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What genetic diseases/skin conditions occur in association with keratosis pilaris?

Please... anyone with a REAL answer?

KP is a genetic skin disorder and it is hereditary. There have been suggestions made that KP might be linked with a deficiency in Vitamin A.
"Follicular keratosis refers to orthokeratosis involving the follicular ostium and infundibulum. It may be isolated [as in standard keratosis pilaris (KP)] or associated with other pathologic processes, including follicular inflammation, atrophy, scarring, and alopecia [keratosis pilaris atrophicans (KPA)]. These are reaction patterns that occur alone or as part of a wide variety of syndromes"
The disorder may be associated with eczema (dermatitis).  (+ info)

Skin diseases?

Skin diseases that can be obtain/ acquire from your ancestors....

There are several different skin problems, which are heriditary or have a genetic propensity. Psoriasis and eczema have a genetic propensity. Skin lesions which are heriditary include rare conditions like icthyosis and epidermolysis bullosa.  (+ info)

skin diseases?

this is a skin related question. what is something that pops up like chicken pox but its not, it has a crusty thin white scab. when you scrap the top off it is red underneath? ointment is not helping.also this just came up after my husband's surgery.

This sounds exactly like what I have! And I do have Psoriasis. The ointment will not help. There is a special cream your doctor will need to prescribe if he truely does have psoriasis but it costs about $150 per tube (depending on strength and size of tube). Psoriasis is nothing to worry about though. I have read somewhere that it means the body's immune system is down and that for some reason it thinks the skin has had a wound and tries to heal the wound that was never even there.

Best wishes!  (+ info)

How many genetic diseases can be tested for?

I'm wondering how many genetic tests they are able to test for. I know there are already over 1300 different tests available, but how many diseases are there that can be tested for?

many genetic diseases can be tested. Here's the situation. I have cystic fibrosis. There are over 1600 DNA mutations for this illness, any of them can be a diagnosis of this illness. this is just chrome 7. there can be other mutations to chrome 7 for other illnesses, ie candida predisposition, something like that. most hosp/clinics will initially test for the most common mutations and are limited to the 32 most common mutations, pt can fall outside that area. I did. the 23/32 most common were negative. further testing proved that. It was expensive, $1150. out of pocket. took about a month.

For amniotic screening, many genetic diseases can be tested, most common are tested for unless known family hx and specific testing is requested. Ambry genetics does mostly cystic fibrosis.  (+ info)

What are some disorders or genetic diseases that only affects Female (not male) offspring. Only Female?

I need to know which genetic diseases ONLY affects female offspring and not male. Last time I asked this question, ppl listed anything which were mostly male disorders or both. I specifically need disorders/diseases affecting Female offspring only. Thanks :-)
Help!!! I understand that Turner Syndrome is one of these diseases. I need to know more. Please list other genetic disorders that affect only females.

Aicardi Syndrome.
It affects only girls (well, and some boys with an extra chromosone)  (+ info)

What are some common genetic diseases?

I am working on a research paper on Genetic Diseases in Humans and am trying to compile a list of common genetic diseases. I am not looking for specifics, but the names of common genetic diseases would be helpful...I can take it from there.

down syndrome
cystic fibrosis
sickle-cell disease
hope this helps :)  (+ info)

Can anyone tell me which are the different types of genetic diseases?

Can anyone please tell me which are the different types of genetic diseases, and how they are passed on?

Types of Genetic Disorders

1 Single gene disorders including Mendelian Disorders (i.e, follow mendelian order of inheritance i.e. Autosomal and X-linked and Y-linked) and Non-Mendelian disorders (i.e, do not follow mendelian order of inheritance e.g. mitochondrial inheritance)
2 Multifactorial and polygenic disorders
3 Disorders with variable modes of transmission
4 Cytogenetic disorder: including autosomal disorders and sex chromosome disorders.  (+ info)

Are there any genetic disorders or genetic diseases in Bolivia?

I mean are therre any genetic disorders or diseases which appear in a great numbers specifically in Bolivia or Latin America? Any sites I could go to to find genetic diseases and disorders which appear in Bolivia or Latin America?

  (+ info)

Im a microbiologist; like to start my research on skin diseases. Please give me some advise for research plan

I like to work on molecular bio field on skin diseases. I can get samples not a problem; but i have to prepare abstract and give my work plan, primers, probes etc. I dont know how to start, how to plan, etc. please need suggestions.

It sounds like you don't have a specific research goal, just a general field. Since research happens due to grant funding, you have to know the standard format used by the granting agency/group. I'm working with a doctoral candidate for put together a PAH research project to be funded by the EPA. So, the plan will be put in the format they use for environmental evaluations.

Check out the link below and that will give you some idea of funding opportunities and some idea as to format. Rather than trying to generate your own idea, perhaps start first with answering a question posed by one of the grants.

I hope this answers your question.  (+ info)

what are some types of genetic diseases?

i have a biology project and i need some genetic diseases to research.
it would be great to give me some lists or website.... but i already ikno diabetes and asthma is one so yea.

for now i have hemachromatosis ( iron overload) it would also be great if there is a diseases with a long word.

thnx ;]

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is a genetic disease. It is caused by an abnormality (duplication, deletion, etc.) of part of a specific chromosome. It affects mostly boys. Many die before their mid 20s because of complications. It's one of the most common "rare" genetic disorders yet not many people know about it.  (+ info)

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