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What are some good skin calming moisturizers or serums for sensitive skin?

I use Dr. Weil serum and I love it, but it's so expensive. My skin loves Dr. Weil and I can tell a big difference right away; however I need to find something I can afford long term. Any suggestions for skin calming moisturizers for sensitive skin? Thanks :-)
Thanks Pelican, does it matter what kind of olive oil meaning Virgin or Light etc?

Believe it or not, olive oil is the best skin moisturizer. And it is not at all greasy. Try it on a small spot and see what you think.  (+ info)

What's the difference between skin bleaching products and skin brightening products?

I have a friend who wants products that lightens dark skin, but is unsure of purchasing bleach for the skin or skin brightening lotions. Her skin is of medium dark tone with minimal acne. What should I tell her? Any advice?

bleach is noly a temporary solution. skin lightning lotion is a long term solution. But be careful, only use Natural Fairness Lotion or use a glow pack with Sandal Wood Extract regularly.  (+ info)

How do I stop biting my lips and peeling the skin of my fingers?

I am always biting my lips and I also pick the skin off when they're dry until they're bleeding and then I stop.

I bite the inside of my lips, too until they bleed and then I stop.

I also peel the skin off my fingers (when I see dry skin) and even though I want to stop so badly, I get in this trance where I can't stop peeling them until they bleed, too! My fingers are becoming so ugly that my husband has started to notice and is very concerned about this. Apart from peeling them, I also bite the sides of my fingers' skin!

So I bite my lips.
Peel my dried lips.
Bite the skin inside my mouth.
Bite the skin off the side of my fingers.
I peel the skin off my fingers 'til they bleed.

How do I stop this? Slapping it won't work, and chewing gum only goes so far. I can do this for 2 hours and can't stop. It's like I can't snap out of it.

How do I stop biting my lips and peeling the skin of my fingers?

i used to bit my lip and make it bleed but wat i do is put lip gloss on and wen i think I'm going to do it i put more on or if i start doing it i don't get cross wid myself just put lip gloss on. With ur hands you could try having a manicure making ur hands and nails look nice and that might make you stop because taking the skin off will make them look bad again also having a manicure will moisturizers ur hands hope you can stop  (+ info)

What seaon irritates the skin most by drying out the skin? I heard that winter irritates the skin most why?

also, does spring, summer, and fall irritates the skin by drying it out? i have acne skin so i really dont wanna irriate my skin and worsen my acne...So does winter irritates the skin? does summer irriate skin? spring, fall? And also, does a heater dry up the skin? it's really cold, i wanna use a heater, but i think it might irriate my skin and worsen my acne.

'Winter skin' is usually more dry because people turn their heaters on, but don't use humidifiers.
This affects some people [ usually those of us who already have dry skin ], but not the majority.
The weather itself is not the problem - it is the lack of humidity in the air.
Spring, summer, fall should not affect skin much, unless heat is on!  (+ info)

How do I treat acne scarred skin discoloration and uneven skin tone?

I am of asian and latino descent, I have combination skin and huge pores. My skin gets congested and sensitive very easily. What can I do to correct my acne and clogged pores? How about uneven skin tone and skin discoloration from acne scars?

I would suggest you use products from zenmed for all your problems. I have being using them and have found their effectiveness amazing and results in a short period. You have a vast choice of products from them for treating acne and other issues associated with it. I would recommend you use the derma cleanse acne gel which is a natural spot treatment formula that clears facial acne fast and also unclogs pores and removes bacteria and dirt from the skin.

For the acne scars you could try using zenmed's scars and hyperpigmentation treatment kit. With this product I have experienced that even the most stubborn and dark scar marks fade away.

All zenmed products are completely herbal, non-comedogenic and as such could be used on any type of skin without the fear of experiencing any type of skin reaction.  (+ info)

What is a good skin lightener/bleach product to use from drug stores?

I have sensitive skin. I want to get rid of dark blotches of skin and lighten my skin tone without my skin drying out. Thanks.

Sensitive skin should be treated only by a dermatologist. For dark spots; HYDROQUINE is great with the pigmentation. Reduces the dark spots really well. If you skin lightens easily, Palmer's make mild 2% hydroquine which is avaialable in most stores.  (+ info)

What is the difference between porcelain skin and pasty skin?

I have very light skin and my friend said that I look good with it because my skin is porcelain, but she just looks pasty and pale. I thought that light skin was porcelain skin...I didn't think there is a difference between the two. Is there?

pasty skin is like, well it kind of looks like paper. Its very dull and stuff just by the color. Porcelain skin on the other hand is fair skinned and tends to look softer.  (+ info)

What is the difference between a brown skin and an olive skin?

how can u tell the difference?
is brown skin more like indian looking and olive skin more middle eastern or eastern europe?
Does olive skin have more green tone in it than the brown skin?

help, cuz a lot say I have an olive skin and others say it's brown, and I don't know the difference between these two, is it like 2 words but same meaning ?? or it's actually different?

thank you for ur answers :)

everyone will have there own opinon what the difference is in color Olive has more of a yellow undertone, while brown has a cool neutral shade here is the color difference technically:
Olive= http://www.onetalentsource.com/58EA4E6E-E14B-EE86-F00B8410E92E694F/Model/5369/IMG_0502_final_web.jpg

Brown= http://i244.photobucket.com/albums/gg37/rock-the-trend/PradaJourdanDunn.jpg  (+ info)

What is a good skin moisturizer for my family?

My kids and I have the worst dry skin especially in the winter. I have a 6 yr old, 4 yr old, and 4 month old with eczema. I just have dry skin. We use Aveeno and I have been using Aveeno on them but nothing seems to work. We need good skin care products (natural and organic would be best) and a good skin care regimen for us.

coconut OIL.
i swear its the greatest!!
nutural, cheap and smells good.
put some in a hot bath for all over lovlyness... or rub it all over like a moisturiser.
:)  (+ info)

What are physical manifestations of bipolar disorder?

Pretty much what the title says, what are or can be physical manifestations of bipolar disorder? If you have links to good information on this specifically, please post them as well. Thank you! =)

Physical? I can just relate when I'm depressed and I feel tired and weak. Fatigue would be the only physical symptom I can describe.  (+ info)

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