FAQ - Sleep-Wake Transition Disorders
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How do I cure irregular sleep-wake syndrome?

Have you had irregular sleep-wake syndrome (different and disorganized periods of sleeping and wakeful behavior)?

How do I reset my brain and get back to a normal sleep routine? I'm only 26 -- I shouldn't have to worry about this!

Things I've tried: melatonin, valerian root, cutting back caffeine -- nothing has succeeded.

Is there a doctor out there?

If those remedies haven't worked try just the opposite, get up at your wanted "normal" time. You will be tired, but drink coffee and soda or even caffeine pills to keep you awake as late as you can to your "normal" bedtime. It will take about a week to normalize yourself. Don't ever try any illicit drugs for this purpose.  (+ info)

Does anybody know about sleep disorders when first starting MMT?

I started MMT almost a week ago and have not been able to sleep for more than 45min - 1hr at a time. I wake up all through the night and can't go back to sleep for about 30min or so. Yesterday I did take a 1 and 1/2 hr nap. But that's been about it. I am really really tired. Should this go away soon?

You are not stable your dose yet. Are they still increasing you say 5mg every other day? Once you reach your dose (everybody's varies) that is one way you know is because of your sleep. That is one question my clinic always asked me when started was "How is your sleep?" As long as it was meed up they increased my dose until I reached 80mg and I was stable for a few weeks then I started hang trouble with my stomach again and they increased me to 85mg. This was the magic number for me but for some is much higher. My clinic doesn't like to go much higher which goes against research but fortunately isn't too much of a problem for me. So, Yes, it will get better. The best part for me was not waking up in withdrawal. What a bless! Good Luck!  (+ info)

My sleep wake schedule is really off, what can I do to correct it?

For the past couple of weeks, I haven't been able to fall asleep before 3AM. Then I wake up at 8AM, but fall back to sleep after a few minutes until 1PM.

This is screwing up my day to have it half over when I wake up.

I have cut out caffeine and make my room very dark for sleep, but can't seem to straighten this mess out.

It is possible that you are not using enough energy during the day. Go out for a swim, run, play a sport with your friends outside and tire yourself out a little bit. Then go to bed earlier and you should be able to sleep earlier.  (+ info)

How can I get my sleep/wake cycle back on track?

I am awake until 3-4 am and wake up an go back to sleep, wake up and go back to sleep and finally get up at 3-4 pm

I have a newborn and a 2 yr old and I'm a single parent who is set to go back to work in August. I know I am going to have to wake up and feed my newborn but how can I get back to sleeping mostly at night and being awake during the day?

Well I work graveyard and the best way to do the turn around is do just that. Stay up for a full 24 hour cycle and then sleep when you are ready to set your scedual.  (+ info)

can't sleep, wake up in a panic during the night HELP?

Recently i havn't been sleeping and wake several times during the night although i'm wide awake in the morning i have an 8 month old son but he sleeps through the night i wake thinking he's falling out of the bed whenever my partner rolls over, and nearly strangle him in the process thinking he's my son i'm currently getting about 3-4hrs sleep a night yet i'm not tired. Please any suggestions would really help i think im going mad !!!

you must see a doc  (+ info)

Do you know anything about children sleep disorders?

I have a 3 year old little boy and while he is sleeping, he will yell out, "No" and similar angry statements. I have searched the net about it, but all they say is not to wake him up. But sometimes he gets physical so then I do wake him up so he can realize that no one is out to get him hoping to get him to calm down but sometimes he won't wake up.

they are called night terrors. and 99% of the time they do not remember them the next morning. sometimes when their little brain is sleeping it has so much to process that these things happen. my son has had them for several years. things that work for us: the last hour before bed is very calm... no tv, no bright overhead lights, just a lamp, just read stories, try to be quiet and gentle, cuddle, etc, the hour before that is for snacks and baths... he will probably out grow them. as long as he does not hurt himself or others do not worry about it. if he is getting physical and endangering himself consult your pediatrician. either way, research night terrors. Good luck. email me if you wanna talk!  (+ info)

What percent of people in the world suffer from chronic sleep disorders?

Also, how about America?

I'm doing a speech on sleep disorders tomorrow and I can't find the percentages anywhere.

it is between 10 and 20 per cent. depending on the disorder for the world, and for America
web sites below.  (+ info)

What is a good time to go to sleep/wake up for an adult?

Seperate from jobs. I just find with university, my schedules been all over. Any ideas of what a reasonable time to wake and go to bed would be? Thanks!

  (+ info)

How would you fix an irregular sleep wake pattern?

I dont take naps. I eat a small snack and drink a small drink 2 hrs before bedtime. All I can get is 6 hrs sleep at best. I still feel I need more. Two hours after I awake, I feel I can sleep another 2 hours or so but I force myself not to because it will throw me off for the next night. The goal is to get 8 hours non stop sleep. Any suggestions?

What it sounds like is that your circandian rhythm is a little off. You can help yourself by eating a good meal in the morning with lots of energy boosters like vitamins B6 and B12. In addition to that, when you feel that tiredness creeping in do a couple of exercises like walking briskly, or something that will get your pulse going a bit.  (+ info)

Why do I sleep/wake up on my stomach after I drink alcohol?

Usually I always sleep on my back or on my side.. and I wake up in the same position. However, when I drink, I go to sleep on my back, but I wake up on my stomach. Any reason?
I'm 23.

I didn't drink much, only a beer and one vodka/lemonade. So I wasn't anywhere near puking- but good idea. I imagine it has something to do with my subconscious.

If the alcohol is upsetting your stomach at all, you probably unconciously roll onto your stomach because the slight pressure will calm your stomach.

Just be happy that you do roll onto your stomach. If you happen to throw up after drinking, you at least won't suffocate.  (+ info)

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