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What happens if you have hemaglobin C trait and Sickle cell trait?

Hemoglobin C (HbC) and Sickle Cell disease are caused by a mutation in the hemoglobin gene which reduces the normal plasticity of host erythrocytes. The sickling is enhanced in people with Hb S disease, and both conditions contribute to anemia (which leads to a reduced capacity of carrying oxygen around the body.)

This disease is chronic and lifelong, and though individuals are most often well, there can be complications that threaten the life of the person, and therefore should be monitored by a capable doctor.

[And no, it does not only affect the black race as stated above... duh. Blood transfusions aren't always necessary, but oxygenation levels should be carefully looked at.]  (+ info)

Can you experience bruising when you have the trait of sickle cell?

  (+ info)

Can a the sickle cell trait skip generations? Can a baby be born with sickle cell trait when neither parent ha?

  (+ info)

How many on here has sickle cell trait or a heart murmur?

I have a minor heart murmur that i'm actually getting fixed next week  (+ info)

Can I have the Sickle Cell Trait?

Ok me and my mom were arguing, I argued that I couldn't get the sickle cell trait from my dad because he doesnt have the disease, and since he is a male he cannot be a carrier, seeing as he only has one X chromosome. My mom says that he can have the trait and that he was checked for it, he does have it but he doesnt have the disese. Can you explain who is right and why they are correct? I think I may be confusing gentic disorders and sex linked disorders. Oh if possible add a website source. Thanks!!

Sickle cell trait is autosomal, not sex-linked.
Sickle cell trait can indeed be inherited from a person with trait but without sickle cell disease.

-ENT MDx30y  (+ info)

What or complications should a sickle cell c trait carrier watch for & What shot may affect their health?

Sickle Cell Trait patients are almost always free of any symptoms of SCA, however their kidneys do have trouble creating concentrated urine. So they tend to pee more and have an increased incidence of urinary tract infections.

-MD x30y  (+ info)

How does Sickle Cell Trait affect a person's sexual functioning?

It doesn't affect a person's sexual functioning at all. Someone can't get Sickle cell through sexual intercourse, and since it's only the trait and not the full disease it's like not having Sickle cell at all.  (+ info)

can you have Both the thalassemia trait AND sickle cell trait?

I have the sickle cell trait and I want to know if it is possible to have the alpha thalassemia trait too.

YES & its called sickle cell thalasemia.
but the anemia will be milder as the thalassemai cells has more Hemoglobin "F" that does not polymerize i.e. it does not sickle.
Inded the new treatment for sickle cell anemia is to give a drug that induces Hemoglobin "F" formation ,i.e. making the cells having thalassemai so that they wont sickle.  (+ info)

If you have sickle cell trait would it affect you if you fly in an airplane?

trait is less severe than disease,but its risky ,u might get an infarction attack due to hypoxia better u consult with your doctor .....  (+ info)

Sickle Cell???????

I have the sickle cell trait, someone told me people with that are immune to malaria. Is this true?
-why are ppl with that immune to it? The way the cell is shaped, or are they lacking some sort of thing that malaria needs to work.

Yes, it is believed the malarial parasites do not survive well in red cells with sickle cell trait. Malarial parasites which multiple in red cells before bursting the cells and infecting other cells do not survive the changes that occur when the cells alter shape under low oxygen tension after the hemoglobin releases oxygen to tissues before returning to the lungs. One gene of hemoglobin S (sickle cell trait) can cause mild sickling, but two genes can produce more significant sickling leading to infarctions and damage of tissues. At least that is the explanation I was taught.  (+ info)

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