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Is it normal to have headaches at the base of your skull during pregnancy?

Ive had a sever migrain at the base of my skull for about a week. Im 21 weeks pregnate.

That's probably not a migraine, but a tension headache. Migraines generally don't occur at the base of the skull.  (+ info)

What causes headaches at the base of the skull?

Each night about dark I have a headache that starts at the base of my skull and down into my neck. It gets almost unbearable within an hour or two. So far taking ibuprofen stops the pain after about 45 minutes. What would be the cause?

Probably a pinched nerve.

Or AIDS.  (+ info)

What are some causes of chronic headaches at the base of your skull?

I have a lot of sinus pressure that accompanies this pain, but i'm not aware of any sinus cavities at the back of the head/base of skull?
could it still be all sinus related?
anyadvice for getting rid of this pain? i have been on two rounds of antibiotics, zyrtec, and prednisone.

Headaches at the base of your skull could be related to tension headaches. Excedrin Tension Headache really helps me when I get mine.  (+ info)

Can a pain at the base of the skull be part of sinus/ear infection or is it something else?

I've had a really bad sinus headache for about 4 days including sharp intermittent ear pains and a constant dull pain at the base of my skull - all on the right side. My sinuses feel stuffy - lots of pressure - the whole side of my face feels swollen but doesn't look it. I think it's a sinus infection - I'm prone to them anyway - have already called the doctor but haven't had a response from him yet. Anyone else with similar symptoms or any advice on treatment?

Could be an ear infection caused from the sinus draining, sounds like an infection and if you're prone to them then you not going to the doctor probably caused it to worsen in to the ear infection, you need antibiotics, and place hot washcloths on that side of your face, it'll help a little.  (+ info)

What is this tremendous pain in the right side of my neck, just below the base of my skull?

Over the last weekend, I noticed a pain in my neck. I thought I had slept in a weird position and that the pain would go away.

Unfortunately, it hasn't. It has been hard to turn my neck towards the right side. I have no problem turning to the left unless I get all the way to the left.

It's been this way all week and now I'm officially "concerned/alarmed/annoyed."

I have felt around and noticed that the pain is localized on the right side of the neck - behind the ear but below the base of my skull, so it's definitely in my neck.

I also have a really bad headache today (is that related?) on the center of my forehead.

This is really annoying and pretty painful.

What's going on and what should I do to alleviate the pain? (short of going to the doctor).

By the way, it also hurts when I tilt my head back.

I can turn to the right, but, only slowly, and not all the way.

go to the doctor and get an MRI done...it is a ruptured disc causing the pinch nerve causing the pain....my hubby has the same symptoms as you do. also do NOT go to a chiropractor cause the can make the nerve inflamed even more. you need pain pills and and an anti inflammatory like ibuprofen. also alternate with a cold compress and a heat pad.  (+ info)

I am experiencing neck-stiffness turning my head left or right and severe pain at the base of my skull?

when I attempt to turn my head to the left or right, there is stiffness and severe pain at the base of my skull.

  (+ info)

My husband gets these abscesses? He has diabetes and he has a huge one at the base of his skull?

He is not running fever and it looks as if it is trying to drain. I think he should go to the doctor and he says he is fine and does not feel like sitting in the doctor's office till next week. The thing is, it is big and at the base of his skull. If it were anywhere else I would not worry as much but the proximity to the brain is making me feel uncomfortable with the situation. There are no red lines running out of the abcess. It is not hot . He refuses to go to the hospital and I am worried? Am I being too paranoid like he says?

What do you mean "base of his skull" ? You can't SEE the base of his skull , its the part directly over his throat , on the INSIDE . If you mean the "bottom of the back of his head" , then it is most likely a couple of swollen lymph nodes .
Even if it is only that , if he has DIABETES he is prone to complications .
If it spreads to involve the brain it will become a disaster .
Go IMMEDIIATELY to see a Doctor .  (+ info)

Light-headed feeling with tension around the base of the skull and neck?

For the past 5 days or so I have been feeling slightly light-headed and my balance is not what it normally is; not in a dangerous way, but something just feels off. It all feels like it is in the base of my skull with some slight neck tension; my neck has felt a little strained as well. Has anyone experienced this?

I do get this but I have a muscle condition. I love to go to my massage therapist and she will work on just these areas (Head, neck and the shoulders). I come out after 1/2 hour and feel like a new person.  (+ info)

what are air bubbles at the base of your skull?

i lost my 18month old baby boy 8 weeks ago due to cot death and he had to have a ct scan done, after they done it i had asked for the results they said it was all clear. but when i read his medical notes it stated that he had a few small pockets of air at the base of his skull. what are they and could they have caused my little to die?

You must ask this question of the doctor who did the scan and gave that news, this is definately not the place for this question.

I am very sad for you loss, please get the answers you need , but from the right people.

I wish you well.  (+ info)

I have a stiff neck only worst at the base of my skull?

I had to sleep on the couch for a bit due to bronchitis getting worse in the bedroom. Now I have a stiff left shoulder and neck but also the lowest part of my skull, the soft bit at the top of the neck. That bit is killing me, can't move my head, can't lie down. Painkillers don't help it. Anyone any advice?

Hey it sounds like you have tender trigger points located in the subocciptal muscles. Located right at the base of the skull they can cause alot of referred pain and muscle stiffness. Have someone work those out. Also, I would recommend doing neck stretches- especially flexion forward.

Neck Exercises
http://www.arc4life.com/site/615058/page/993935  (+ info)

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