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What is the smear layer of the dentin in spanish?

I need to know what does that mean in spanish.

capa residual de la dentina  (+ info)

What did the doctor mean about a velvet layer?? Smear test?

I had a smear test done the other day and the doctor said it looked as thought i had, a pink velvet looking layer accross my cervix??

What would this be?? Is is bad? How does it go away? Would this stop you from getting pregnant???

Thank you for answering!

Iv never heard that term before but it could be a cervical erosion where a bit of your uterus comes out of the cervix and this can look pink as I have had one, Its common (especially if your on the pill) and treatable although it sounds awful. Iv just had a baby so the answer is no i didnt have any treatment mine went by itself. This is just an idea best to ask your doctor to explain what he meant as he really should have done anyway. Did he say what he was going to do about it?  (+ info)

How come smear tests in the UK are only offered to women over 25?

and yet in other countries you can attend smear tests as soon as you are sexually active? Why is this?

Because the UK has a strictly controlled NHS, government-run health care. Like we've been TRYING to tell the idiots in our government here in America, as well as the idiots who continue to support them and demand government run health in the USA, the end result will most definitely include rationing.

Not allowing a smear for any reason until age 25 is a policy that was debated and decided by bureaucrats and maybe some bureaucrat former doctors. It's a plan designed to limit the government's healthcare dollar (pound sterling) liability, and its other name is rationing.

John Jones, MD  (+ info)

Where can I get a pap smear with no insurance at an affordable cost?

Ok, I am new to all this.. so here is goes... I live in the state of Maryland, and I have never had a Pap Smear. I have been sexually active for about a year and a half. I am 20 years old. And is there a place I can get one at an affordable cost? I wanna get checked out and make sure everything is in order, because me and my long term boyfriend may be planning to conceive soon. I am also over weight for my height and age. Tips on health and weight loss and overall everything would be great. Any tips on Pap Smear and getting ready to conceive tips would be helpful!! Thanks in Advance!

Is there a Planned Parenthood anywhere near you. They have great doctors (mostly female, too) and will meet all your needs. Planned Parenthood charges based on your income and other expenses that you have. They are very affordable and I was always treated very well there. Once you conceive you can apply for temporary medicaid through your state. You will receive medicate throughout your pregnancy and for about 4 months after your child's birth. Also your child will be automatically covered for a year. One of the best ways to lose weight is to walk. Make it something you and your boyfriend do together, also you can walk throughout your pregnancy and you will have an easier birth. Good luck  (+ info)

How do I get through a pap smear without getting tense?

I am 22 and getting a pap smear two days after my 23rd birthday. This will be the 3rd one I've ever gotten. The first for some reason didn't hurt, and the last one hurt a lot and caused me to bleed.

I am nervous and dreading this. I want to not go but I know it's necessary so I am making myself go through it.

I have a hard time relaxing during a pap smear. Any ideas on how I can relax so it does not hurt this time?

The more tense you are, the more it will hurt...your nervousness makes all your muscles tense up including the vaginal muscles.

Try cleansing deep breaths slowly, in through your nose and out your mouth to relax. Or perhaps, bring your ipod and listen to your favorite song during the procedure.

No doubt,its an uncomfortable procedure for us women, but it only lasts for a few moments thank god. Also, mention to your doctor how tense you get..if he can't empathize with your feelings, find a new doc.  (+ info)

How do you get a smear off of sunglasses?

I bought sunglasses from a second-hand store. They had put a price sticker on it, and the glue has made a nasty smear that refuses to come off. Any tips?

Goo be gone will take it off in a heart beat.  (+ info)

How much is a gynecologist pap smear and birth control pills?

How much would it cost without insurance coverage for a gynecologist pap smear and birth control pills?

A general estimate would be fine.

Thank you!

well if you dont have insurance depending on where you go it could be between 150- and maybe 300 for a pap smear(i assume)...as for birth control with just a script 40-70 dollars.  (+ info)

How can I get my waterproof eyeliner to not smear?

I wear waterproof eyeliner and it doesn't smear as much as non waterproof. BUT I would still love to not have to worry about my eyeliner smearing. Does anyone have tips?

Very old tip. Use petroleum jelly just above and just below where you will apply the eyeliner. Use a q-tip to gently slide it over your skin. You do not need much at all. Not even enough to really be visible. And finally. Do Not touch your eyes once the eyeliner is applied. Use a cotton swab or another q-tip to smooth or make the effect smokey. The oils on your finger tips mix with the eye liner and undoes the purpose of waterproofing!  (+ info)

How do you get bottom layer flat for layer cake?

I'm not a baker but, I'm making layer cake and need to know how to get bottom layer flat so I can frost without that big space between the layers. Any way to do it without cutting rounded top off?
You are all great! Answers galore. Thanks so much because I have to do this right now. It's for tonight. Thanks again. Gee, how will I choose a 'best answer'? : )
I'm still eating the one I ruined yesterday! I'm gonna get so fat! Ha,ha!
Uh Oh! I frosted it and the frosting must have been too heavy. The top layer split right in two. Well, it's just for my young son and I think he will eat it anyhow. Thanks to everyone for wonderful answers.

My mom did quite a bit of cake decorating and she always cut it off, I just baked like 10 cakes for a fund raiser and had the same problem.. I should have followed my own advise!  (+ info)

How do You Know when to Have a Cervical Smear With Progesterone Contraceptives?

I've got the implant,

I was wandering how do you have smear tests done if your periods are messed up with it? Usually you have it done 10-14 days after your period starts.

You should still have them done every three years, you dont say how long you have had your implant, it may just be the case that it will settle down after a few months and get back in to a routine. If you are due an appointment wait til you have your period then book your appointment for 10 days after, if your period starts again phone your gps and speak to the nurse for advice.  (+ info)

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