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Shoulder Dislocation?

i had a shoulder dislocation and i dont have insurance,
is there a home treatment ?

If it were truly dislocated you'd be screaming from the pain begging an ambulance to come over RIGHT NOW!!! Dislocation needs to be fixed ASAP because the longer it's dislocated the worse the recovery is. Shoulder problems can take months to heal and dislocations can cause soft tissue damage like torn ligaments and muscles. There's no home remedy for that kind of trauma.  (+ info)

shoulder dislocation?

is it possible for me to make my left shoulder or arm much stronger or powerfull after a injury of dislocation. so it dosent dislocate anymore. thank you. plz answer. i need it for my boxing

dislocation is tricky. some times it all depends on the doctor who put it back in and how they did it. but i am sure your doctor was great. try lifting weights for that area not to heavy if you are still recovering. and over time you should not have any problems with it, as it takes time to recover.  (+ info)

Shoulder dislocation?

I dislocated my shoulder and underwent a major reconstructive op for it a few years back after it got worse (kept dislocating).

Since then, I've been at about 50% flexibility and 50% strength (especially for throwing motions).

Is this normal?
I've been lifting free weights and stretching for years to help with the shoulder, but somehow, the throwing strength and flexibility never returned.

no go exercise  (+ info)

What is the possibilty of a 2nd shoulder dislocation?

I dislocated my shoulder while playing hockey. While laying down on a stretcher, it popped back in. I am willing to do anything the doc/therapist says because I want to make sure it doesn't happen again. I will also start playing non-checking hockey. I am wondering, what is the possibility of a second dislocation? I am 20 1/2 by the way.

I did a report on this last year. The following is a summary of pertinent research findings:

Hovelius et al.
For patients aged 12-22 who were treated with a sling: 47% had re-dislocated by 2 years later. By 5 year follow-up 55% had had at least 2 dislocations since the initial one and 28% had undergone surgery for instability. 34% had had surgery by 10 year follow-up. Recurrence not affected by sex, type of trauma, or activity level.

Kirkley et al.
40 skeletally mature patients under age 30 with first time shoulder dislocations were treated either with a sling or surgery. After 32 months 47% of the non-surgical patients had had recurrences compared to 15.9% of the surgical ones. Numbers were the same after 79 months.

Other studies showed similar results. Essentially, research shows a high incidence of recurrence. This in one case where young age actually works against you.  (+ info)

What types of surgery are available for shoulder dislocation?

I have dislocated my shoulder 6 times over the past 9 years. The last 3 times have been within 18 months.
The worst time was last week, when my shoulder went so far back, I was taken to casualty and sedated to have it put back. I was told that part of my shoulder blade has never formed and I will need surgery but the consultant never explained what types of surgery are on offer, and I have heard nothing since. This was 2 weeks ago and the pain is still there and I can feel my shoulder click when I move it back and forth. The slightest free stretch or knock can cause it to 'pop out'
Anyone any suggestions as to what I should do? Do I wait to hear from the hospital or go to see my gp? Does 6 times seem normal and still not have surgery? I have tried physiotherapy to strenthen the muscle tissue but it hasnt worked.

I subluxed my shoulder 13 times over about 18 months and decided to have surgery in 1992. Then, it was called a putti-plat where they take part of the chest muscle and reattached it over the front of the joint to stop it coming out again. When I had it done, it was an open procedure (a scar aout 8 inches long) but unless your surgery was complicated, they may be able to do it via an arthroscopic approach (3-5 small incisions). However, surgery has progressed a lot since I had it done and I am now a physical therapist!

Are you in the UK? That was where I had my procedure done. I would suggest going to see your GP and ask their opinion. I would also contact the consultant directly and ask for an appointment. Go into the appointment asking what is the most appropriate procedure for your particular problem - instability can be caused by numerous factors in the shoulder joint and it is difficult to advise what procedure is most appropriate for your particular condition.

