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shoulder pain?

I am a 48 year old guy (almost 49) and my shoulders always hurt. I do stretches everyday, work out 4 or 5 times a week, but nothing seems to stop my shoulders from hurting. Is this because I am getting older and aches and pains are to be expected? The left shoulder hurts unbelievably if I do not lift for few days, then after the first few reps, the pain almost goes away? I could just be loosing my mind, who knows!

Your not old... far from it. Try this link..http://www.emofree.com/  (+ info)

Shoulder Pain?

I am having some shoulder pain. It really hurts. I dont know what is wrong exactly but i dont want to go to the hospital. I started to play tennis a few months ago and its really fun. I think it increases the pain though. The reason i dont want to go to the hospital is because im starting my tennis lessons next week and its a 11 lesson process. It will take 15 weeks to complete. I am also planning to join my tennis team for my school. The season begins about 2-3 months later. I am afraid that my shoulder might need surgery and i am not sure if i will be able to join the tennis team if i receive surgery. Do any of you know if i would be allowed to join if i receive the surgery after my lessons but before the season starts as long as my shoulder heals in time? I really want to heal it but i really want to join my tennis team as well and i dont want to give up tennis. can someone help me figure out what to do? Thanks in advance. Btw i am 15 years old and am a male.
Also i have some neck pain as well. Sometimes when i crack my neck my shoulder hurts and when i crack my shoulder sometimes my neck hurts. Either way i can crack them both and it feels better for a while but then the pain comes more intensely later. Please help.

Sounds like a rotator cuff injury - but probably just a muscle strain. It will take rest & rehab to recover. Complete rotator cuff tears are not that common in high school age athletes. Usually occur in adults over 35, except for that high risk group known as professional baseball pitchers.

Regardless, trying to play thru it will make it worse. Rotator cuff surgery is a last resort - not something you want to risk if it can be prevented! Post-op rehab is very involved and will keep you out of tennis for 6-12 months - and then only you do your job in rehab.

Xrays are part of an exam, but do not show muscle injury. A MRI is better, but an experienced sports physician's examination will do the trick. (preferrably an orthopedic surgeon) There are special manual tests a physician will use in the office without the need for a MRI.  (+ info)

Shoulder pain..........??????

Shoulder pain is killing me! Ever since the shoulder pain started I am getting less and less sleep. Shoulder pain gets worse every little bit I move. For several years I have had pain in my right shoulder that comes and goes. Sometimes my shoulder pain doesn't hurt at all, sometimes just a little, and sometimes it hurts really bad. Sometimes my shoulder pain hurts so much that it makes the lower part of the side of my neck hurt, and my arm too. I cannot remember injuring it, but I tend to be very active. I DO NOT have insurance and a visit to the doctor is really out of the question. I really just need pain meds to treat the shoulder pain. I just heard I could get some pain relievers over the net. Can pain medicine for shoulder pain be bought online?


.Shoulder Pain. I am right with you when it comes to Shoulder Pain. I also have neck Pain too. My Shoulder pain started when I was doing yoga. I Buy Shoulder Pain Meds online. I know what I need to treat the pain and the doctor always tells me the same.. I Buy Tramadol for the Shoulder/neck Pain and I use Watson Soma for sleep aid, muscle relaxer. Fioricet is also GREAT for pain relief! InternetMedsFAST. COM is where I get all of my medicine like tramadol & Ultracet Without all of the hassle's of the doctors office visits, Waiting for it to fill at the pharmacy, etc.. They Write the prescription you need by a US licensed Pharmacist,Fill it, then sends it Fed ex overnight From a Pharmacy located in the USA! Not Mexico or Canada! Good luck, Girlfriend.  (+ info)

How long does shoulder pain last after laparoscopic surgery?

I had a lap for an ectopic pregnancy yesterday and the worst pain I'm feeling is the shoulder pain from the intraabdominal gas they use to blow up the belly during surgery. If anyone has had laparoscopic surgery and had post-op shoulder pain, how long did this last?

Two to three days, then it should go away. It is a matter of all the gas seeping out. Bare with it, I know it is very uncomfortable. I have had 12 in my lifetime. Have someone rub your back starting from the top and kinda pushing downward, it will help move the gas out of the upper area.

Feel better!  (+ info)

What causes pain in the shoulder and arm and how do you relieve it?

