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What precautions should this patient take given his diagnosis of situs inversus?

Last week a 12-year-old boy came to the doctor’s office complaining of severe abdominal pains and nausea. He was diagnosed with appendicitis, requiring the removal of his appendix. The boy’s medical chart indicates that he was diagnosed with situs inversus, a condition in which the organs of the thoracic and abdominal cavities are reversed from left to right. He has returned to the office for suture removal and bandage change.

Situs inversus is associated with kartagener's syndrome. In this syndrome the patient has immotile cilia which will increase his possibility of getting lung infections. So he is more likely to get pneumonia, bronchiectasis and recurrent sinusitis. Patient should take whatever precautions necessary to decrease the chances of respiratory tract infections. Perhaps this is an indication for vaccines like pneumovax (although spleenectomy is probably a better scenario for pneumovax). Also in kartagener's the boy will be sterile (immotile sperm).
Hope that answers your question, let me know if you need info.  (+ info)

Is it more difficult for doctors to perform a heart transplant if the patient has situs inversus?

I am writing a book, in which the main character, a sixteen-year-old "medical miracle", born with situs inversus, has a heart transplant as a child, due to also being born with a bad heart that doesn't work properly. Out of curiosity, would it be more difficult for doctors to perform this operation if the patient they are operating on has situs inversus?

it is a mirror of what normal people have so the organs are just on the other side the heart being on the right thats all the surgeon will have to be careful perhaps not to get confused because they get used to doing transplants on the other angle and the arteries and veins will be in the opposite location that would be the most difficult thing to watch for in performing this surgery  (+ info)

Can a woman with Situs Inversus have Children?

Situs Inversus is a VERY rare birth defect that causes your internals to be backwards... Dextrocardia is an example... My friend is worried that she can't have children because she has Situs inversus... Is this true? I can understand if it creates complications... But her doctor is telling her otherwise, but he is a moron...

Can she or can't she?

Although ciliary dyskinesia of the fallopian tubes impairs female fertility, the tubes are not obstructed, and women with Kartagener syndrome ((Situs Inversus )) can conceive. so the answer to your question is yes, But Multi-team efforts, close Patient observation & Critical care from time of conception till delivery Should be carried out, all the way along even after delivery ..

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My unborn baby has situs inversus but only from the diaphragm down?

Does anyone know what I should expect once she is born with regard to immediate care and what tests they will need to do?

since your baby doesnt have situs inversus totalis they likely won't need to do much. They may want to do an echocardiogram(a heart scan) just to be sure there is no defect(5-10% of those with totalis have a heart defect also).
Most people that have it never know they have it until a problem such as appendicitis developes and tests are done.
It's an interesting defect but a very functional one.
congrats on the baby and best of luck  (+ info)

In situs inversus (for females) are the vagina and the bowel reversed as well?

This might be a hard question to answer but I am serious.

umm no, the organs are not automatically reversed either, its a probability thats all.  (+ info)

My 13 year old daughter has Situs Inversus Totalis, does anyone have any information for us.?

This is a genetic birth condition which means that all of her internal organs are reversed. She does not have any illnesses associated with it, however we don`t know much about any long term effects as it extremely rare (0.01% of the population). Any information would be helpful.

My cousin has this also. She's probably close to 50 now. I'm not sure of her age as I haven't seen her for years.

She's led a "normal" life including having 6 children! The only major health problem she's had is asthma, but she was in dance and later on the drill team in high school.

For more information, you can try webmd.com, or mayoclinic.com. Those are the best medical websites I know of for information on any medical questions.  (+ info)

What causes the situs inversus?

What causes that a human has his heart in his right side?

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Can Situs Inversus effect a persons personality?

A friend of mine has Situs Inversus ,it's when your born with some or all of your organs on the opposite side of the body then what they're suppose to be on. My question is can Situs Inversus effect a person’s personality and mental state? Can it cause someone to act more irrational or impulsive in comparison to someone without Situs Inversus? If so, what can be done to correct the imbalance?

Most people with situs inversus have no medical symptoms or complications resulting from the condition. Although only 3-5% of people with situs inversus have any type of functional heart defect, this is higher than the rate of heart defects in the general population, which is less than 1%.

Parents who present medical issues in a negative manner may ultimately effect the way the child grows to see himself in later years. Thus creating an emotional environment leading to changes in psychological processes.  (+ info)

I have a son with situs inversus/kartageners syndrome and want to know other peoples experience with this.?

my son is only 8 months old and I havent been able to find much info. He hasnt been extremely sick, but is almost always congested, and the doctors have yet to decide what to do. I am afraid that in the mean time, the disease may be causing damage to his lungs. Has anyone experienced this who can relate your experiences? I have researched the disease, and found medical opinions, but would love to hear from a person who has actually dealt with this first hand.

I don't know much about the disease itself, or treatment for it; but if you are in question of the care your current physicians are providing, you should seek out another physician for a second (or third, fourth, etc) opinion.

One option in that regard is to try to track down where any research into the condition is being done. Once you know where it originates, contact that hospital and see if you can have your son's medical files forwarded for review.

You can also try a discussion group and talk with other parents going through the same difficulties. You may be able to find doctors more interested/studied in Kartagener syndrome.

Good luck... Remember that with good care, these babies typically do well and grow into adults with somewhat normal lives and lifespans.  (+ info)

I have Situs Inversus and I just wanted to know should I wear a medical ID???

Situs inversus is a condition in which the organs of the chest and abdomen are arranged in a perfect mirror image reversal of the normal positioning.

I just found out I had it yesterday and I don't know if I should get a medical ID.

Can you help me out???


Absolutely! That's an important medical fact that should be in your records. If you are in a severe accident and are unconscious, it may be important to know that in assessing your injuries  (+ info)

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