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Would a depressed Skull fracture lead to severe blood loss?

I'm doing research on type of head injuries for a book I'm writing and I think a depressed skull fracture would make the most sense the character will be hitting her head after a chemical overheats and causes a small explosion. So what I wanted to know was if the fracture could lead to blood loss or not since it is an open head injury.

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How should you control bleeding when a depressed skull fracture is suspected?

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how is a depressed skull fracture treated?

is burr holing needed?

any special machines needed?

how is the depression elevated?

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Why is depressed skull fracture at the base of the brain often more dangerous than one in the brain?

The base of the brain contains the Brain Stem and Nebulla Oblongata.
This part of the brain controls automatic functions such as breathing and heartrate.

If a compression/hemorrhage causes significant pressure apon this region, the result could be fatal once the controls for breathing and heartrate and such fail.

Compressions in the brain itself can be lethal too, but depending on surgical repair and the severity... may just cause retardation or mental issues with the patient when certain lobes and sectors of the brain are damaged. Evident in the fact a person can survive a bullet wound to the head with only vegetative states or retardation if it was in the upper lobes and didn't severely tear the brain up... as opposed to a shot to the brainstem or lower brain region which would cause that region to fail and kill the person.   (+ info)

I had a hair-line fracture in the back of my skull two years ago... Could this be why I'm feeling depressed?

I am looking into tests for depression, anxiety, ADD (not hyperactive), lack in motivation, and spontaneous weight gain. Is this hypothyroidism? Is this because of my fractured skull? What could these symptoms be caused by?

If you're considering Hypothyroidism you would need to look for other symptoms. Is your hair weaker now. Do you get cold easily. Are you always tired. Is the weight gain significant. Are your nails brittle. Do you have any nausea or sick feelings. Any lump in your throat?

In order to be hypothyroidism there would most likely be a few other symptoms that would hold your attention. Hypothyroidism is linked to depression and anxiety too. As far as ADD and the others go you really need to consider more than just depression and weight gain.
Just go to the doctor. Really, if its Hypothyroidism, it isnt a big deal. And lots of people are depressed. It probably isnt too big of a deal.  (+ info)

What happens with splintering bones in a skull fracture?

My niece has a depressed skull fracture from getting kicked by a horse almost two weeks ago and at her check up yesterday, they said there was splintering bone. Will the body absorb this or what happens?

The body won't absorb the bone fragments. If it is splintering and breaking off the main fragment, the doctors may decide to do a surgical removal of the fragments. Bone chips etc in joints can catch and cause pain etc while walking, which isn't a big deal, but inside the skull you don't want the fragments to potentially damage anything or impede the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid. I would think the nerves are too sensitive to allow bone splinters to flow around and land wherever they want for the rest of her life, but it will be up to her doctors for sure.  (+ info)

depressed skull fracture?

Is this a permanant thing in life. My husband got hit in the head almost a year ago by steel and he was in shock trauma for 2 weeks.He had/has a depressed skull fracture and is this somthing that will always have an effect on his life????

Yes, it is permanent. If he wanted it plated, it would have had to be done shortly after the injury occurred. My daughter was thrown from a car and suffered severe fractures to her skull. Her depressed skull fracture was borderline for surgery. She had no pieces threatening to pierce her brain, so the Neurosurgeon opted to leave it alone initially. Since she had a badly broken neck and a bleed in her head, he gave her the option of having it repaired when she was out of danger from her life threatening injuries. He did tell her she had to decide by 6-8 weeks, or the skull would start to heal. She didn't want to shave her beautiful, long blonde hair, and go through anymore surgery, so she left it alone. You can't tell by looking at her. If you feel the side of her head, you can feel all the dips, and dents.  (+ info)

How does a depressed skull fracture heal?

About 4 years ago I took a blow to the head (left side of the head, right in front of the top of my ear) by a gold club. I took on a closed depressed skull fracture, and had a little bit of bleeding from the brain. Luckily, I'm fine today and there was no permanent damage to the brain or anything. However, the spot where sustained the injury always feels weird and it feels like the skull dips in a little bit in that spot. I'm guessing that's just how the bone reformed?

The real question I'm asking in a roundabout way is what would happen if i were to take another, less brutal hit there?

I've been taking jiu-jitsu classes (a non-striking, grappling martial art) and I thoroughly enjoy it. I was originally planning on taking up karate or boxing at the same place as well. However, in jiu-jitsu, I was sparring against the instructer and I took an accidental knee to the head, next to where I got the injury. It hurt a bit (obviously) and it feels sore when I touch it (maybe it was bruised) but it made me think, if I were to compete in karate (I wouldn't compete in boxing) or MMA even, would this past injury make it too dangerous?

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I think I have a depressed skull fracture.....?

I had a head injury....

My Mom said it was so big deal so I never got it checked out.

However, I feel my head and there is a depression. When I press on it it hurts.

My Mom pays $2500 per month in health insurance for my family. However, I am never allowed to go to the doctor.....Too expensive she says!

I have a serious problem but she won't take me? How can I convince her to take me? Everything is about money to her.....We are NOT poor...........

What should I do about my head?????

A little more info would've helped. How hard did you smack your head? It takes alot of force to fracture your skull. Do you have signs of a concussion? Like dizziness, nausea, vomitting, confusion, amnesia, did you pass out? Skull fractures & concussions go hand in hand.

My daughter was thrown from a car when it rolled. She went out the window at 50 mph. She had severe skull fractures. A depressed fracture and a basilar fracture. She has dents all down the side of her head. A couple of them are big enough to put your finger in. On the CT scans it looked like somebody had cracked a hard boiled egg. Some big cracks, and lots of smaller cracks.

Has your mom felt your head? I agree with the other, to have the nurse look at it.  (+ info)

I think I have a depressed skull fracture PLEASE HELP!?

I have had 3 or 4 head injuries.

I am feeling my head now and I feel a depression. I pushed on this depresion and my head began hurting. It obviously caves in.

How can I convince my Mom to take me to the doctor?

My family pays $2500 per month in health insurance but we are never allowed to go to the doctor. I haven't been to the doctor in 5 years. She thinks I am crazy for wanting to go.

Also, am I brain damage? I am hoping that this is minor.......How do I know if it is serious??
I don't pay that money, my parents do. It is a health insurance plan for a family of 4.

They have it so if one of us is in a serious car accident etc. and needs extensive hospital care, or has cancer we won't go bankrupt.

But none of us are allowed to go to the doctor for minor things or normal checkups.

Since I am not on the floor dying they won't take me. This sucks!

I'm sorry but if i were u i would prolly call an ambulance on my own for myself

that's ridiculous that she wont let u go  (+ info)

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