After the appointment with the consultant, research the surgery throroughly. If you are able to discuss the surgery with the physiotherapist to gain their opinion, all the better.

I regained full motion to my shoulder after the surgery. I competed in the sport of triathlon afterwoulds for a few years without any problems. If you can go back to the physiotherapist before the surgery or really work at the exercises to get as strong as possible, your outcome will be that much better. Focus on strengthening the muscles around your shoulder blade and the rotator cuff muscles.

Good luck!  (+ info)

Is it possible to get a posterior shoulder dislocation from bench pressing?

I subluxed my shoulder a few days ago from benching. I went to the Ortho today and they only took a x-ray of my chest/shoulder area. However, I have some pain on my back near my left shoulder blade. Is it possible that I injured the posterior shoulder instead of the anterior and the x-ray missed it?

the xray would see any bony abnormalities. if you have a problem with stability, rehab/therapy can help. chronic instability with lots of full dislocations may require an MRI to see if glenoid labrum is torn.....  (+ info)

How long after shoulder surgery (for dislocation) untill I can start going to the gym?

Thats it, im getting surgery on thursday and want to know how long untill I cant start to go to the gym so that this shit wont happen again and since this year I was supposed to start and I dislocated my shoulder again it postponed that untill later.
Kay so its not much that needs to be repaired just want to know. Im 16, 6 feet 1. on the skinny side

best bet is to ask your doctor after surgery, you definitely don't want to lift weights if it's not healed. Trust me wait as long as the doctor says, I have a friend who's wrist is completely ruined because he didn't take his doctor's advice and lifted weights. Now he won't be able to lift weights with that wrist for the rest of his life.  (+ info)

How do i prevent a recurring shoulder dislocation?

im a high school wrestler and i dislocated my shoulder last season. What can i do to prevent that from happening this season?

Wow, this is me. Well since you are in high school this will probably continue to happen, ideally though you probably would want to strengthen the shoulder as much as possible and avoid trauma during practice to keep that shoulder in it's socket...

I believe the percentage is 90% of the people who suffer a shoulder dislocation before 20 years of age will experience it again.  (+ info)

Can you have a sudden shoulder dislocation that immediately pops back in?

Was on an incline bench doing shoulder presses using dumbbells but failed to keep form. I tried to force out the last two reps when my forearm gave out and the weight forced my arm foreward with my elbow at a 90 degree angle. I suddenly felt at pop in my right shoulder. The joint felt like i lifted it out of socket, but after i dropped the weight my shoulder didnt feel out of place. My shoulder doesnt feel in pain, but I kinda feel a strain in my rotator cuff.

Yes. It is usually just related to the way the shoulder socket is formed, if it is too shallow or if the ligaments are too long. If you are prone to this issue, be aware of it and compensate for that weakness. Don't do things that will cause it to repeatedly pop out like pitch fastballs for a living or something.  (+ info)

Is it ok to take the sling off for a little bit after shoulder dislocation?

Is it fine if I take the sling off for about 5-15 minutes daily after I sustained a shoulder dislocation? i feel like i'll break my neck with the strap and all the pressure it exerts. wearing it all day long isnt easy. i hope i dont inflict too much harm.

Yeah, do it but sit down or lie down and don't do anything else or you'll forget and do a brisk movement and that shoulder will come off again! Just be aware that that arm must NOT move.
first week I had very very tight strappings that even cut circulation to my little finger, undo them a little and with the other hand keep moving your fingers, get the blood to circulate. Also you can move the elbow a little, put it straight (oh the relief) and back to bent (the strap position)
The only problem with taking the strap off is you MUST be sure you put it back on properly especially for the night, one wrong movement while asleep and the shoulder pops off then it'll be trouble. Apart from that, it's painkillers, one set every 4 hours (paracetamol) and the Ibuprofen every 8. I'll never forget it, I lost my home over it lol.  (+ info)

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