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What is the connection between malignant neoplasms and crabs?

The more common term for malignant neoplasms, cancer, is Latin for crab, and the word "carcinogen," meaning a cancer-causing agent, comes from the Greek word for crab, "karkinos." What is the connection between these two seemingly unrelated things?

Cancer, both the disease and the astronomical constellation, derive from the Latin cancer or cancrum, meaning crab. The astrological sign, of course, is said to resemble a crab and the disease was so named by the ancient Greek physician Galen (129-200 A.D.) who noted the similarity between a certain type of tumor with a crab as well—the swollen veins around the tumor resembling the legs of a crab.

Old English adopted cancer directly from Latin and used it for a variety of spreading sores and ulcers. This early sense survives in the modern word canker. From c.1000 in a manuscript called Læce Boc (Leech Book), collected in Oswald Cockayne’s Leechdoms, Wortcunning, and Starcraft of Early England, Vol. II, 1865:

Gemeng wið þam dustum, clæm on ðone cancer.
(Mix with the dust, smear on the cancer.)

And from Wyclif’s 2 Timothy, 1382:

The word of hem crepith as a kankir

The word was being applied specifically to the disease we today call cancer by the beginning of the 17th century. From Philemon Holland’s translation of Pliny’s Historie of the World:

Cancer is a swelling or sore comming of melancholy bloud, about which the veins appeare of a blacke or swert colour, spread in manner of a Creifish clees.

The astronomical sense of cancer is from the Latin name for the constellation of the crab. The name was known to the Anglo-Saxons, but only as a Latin name and was not assimilated into English until the Middle English period. It appears in Ælfric’s De Temporibus Anni, written c.993, in a list of the constellations of the Zodiac:

Feorða • Cancer • þæt is Crabba
(Fourth, Cancer, that is the crab.)

The Anglicized name appears c.1391 in Chaucer’s Treatise on the Astrolabe:

In this heved of cancer is the grettist declinacioun northward of the sonne...this signe of cancre is clepid the tropik of Somer.
(At this first point (head) of cancer is the greatest declination northward of the sun…this sign of cancer is named the tropic of summer.)

(Source: Oxford English Dictionary, 2nd Edition)  (+ info)

Carcinoma of the sigmoid with invasion into adjacent tissue. What is the ICD 9 code for this?

Carcinoma of the sigmoid with invasion into adjacent tissue. What is the ICD 9 code for this?

You probably would need more specific information. There are many ICD-9 sites on the internet that would be of help to you. Would probably be close to 209.16 to 209.66, with more specifics.  (+ info)

What is the basis of differing actions of antineoplastic agents on different tissue/neoplasms?

What is the basis for differing tissue- and neoplasm-specificites of antieoplastic chemotherapeutic agents? This doubt arose because considering what the pharmacokinetics of these drugs are it remains to be answered as to why a certain agent would act only in a particular tissue or neoplasm when the mechanisms they employ are so similar, e.g., various alkylating agents in spite having same action act of different tumors with differing degrees of effectiveness. Hope someone answers the question specifically. Useful links to free-text articles would also be highly appreciated. Bye. TC.

If you have thoughts on this subject, you ought to have the initiative to research it yourself.  (+ info)

How many centimeters from the anal verge is the sigmoid colon?

Any one with medical expertise, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!!

The sigmoid starts at about 17cm it’s the measurement used when an exact number is not stated by the physician. Just like some people are short, tall, have big feet, etc. not every colon is the same, but usually only vary 1-2cm at most that low in the colon.  (+ info)

In bariam anema found that "minimal narrowing of sigmoid colon" what could be the cause for this?

I have been suffering from 12 years with sigmoid colon problems, like gripping pain uneasy ness,pressure and alway mild pain in sigmoid colon.

  (+ info)

What would cause your sigmoid colon to sweel and will it require surgery?

  (+ info)

What should I eat daily after I discovered I had sigmoid colon cancer?

I had discovered that my body found a 2.5 x 1.5cm tumor lies at the junction of the mesenteric and antemesenteric surfaces. It lies 2.8cm on one end and 4.8cm on the other end. The main cause of this tumor is according to what I eat daily in the past. I can't keep my old recipes anymore. What are some healthy food that I can eat daily now? The doctor said I should eat only vegetables without seasonings. Can anyone suggest me some information?
I am at the stage between level B and C. This was found 1 month ago. I live currently in Vancouver. I had already did a surgery on it.

Here is some helpful info on cancer and living longer.  (+ info)

do you still feel pain close to 2 months after sigmoid colon surgery?

I'm sure it should hurt when i do alot of walking, but somedays it hurts so bad and I hadn't done alot of walking.

In my first surgery, my ovarian cancer had already spread to my colon. So I had a colon resection in addition to a hysterectomy. I have a 15 inch incision on my abdomen extending from above my belly button to the groin area. The muscles and nerves were cut to access the peritoneal cavity/body cavity. Afterwards my abdomen was sewn (by different layers) and stapled to close the incision.

In the beginning, I experienced a lot of pain in the abdominal area. My doctor said it was because the nerves and muscles were cut. Anyways, after 2 months of pain, the pain began to decreased.

If you are concerned about your pain, see your doctor.  (+ info)

What are the harmful effects from small benign neoplasms arising from endocrine organs on the patient?

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term used to describe benign neoplasms made up of neurons and nerve fibers is a?

need some help with my h.w.


In the foot, check out this site...
http://www.footphysicians.com/footankleinfo/mortons-neuroma.htm  (+ info)

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