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Is this a symptom of shaken baby syndrome?

A 2 year threw himself back and slammed the back of his head into his mother's shoulder. Once she was able to turn him around and look at his face she realized a blood vessel had burst in one of his eyes. Could this be a case of Shaken Baby Syndrome? she didn't do anything wrong but it my research I think her son hit himself to hard. I'm trying to get info for her so they can know if he needs medical attention. Any advice would help
Her family does not have insurance.

Not having insurance should not affect this decision. The baby should get checked out by a doctor, or at least a nurse. If I suspected anything like this, I would certainly take my baby to get checked, no matter what the cost.  (+ info)

can bouncing my baby on my knee cause shaken baby syndrome?

i was just wondering how hard you have to shake a baby for them to get shaken baby syndrome? can bouncing him on my knee cause it?

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How is it possible for signs of Shaken Baby Syndrome to show up years later?

How is this merely possible? I thought if a child were shaken- no matter how much force was used, that SBS would show up relatively quick? As in a few days, or immediately?

How is possible to have an injury to the brain with no outer signs of trauma? How common is it for something such as SBS to be inflicted, but show no signs until later?

It's NOT possible for signs of SBS to show up years later. In extremely rare cases a child won't actually lose conscience until hours later (the brain just ends up swelling slower) but even then, there are definite signs.

Edit: Just wanted to add that head trauma that causes seizures later in life is not the same thing as SBS. Head trauma is like falling from a big height or a car accident....not the whiplash action of SBS.  (+ info)

could an adult suffer effects of shaken baby syndrome?

my daughter has always suffered from depression, agressive behavior, self-destructive tendencies. Could she be suffering fromt he after effects of shaken baby syndrome?

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How exactly is Shaken Baby Syndrome caused?

I've been reading this story about this baby Kaleb and I'm not sure exactly how this is caused. Is it literally shaking a baby or can it happen by playing with them or throwing them in the air or bouncing them on your knee? I'm worried now!! I have a 2 year old and a 2 week old.

Visit http://www.dontshake.com
It has all the information you need.  (+ info)

How to tell Shaken Baby Syndrome?

What are the symptoms for Shaken Baby Syndrome? I fell down the stairs today with our 4 month old son, and he didn't fall out of my arms, but I know he got shaken up a bit. He cried when I fell but I'm not sure if it was the shock of the fall or because of all the commotion because everyone thought the baby fell. He stopped crying after a couple of minutes and he appears normal but I don't know what all I should be checking for.

Symptoms of shaken baby syndrome may appear right away or within several days. The child's age, the number of abusive episodes, and degree of force used are the main factors that affect when symptoms appear and how severe they are. Trust your instincts if something doesn't seem right with your child.

Mild or vague symptoms
Vague symptoms may include irritability, sluggishness, vomiting, and a poor appetite. At first, caregivers and doctors may assume that these symptoms are related to a common illness such as the flu. If these symptoms are more severe, meningitis may be suspected.

Severe symptoms
In the most severe cases, a child loses consciousness or stops breathing right after being shaken or thrown. The caregiver may attempt to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and later claim that the CPR caused the child's injuries. The caregiver responsible for the abuse may put the child to bed, hoping the condition will improve after the child rests. By the time the caregiver seeks medical attention, the child may be comatose and unable to suck, swallow, smile, make sounds, or follow the movement of an object with his or her eyes. The child may also have great difficulty breathing or may completely stop breathing, have a slow heart rate, and require CPR. These children usually either die or have long-lasting problems from severe brain injury.1

Other symptoms
Bleeding inside one or both eyes is a common symptom of shaken baby syndrome that can be detected by a pediatric eye specialist (ophthalmologist). Also, a child may have broken bones, often in the ribs or arms and legs, from violent shaking. Sometimes a child will have signs of other types of physical abuse, such as bruises or burns.  (+ info)

How common is it for an almost 2 year old to get Shaken baby syndrome?

I have always been terrified of this terrible syndrome.

Last nite my husband picked my daughter up very rapidly and slung her on his hip--we had been trying to get her out of the toystore and nothing worked...so, he just wondering if that can cause it?
Is it common? or is it normally in younger infants? I mean I know it could happen, but would it take lots more force than on a younger infant?

No, picking her up rapidly will not cause SBS. Nor will picking her up quickly to look at a clock

BTW, I really hope you aren't the same user that a few months ago kept asking all sorts of odd questions about SBS. Your question has the same MO as hers....  (+ info)

Can a baby bouncer/jumperoo cause Shaken baby syndrome?

I just bought my 5 1/2 month old baby a rainforest jumperoo today. She loves it, BUT, she always get SOOOO hyper and jumps really CRAZILY!!!!! She'll jump as hard and as fast as she can. Its really funny but, it worries me a little! Does anyone know if it could cause shaken baby syndrome?

i didn't get one when baby was born, now she's too big. i think they toke this into account when they met the safety standards. but...you described your baby on that jumper so well i actually had a mental picture of the whole scene, hilarious, god bless her!  (+ info)

What is the statute of limitations for shaken baby syndrome in new york state?

my son was shaken about 2 years ago by his speech therapist and since then he has had difficulties learning and speaking. I just need to know more specifics about sbs. My son is getting better talking and with other things, but the symptoms of sbs are remarkably like what mny son has been experiencing. He refuses to eat anything, he can't put sounds on the beginnings or ends of his words, and he is very irritable and defiant. He wasn't like this before the speech therapist shook him when he was about 18 months old. He is now a beautiful 3 1/2 year old, but is having trouble keeping up with kids his age.

Symptoms of untreated shaken-baby syndrome are blindness, mental retardation, and neurological disorders such as cerebral palsy. There will be retinal damage that can be observed in a eye exam.
If your son was having speech therapy as an 18 month old, and now has speech and learning problems, I do not see any reason to believe it is not a continuation of an existing problem.

You should discuss this with your pediatrician. I would expect the pediatrician to help you get testing and therapy for your son. If not, call your local school district to see if they have testing and early-intervention programs. This varies from one location to another. Investigate what other school districts nearby offer, too. It may be worth moving to gain better dianostic and intervention.  (+ info)

can shaken baby syndrome cause behavioral/emotional problems that can easily be diagnosed as something else?

I can't seem to find much on google and I wondered if anyone could tell me. I know a child, now 12, who might have been shaken as a baby but was never diagnosed. He came from an abusive household and I just wondered if anyone knew whether SBS could cause latent effects such as emotional/behavioral issues that could be diagnosed as Asperger's or something of the like.

Most babies don't survive shaken baby but yes the brain suffers tremendous damage and trauma  (+ info)

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