My mom has been having an intense pain from her neck and shoulder and along her right arm for over a week now. She's used maximum strength Ben Gay and it hasn't given much relief. She's 52 years old. Her back also seems to be swollen around the areas that give her pain. What could this be? Is there anything to relieve the pain? Should we go to the hospital?

yes you should take her to the doctor it sounds like something pretty serious by it being swollen in the area were it is hurting  (+ info)

How severe is the shoulder pain involved with an ectopic pregnancy?

And where does it radiate from? The front of shoulders, the shoulder blade? How severe is the pain. Very painful to the point you cannot do anything or just a mild, soreness?
No other symptoms like cramping, bleeding, etc.

I am very disturbed by this question. I'm not sure how bad the pain would be...but it doesn't always happen with ectopic pregnancies. The shoulder pain that occurs during an ectopic pregnancy is an ominous sign. It occurs after there is major internal bleeding. The internal bleeding will leak into the abdomen. Are you sure it's related to the pregnancy? Early symptoms of ectopic pregnancies are usually absent or very mild. The signs usually occur within week 5-8, with 7 weeks being the average. You would have symptoms before the shoulder pain. Have you ever had mild cramping or pain in your lower stomach? Painful bowel movements? Bleeding?

Ectopics are difficult to diagnose on your own...but you definitely need to talk to a doctor about it. If you are having pain and cramping/bleeding, then you need to go to the ER. It's better to be safe than sorry. It's not something you want to take a chance on. Ectopic pregnancies are very serious.

If you are only having shoulder pain, however, and have not had any cramping/bleeding/pain (I know you said you aren't now, but you did not say if you have had it before), then it's very unlikely that the shoulder pain is related to the pregnancy.  (+ info)

What is causing the pain in my right shoulder down into my arm?

I have a little pain in the bottom right side of my neck then it really hurts in my shoulder area then the cramping feeling radiates down my right arm. When i stretch my arm/shoulder and do circles with it I hear cracking like when you crack your knuckles. I don't know if its from constantly sleeping on it wrong or what but I would love to find out the possible reason for the pain and cracking and what to do about it. Thanks!

Sounds like a pinched nerve, either in your neck or shoulder. As for as the "cracking" it sounds like "Crepitus".

Anyway, start off with slow cervical stretches to your tolerance. Look down, ear to shoulder, look over your shoulder. Don't look up or do the "circles"
Then do shoulder shrugs, scapular squeezes.

You can also lay on a rolled towel, blanket (head resting on one end and your tail bone on the other) with you above the floor/bed, raise your arms over head, to the side then try and touch your elbows to the floor/bed. If you don't feel a stretch to your shoulders, your 'roll' is too small.

Any stretch needs to be down SLOWLY! you don't want to injure yourself any further.
you can also alternate ice and heat to decrease your pain.  (+ info)

What does the shoulder pain feel like in ectopic pregnancy?

I've had some shoulder pain, but it's not severe.
Is the shoulder pain consistent or on and off? Is it severe? Is it sharp, dull, etc?

It's severe, and usually you would have had significant one-sided lower abdominal pain well before the shoulder pain set in. The shoulder pain is from when the tube actually ruptures, and to experience it is relatively rare as other symptoms cause people to seek treatment before that happens.  (+ info)

How can i prevent pain around shoulder blades when driving?

I work for UPS and when driving the truck long distances i get a pain on my right and left shoulder blades (or the muscles in that area rather). I try to change my posture or seat position and just can't get rid of it. It doesn't ever happen in personal vehicles though. Any idea of what I can do to prevent this? It's getting to the point that I'm not enjoying the job like I use to because of this pain.

Review your sitting posture; something's not correct. Move seat forward so you are not 'reaching' for the wheel, grip hands at 10 and 2 o'clock on the wheel (safer). Have your eyes checked (do you lean head forward of your shoulders?

Your head weighs approx. 9 pounds and every inch your ears are ahead of your shoulders multiplies that weight upon your neck (telescoping pain to shoulder blades).  (+ info)

When you have shoulder pain during an ectopic pregnancy does it come and go?

I have a lot of pregnancy symptoms but negative tests. I have shoulder pain that is once and a while but when I get it, it can be pretty severe. It's between my neck and my arm socket.

For those that say it is not a symptom of an ectopic pregnancy to have shoulder pain, you are wrong it is. I just wanted to say that because I see people post that all the time.

I'm not sure, but if you are late, having symptoms and negative tests, I would go to the ER and tell them your suspicions. I thought I was having an ectopic but it turned out the baby was where it needed to be. They will do an ultrasound and everything to be sure!  (+ info)

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