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How many times can you suffer from septic shock?

I was recently hospitalized with septic shock due to a bladder infection. How many times can this occur?

Septic shock occurs due to either the bacteria producing a toxin that causes shock (such as staph toxic shock syndrome toxin 1) or a component called LPS on the cell wall of gram negative bacteria.

The body can produce antibodies against the toxins, but not against LPS. There fore sepsis can occure several times.  (+ info)

Can doctors in the ER confuse a death of being septic shock from overdose?

Don't know all the systems but doctor in the ER pronounced my ex husband with dying from septic shock. Or could it have been from an overdose from to many pills and booze.

Did the emergency Dr. do a gastric lavage or ordered a toxicology panel and there were no medications found would rule out an overdose. If he presented with a high fever with low bloodpressure and abnormal blood work that would indicate sepsis  (+ info)

what will be my long term effects from having septic shock?

I had septic shock in dec 1985. what long term effects should i be concerned about?

aSK YOUR DOCTOR  (+ info)

Can a person have emergency surgery while having septic shock?

My family member had setic shock and they did several code blues on her, despite her condition they decided to go ahead with a surgery to remove much of her lower adomen right down to her muscle lining.

It is more dangerous to do surgery during septic shock but if it is the only way to save the persons life they have to try surgery. Septic shock can kill you so it was their choice since the problems she was having in her abdomen must have been the cause of the shock and removal was the only way to save her.  (+ info)

I survived septic shock... what should I be concerned with in the short term?

I still feel weird even though I got out of the hospital six days ago. Are there lingering effects from septic shock? Has anyone else ever experienced it in themselves or another?
Thanks, I think you've got it. I still don't have a normal voice (probably from the intubation/ventilator).

All medications may cause side effects. Antibiotics can cause allergic reactions, stomach upset, and other side effects. Other effects depend on the medicines used. A ventilator can rarely cause a new infection or lung damage.

Many cases can be treated, and most people have a full recovery. If a person recovers, he or she is usually sent home and can return to normal activities. Permanent disabilities can rarely occur from septic shock and may require ongoing treatment.

How is the condition monitored?
Symptoms and physical examination are followed. Blood and urine tests and X-rays may also be needed in many cases for monitoring  (+ info)

What will your CBC look like when you are in Sepsis or septic shock?

More specifically what will your H/H look like. I know that the WBC will be high and that your platelets will be low.

"Hematocrit level may be elevated in hypovolemic states because of hemoconcentration."

I'm a healthcare worker and have seen this a few times.  (+ info)

what is the difference between toxic shock and septic shock?

these are two different syndromes but they almost act alike given what they do. if you know can you tell me which website you got it from please. thanks!

Toxic shock syndrome is caused by specific bacterial toxins. Septic shock can be caused by ANY bacterial infection that has invaded the bloodstream.

Think of TSS as being poisoned by a by-product of strep infection - the toxins. Septic shock basically means your body is shutting down because of massive amounts of bacteria.  (+ info)

My spouse has suffered from septic shock as a result of c.diff. How long does it take to get over the symptoms?

He was successfully treated with Vancoymicin. Continues to be very weak. It is now 3 months later.

Is he still having bowel symptoms / diarrhea? There should have been a definitive response with treatment (Vancomycin in this case), but C. diff is something that can relapse when it has been treated properly, or if it has only been partially treated then he may still have problems. Alternatively, he might have symptoms which resemble irritable bowel if he has recovered from C. difficile colitis. I could go on and on...

Unfortunately, there is no way that anyone can answer this question for you here. If your spouse has had a definite worsening of his symptoms in the last little while there would definitely be value in going back and getting checked again to make sure that the C. difficile has not returned. Regardless, after recovering from critical illness there should continue to be close follow-up with your physician(s) until things are back to normal.

Sorry that I can't help more. Good luck.  (+ info)

Can a streptococcal B infection that went into septic shock cause brain damage in a teenage boy?

If the infection spread to the brain causing meningitis or encephalitis there can be residual brain damage. Also if the sepsis caused hypotension and decreased blood flow to the brain (anoxia) it can cause brain damage.  (+ info)

Are there any survivors of septic shock out there?

I was diagnosed with septic shock and survived. Would like to talk
to people and compare experiences.

Everyone else died, sorry you're the only survivor  (+ info)

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