J Forensic Med Pathol. 1997 Dec;18(4):321-4

Carrigan TD, Walker E, Barnes S. "Domestic violence: the shaken adult syndrome." J Accid Emerg Med. 2000 Mar;17(2):138-9.

Geddes JF, Whitwell HL. "Shaken adult syndrome revisited." Am J Forensic Med Pathol. 2003 Sep;24(3):310-1.

Salehi-Had H, Brandt JD, Rosas AJ, Rogers KK. "Findings in older children with abusive head injury: does shaken-child syndrome exist?" Pediatrics. 2006 May;117(5):e1039-44.

There are others. I searched in the PubMed database at:
using the search term: shaken adult syndrome  (+ info)

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