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surgical shock?

I just had a surgery and when I was waking up-my memories are still fuzzy-I could hear myself making these odd/chocking/gasping/ noises and thought I couldnt breath. I was also shivering and had to habe 3 warm blankets thrown on top of me, and turned very, very pale. The only reason I knew what was going on was that I could hear a nurse saying I was going into shock.What I am asking is has anyone else had a similiar situation to this? And if so, were there any long term effects from it mentally or physically?

I was in a car accident when younger, and have had about twenty-five surgeries since then... It sounds to me like what you went through is completely normal. It's just the after-effects of waking up from anesthesia. It differs from person to person, as well as from surgery to surgery. Many people don't react at all when waking up from general anesthesia - it's as if they're waking from restful sleep. Others can have violent reactions... I find that nurses often over-react during these situations because: 1.) there is a danger to using general anesthesia and they want to be careful when monitoring you, and 2.) many nurses (and doctors) have never had the experience of having general anesthesia themselves - so they don't understand why you're doing what you're doing.

I've never had any long-term effects, mentally or physically, from all of my surgeries. Just somewhat of a lingering distaste for general anesthesia.  (+ info)

Electrical shock-We need where we can find information?

I am in need of some information & where I can go to find information in medical literature regarding electrical shock. My precious (a young surgical RN) daughter-in-law experienced a serious electrical shock at work (in an operating room). To this point, I have not talked to her to get more details but she is still very ill from this. She has migraine headaches, abdominal cramps, tingling in her arm & etc. I am very worried about her. Some type of equipment malfunctioned & it destroyed the equipment & severely shocked her.
I am not certain of what tests she has had done & all, as she is sleeping all the time from the exhaustion & too ill to be up much.
I just need medical information so I can give her to make sure she gets proper tests & such & is properly informed as to what all she needs checked out.
She has never yet had children & wonder if this will affect her eggs?
Please help. She is too ill to research this
I am not trying to treat her, I just want to offer her information so she will not just sleep & not get the tests & such that she may need. However, if sleep is all that will help her, then, it's okay to know that, too. I know following any injury, you are going to require more rest to heal, but she needs information to make sure she is getting the proper care. I have never known of anyone to have this experience & lived, so I do not know what all needs to happen. (She was sent home following this event without medical intervention & made to take vacation time off work initially. Therefore, I do not believe we can just trust the doctors care right now.) She needs to be informed herself, so she can take her responsibility for making sure she is getting the proper care. I have found very little info through "Google". I was hoping for medical sites we could look over.

pls visit www.google.com and type out electric shock in the search coloumn. u will get the information.
But i would like to add something else. Do read the information but do not try to give any medication or any sort of treatment without consulting a doctor. Please, please donot try anything on your own  (+ info)

what complications are there after surgical repair of hamstring tendon?

i had surgery 2 weeks ago to repair a fully ruptured hamstring, which occurred 5 weeks earlier. I am now getting alot of nerve related discomfort and numbness around the incision site, including hypersensitivity and 'electric shocks' down the leg. Is this normal?

What can go wrong?

As with all major surgical procedures, complications can occur. This document doesn't provide a complete list of the possible complications, but it does highlight some of the most common problems. Some of the most common complications following hamstring tendon graft reconstruction of the ACL are

* anesthesia complications
* thrombophlebitis
* infection
* problems with the graft
* problems at the donor site

Anesthesia Complications

Most surgical procedures require that some type of anesthesia be done before surgery. A very small number of patients have problems with anesthesia. These problems can be reactions to the drugs used, problems related to other medical complications, and problems due to the anesthesia. Be sure to discuss the risks and your concerns with your anesthesiologist.
Thrombophlebitis (Blood Clots)

Thrombophlebitis, sometimes called deep venous thrombosis (DVT), can occur after any operation, but is more likely to occur following surgery on the hip, pelvis, or knee. DVT occurs when blood clots form in the large veins of the leg. This may cause the leg to swell and become warm to the touch and painful. If the blood clots in the veins break apart, they can travel to the lung, where they lodge in the capillaries and cut off the blood supply to a portion of the lung. This is called a pulmonary embolism. (Pulmonary means lung, and embolism refers to a fragment of something traveling through the vascular system.) Most surgeons take preventing DVT very seriously. There are many ways to reduce the risk of DVT, but probably the most effective is getting you moving as soon as possible after surgery. Two other commonly used preventative measures include

* pressure stockings to keep the blood in the legs moving
* medications that thin the blood and prevent blood clots from forming


