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If I got smoke inhalation what should you do?

I inhaled a lot of smoke today, from a fire. Any methods or anything I should take? Anything to prevent further damage, etc. Just being over cautious. Thank you.

You can never be too cautious! Go to the doctor have a check up he may even recommend an xray for the present increase your vegetable eating carrots are very good and try to stay away from fires in the future  (+ info)

Can excessive smoke inhalation cause asthma?

I'm working on a story that involves a four-year-old boy who's house burned down and killed his parents. He got out with minor burns and inhaled a lot of smoke and it would work really well if he had asthma because it would give his adoptive family another reason to be over protective of him.

yes because second hand smoke is the worst. it doesn't matter if someone was smoking or if he was around smoke from a fire. yes excessive inhalation of smoke causes your body to react in a way it never did before unless you already have asthma  (+ info)

is inhalation of cigar smoke going to harm me severely if i was exposed to it once?

ok so i was sat outside at this restaurant and these men were smoking cigars, the smell occasionally drifted over. Is this going to harm my brain permanantly?

No. Definitely not.  (+ info)

May I smoke while having a brain injury?

A week ago I had a driving accident and slammed my head and I got two injuries in the brain". And I want to know if it's safe to have a smoke. Or how much time should I've to wait.

As long as you are talking cigarettes and not drugs ok. But don't be surprised if it gives you a headache. And right now you are trying to avoid things that cause headaches!  (+ info)

what will be the likely results of a spinal cord injury at C7-8 on normal and forced inhalation and exhalation

which nerves are injured at C7-8 and what effect will the injury have on the body.

The rhyme I learned in paramedic college was "C7-5 keep the diaphram alive". Below C-7 - not sure, but my suspicion is that it would not affect respiration.  (+ info)

is mild inhalation of passive smoke every now and then harmful to the brain?


yes it is  (+ info)

Can I get smoke inhalation from a candle?

I was plugging in a charger for my laptop and I was leaning over a candle for like 2 seconds. I only breathed once, am I in danger of smoke inhalation? What should I do? (And I'm just the teeniest bit prone to overreaction sometimes lol). Thanks :]

WOW. Seriously, your parents must drink like fish just to keep their sanity with you in the house. No, you're not at danger of having any ill-effects from inhaling the smoke from that candle.  (+ info)

Can any one tell me if my gas mask would help to prevent smoke inhalation?

I only ask because I have one that I keep in my car for work, and you never know when you could come across a fire. I know for sure that it is used for CS, and OC spray, but I'm not sure if it's rated for anything else.

If it's not rated for smoke, don't even attempt it. I've had allot of ERT (Emergency Response Team) training, and the only thing we used for fire rescue was an SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus). I doubt that any respirator mask is good for smoke inhalation.  (+ info)

Is it safe to smoke weed after an injury?

i broke my leg really bad(had to get surgery) is it still safe to smoke while its healing

It is just as safe with a broke leg as it is without a broke leg  (+ info)

Do you think I suffered any smoke inhalation?

was sleeping and woke up to the smell of burning. When I opened my eyes I saw that the entire apartment was filled with smoke from something left boiling on the stove. I freaked out and tried to clear the house as much as I could. I was wondering if I might have suffered some smoke inhalation while I was sleeping. I was probably asleep for about 30 minutes while the smoke filled the apartment. I've been coughing a lot today as well.

Yes you did if you were breathing and there was smoke in the room. The real question is, was it clinically significant. The fact that you are sitting at a desk (I assume) writing the question almost certainly means it was not. Also, this condition usually happens in major fires in enclosed spaces (Like a house fire for example) and not from burning something on a stove.

Background..... Smoke inhalation is a condition that results when toxic smoke is inhaled. When a fire burns a material, that material produces smoke. The chemical nature of the smoke depends, to some extent, on what material is being burned. In a house fire, all kinds of nasty substances are burning including wood plastics and other synthetic materials. As a result, the smoke produced contains a large number of chemical compounds many of which can be highly toxic to the tissues of the lung. If enough smoke is inhaled, the lungs will suffer a serious injury that can cause life threatening problems due to an inability to normally transport Oxygen into the blood from the air sacs in the lungs. In serious cases, this requires intubation and placement on a breathing machine until the lung heals itself. (This is a great oversimplification but it serves for the purpose of answering this question)

As to your concern.... The fact that you are coughing a lot MIGHT indicate some minor degree of lung injury. You are simply coughing up the dead and damaged cells. (Yeah, it's gross I know) But, if you are able to breath without serious difficulty it is unlikely that you have suffered enough lung injury to worry about given that it has been over 24 hours. (The condition can worsen over the first day or so). What little damage there was (if any) will heal on its own. In short....don't worry about it. I mean it DO NOT worry about it. Almost certainly there wasn't enough smoke inhaled to be a problem and your symptoms are certainly not worrisome.

Just to cover my butt here.... If, though, you find yourself having serious trouble breathing, go to the nearest ER IMMEDIATELY!!!!!  (+ info)

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