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What skin creams are good for teenagers people?

My skin is always been great, and all of a sudden my nose has been breaking out in blackheads. I get the ocasional spot but not really. These blackheads are irritating me and I need help! Does anyone know some awsome skin creams or face washes? HELP!

shop called lush
facemasks in there are really good!  (+ info)

How do I make my skin lighter without using a skin bleach?

I have darker skin and I wanted to make it lighter. I have heard that skin bleach can cause a lot of problems to the skin. Are there any other solutions

stay out of the sun and wear longsleeved clothing  (+ info)

How do you keep your skin from becoming rough if you cannot exfoliate over a tattoo?

I've been told not to exfoliate over tatts because it will fade over time...
My skin gets pretty rough if I don't exfoliate twice a week.
How can you remove the dead skin cells without harming a tattoo?

Yes, I could slather a load of lotion on, but that won't fix the problem of dead skin cells roughing up my skin.

  (+ info)

What skin problems occur when in baking environment and how to treat them?

Skin feels like flour! The first time I left work my skin was blotchy and itchy. Second time just red for a few hours after work. Will this get better once I get used to the environment?
From working in a bakery?

The best protection is to thoroughly massage an essential oil into skin. Use a thin, non greasy oil like lavender, clove, rosewood. They are all beneficial to skin, protect it, feed it vital essential nutrients and are perfect moisturizers so you will not need to use any other. They quickly absorb into skin so all you need to do is wipe surplus off by splashing with water and drying, Then wash completely after work. There will be no more irritation.  (+ info)

What skin whitening products work the best?

I'm looking for skin whitening products to fade brown discolorations on my face. I've tried a couple with no luck. What skin whitening products have you had success with?

I absolutely love the product made by Dermology. I'm not sure about a skin whitening product, but if you are looking for something to just fade your discolorations, this will do the trick. (Link below)  (+ info)

How does my skin benefit from exfoliating scrubs?

I bought St. Ives Apricot Scrub for sensitive skin, it's supposed to exfoliate too. I have been using it for only 2 days, and I notice smoother skin, but how does that happen? Is there more than one thing that exfoliating do for you? I know it's supposed to create smoother skin, but what else?

1] removes top layer of dead skin [ so feels smoother ]
2] removes dried up oils [ less crud on surface, to make zits ]
3] removes dried sebum [ skin wax ], to prevent new blackheads/whiteheads
4] also seems to even out skin tone, but not sure how - improves circulation?
People with dry or sensitive skin should exfoliate only once or twice a week; others should do it two or three times a week.
NOTE: can use a face scrub to exfoliate body; but DO NOT use body scrub on face - too harsh!  (+ info)

How can I make dark skin lighter after too much sun?

It's summer and I've been going to the beach alot lately, my skin is already dark but I can notice a HUGE difference in my skin tone. (I also have tan marks of my bikini). So does anyone know a natural way to make my skin lighter or an mild products which don't over bleach your skin?
sorry, I didn't metion that I live Australia not America and it's summer here.

Use a sugar scrub in the shower and then moisturize when you get out. All the top layer of your skin has been fried by the sun making your skin look too dark and patchy where your skin was the least healthy.  (+ info)

What could a cause of skin peeling on the inner thigh near the vagina?

I don't know exactly how to describe this, but in the inner thigh region my skin is peeling. I have been using diaper rash cream. So now on these inside corners of my legs and spreading on to like, the skin of my nether regions, I have not a rash, but peeling skin that is reddish/purple. It actually appears as if my skin has been burned off. I am using the diaper rash cream and baby oil and it appears to be helping as far as irritation. But what could it be?

Sounds like you tanned nude and got burned. If not, see your GYNO.  (+ info)

What skin care product should I buy for redness and to match skin tone preferably at a local walmart?

I have some redness caused by pushing out dirt and unclogging pores. I want to buy a fairly cheap product that will make my original skin tone. I am a male.

use the aloe vera is works to tone down redness also use aveeno products.  (+ info)

What skin care products actually deliver what they promise for the 40+ range?

Have normal skin & was wondering before I outlay a small fortune if anyone has a tried & tested brand that they would recommend cause they use it & have seen a huge difference in the condition of their skin or is it a waste of money & time altogether using anything? Does expensive necessarily mean a better product & if so which ones?

H20 +

This is absolutely amazing.. it helps a LOT.


This is great too...  (+ info)

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