Following surgery, it is possible that the surgical incision can become infected. This will require antibiotics and possibly another surgical procedure to drain the infection.
Problems with the Graft

After surgery, the body attempts to develop a network of blood vessels in the new graft. This process, called revascularization, takes about 12 weeks. The graft is weakest during this time, which means it has a greater chance of stretching or rupturing. A stretched or torn graft can occur if you push yourself too hard during this period of recovery. When revascularization is complete, strength in the graft gradually builds. A second surgery may be needed to replace the graft if it is stretched or torn.
Problems at the Donor Site

Problems can occur at the donor site (the area behind the leg where the hamstring graft was taken from the thigh). A potential drawback of taking out a piece of the hamstring tendon is a loss of hamstring muscle strength.

The main function of the hamstrings is to bend the knee (knee flexion). This motion may be slightly weaker in people who have had a hamstring tendon graft to reconstruct a torn ACL. Some studies, however, indicate that overall strength is not lost because the rest of the hamstring muscle takes over for the weakened area. Even the portion of muscle where the tendon was removed works harder to make up for the loss.

The hamstring muscles sometimes atrophy (shrink) near the spot where the tendon was removed. This may explain why some studies find weakness when the hamstring muscles are tested after this kind of ACL repair. However, the changes seem to mainly occur if both the semitendinosus and gracilis tendons were used. And the weakness is mostly noticed by athletes involved in sports that require deep knee bending. This may include participants in judo, wrestling, and gymnastics. These athletes may want to choose a different method of repair for ACL tears.

The body attempts to heal the donor site by forming scar tissue. This new tissue is not as strong as the original hamstring tendon. Because of this, there is a small chance of tearing the healing tendon, especially if the hamstrings are worked too hard in the early weeks of rehabilitation following surgery.  (+ info)

How effective is a surgical mask at protecting the wearer against the swine flu?

How effective is a surgical mask at protecting the wearer against the swine flu? Let's say for some reason I don't want to get the swine flu (duh), would wearing a surgical mask in public protect me 100% or not?

not very but it greatly reduces your risk of catching it.  (+ info)

What are some surgical procedures that will get rid of stretch marks?

I don't know if there is another non-surgical way of getting rid of them. I've tried. But whatever it takes, I'm going to be stretch mark-free.
I'm just not sure what exactly can be done as far as surgury goes. Can surgeons really get rid of all of them? And what procedures are there?

Dont try to hide your strech marks ,instead try to get rid of them completely.heres the solution.I am a certified skin care analyst placed in Houston and dallas. I want to help you personally if you are near to my place. Do not worry even if you Medically known as "striae gravidarum", stretch marks are caused by excessive stretching of the skin.

Pregnancy, rapid weight gain or loss and puberty, are the usual causes of stretch marks. Almost half of all expectant women and many teenagers will acquire this condition

Depending on your skin color, the marks start out as pink, reddish brown, or dark brown streaks. The reddish-brown pigmentation in the marks gradually fades, and the stretch marks or "striae" begin to look like glistening silvery lines of scar tissue.Use this creme ,i used it personally for my strech markS.
"ARTISTRY TIME DEFIENCE DERMA ERASE",it offers a non invasive ,injection free alternative to relaxing the appearence of expression lines without a surgeon in sight.the concentrated formula and patented ingredient technology smooths the appearence of strech marks.its unique pen like applicator makes application easy and accurate.and with each use you can watch the appearence of strech marks instantly into smoother ,younger-looking skin."Everyone deserves the option of effectdermatological skin care at home.Thats exactly what derma erase offers".
Also some people have very severe deep marks which can be treated instantly by "ARTISTRY TIME DEFIENCE INTENSIVE REPAIR SERUM", It is the best you can eliminate surgery and chemical peels.
Experience revolutionary results with Intensive Repair Serum:
261% improvement in skin clarity
99% reduction in fine lines
83% improvement in skin smoothness
14-night treatment program.

Product Advantage

Product Description:
Artistry Time Defiance Intensive Repair Serum is a highly concentrated 14-night treatment program intended for use on a quarterly basis. It contains the breakthrough Deep Nourishing Action Complex with a restorative enzyme that boosts skin's natural ability to repair past damage. Vitamin C and Licorice Root Extract fight free radicals, and Alpinia Leaf Extract helps protect skin's collagen.

Product Benefits
Key ingredients: Micrococcus Lysate which contains T4 Endonuclease helps boost skin's natural ability to repair visible signs of damage caused by the environment. Alpinia leaf extract protects skin's collagen. Vitamin C and licorice root extract protect skin from free radical damage.
Boosts skin’s natural ability to repair past damage and prevent premature aging.
Features Deep Nourishing Action Complex that repairs and protects the skin from the signs of aging.
Improves skin clarity by 261%.
Reduces fine lines by 99%.
Improves skin smoothness by 83%.
Optimizes skin health for better response to your daily skin care regimen with a highly concentrated patent-pending formula.
Fragrance free
Artistry is one of the best 5 selling brands around the globe. It definitely helps you out for your strech marks problem. If you have further questions, feel free to email me any time at [email protected] For more info on products and their prices, visit this website


https://nchowdary.qbeautyzone.com/products/product.aspx?itemno=100282  (+ info)

What is the best surgical procedure to treat prostate cancer?

I am from Philippines, my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The doctor's advice is to do surgical procedure wherein they have to remove the testicles/scrotum of my dad. Isn't he suppose to remove the prostate instead of removing the testicles/scrotum? Once the testicles are removed, what are the chances of survival if his prostate wont be removed?

prostate cancer is hormone fired. (it relies on the male hormone to grow and spread), by removing the testicles they remove the hormones. This operation is often performed on quite elderly patients and can be a simpler proceedure than removing the prostate itself.  (+ info)

Are there any non surgical treatments i can perform on my face to reduce cheek and jaw line fat?

My jaw line is very chubby, and i hate to smile in pictures. I live in Oregon,so if there are any treatments i could use, or any non surgical treatments here in the Portland area that are available, can you let me know? I'm desperate for confidence.

This treatment really works and you get very quick results. Self massage face and jaw line with natural oils. I found coconut and olive oil are excellent.and both are suitable for oily and dry skins. For best results you have to massage quite strongly and quite vigorously and it should be done over and over with a forward and back motion not a circular one as that will not be effective. You may be hesitant about that but if you research my Best Answers you will see many who only have benefited by treatment. You start less vigorously as skin has to adjust and stop if there is soreness and resume when you can. Depending on how vigorous/how strong you have made it you will see noticeable improvements in a 4 to 5 days and in two weeks you will see very noticeable results and overtime even better ones. You will be amazed at it´s effectiveness. Treatment will also give you a`smooth skin and a vibrantly healthy glow. Try it - you will be happy that you did.
Supplementary exercises that help: Yoga exercises for face (and neck.) You can get books with pictures (Find with a web search). The "Lion pose" and variations of that are really effective and easy to do. Also doing many head turns(as far as you can go) will help.

SOURCE(S) 20+ years research into safe, natural treatments and cures of skin disorders and anti aging and rejuvenation treatments.  (+ info)

What benefit does a surgical mask have over simply using a handkerchief or shirt to cover ones face ?

Just curious since they keep showing people walking thru airports and out in public with surgical masks on.
well okay what about if the disease is airborne ?
Please re-frame from posting details as your source that do not pertain to the question.


Flu masks keep out smaller particles, so they keep out more bacteria and viruses. Viruses are extremely small. Here's an article that discusses the different types of flu masks and how effective each is:
http://www.ehow.com/how_4937558_face-mask-swine-flu-pandemic.html  (+ info)

What qualifies you as a surgical candidate for a tummy tuck?

How would I know if I am a surgical candidate for a tummy tuck. I've had 3 kids and have gained 40 pounds in the last year, mainly in my tummy area.

To be a good candidate for a tummy tuck, you should have weight proportionate to height, and you should have mainly loose skin in the tummy area.

If you are overweight, then you probably should lose weight before considering a tummy tuck. The medical way to measure this is by BMI, body mass index. A good calculator is here- http://www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/

You should have mainly loose skin, as opposed to fat and soft tissue that you can pinch. If you don't have loose skin, then you probably need liposuction.

If you think you're overweight, or if you're not certain if you need a tummy tuck versus liposuction, then a consultation in person with your local plastic surgeon is the best way to go.  (+ info)

What are different other none surgical procedures to get rid of access belly fat?

What are different other none surgical procedures to get rid of access belly fat? Laser? Shots? What are they called so i can research and find out prices.

Thank you!

..Start eating right...lots of veggies and protein,,,skip all white bread and all sugar totally....and
WALK ...preferably take walks in the morning, just drink a little water and WALK...
your tummy is empty, so the body will burn fat for energy...

If you do this repeatedly YOU will get rid of your tummy in 6 months....  (+ info)

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