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What does it mean if your testicle is swollen and tender and has a weird soft tissue around it?

iv had this going on for years, just that today its been a little tender and bothering me, just wondering what could this be? the tissue is soft and kinda mushy and tender on some days like today.

it means you need to have it checked by a doctor. after all, its your nut! it deserves the best.  (+ info)

What is mild soft tissue edema around the acromioclavicular joint?

MRI with some acromioclavicular arthropathy with bone marrow edema at the distal clavicle and some mild soft tissue edema around the acromioclavicular joint.

Oedema is swelling of part of body and accumulation of fluid in the tissue space
Physical therapy -short wave dia thermy may help to cure it  (+ info)

What kind of cancer can you have from a soft tissue mass/tumor in the knee besides Sarcoma?

They found a 3cm soft tissue mass in the posterior of my knee almost 2 weeks ago. It is eroding the lateral side of my medial femoral condyle and they think it has torn my PCL. I was referrred to an orthopedic onocologist b/c they couldn't determine if it was cancerous by MRI, CAT scan, or Bone Scan I have had done. And my local orthopedic surgeon I have been seeing doesnt feel comfortable doing the biopsy b/c it is so 'aggressive'. And my ortho onocologist said its going to be a very "involved" surgery b/c it is so close to the major artery in my leg and other factors. But all 3 doctors I have been to have mentioned that it could be cancer but the only type that has been mentioned that I can remember was Sarcoma. Is there any other cancer that could be in the knee?

Your cancer is not located in the knee joint or it would most likely be a bone tumor called an osteosarcoma. Since your tumor is instead located in the soft tissue that surrounds your knee one possibility would be a leiomyosarcoma which is a type of rare soft tissue sarcoma. Here is a basic web page on leiomyosarcoma


Leiomyosarcoma is a rare and difficult to treat type of sarcoma.

I have a couple of suggestions for you. At all of your next Dr appts. either take real good notes or even better take someone else that you trust with you to take notes for you and to also listen. Ask the Drs to spell any words or terms with which you are not familiar.
My second suggestion would be not to spend a lot of time doing the "what if" game until you know exactly what type of tumor you are dealing with. Wasting your time with speculation will just cause you mental grief and lack of sleep for no good purpose. Don't read too much until you know what you actually need to read about or you will just scare yourself needlessly.

The web page below will give you a list of all the various benign and malignant soft tissue tumors. Until you have the pathology report back from your biopsy any guessing as to what type of tumor you have will be speculation so concentrate on keeping your spirits up and getting organized. You have at least one major surgery in your near future so you need to concentrate on the things you know and can control and not spend time worrying trouble until trouble worries you.


I would get a referral to a teaching hospital or major cancer center for surgery by an expert orthopedic surgeon who works exclusively with tumors located in or near joints. This will give you much better odds on maintaining good knee function after the surgery than if your surgeon is less experienced and just doing the best job he can.

good luck  (+ info)

I have been diagnosed by lung x-ray to have a left hilar soft tissue prominence. What is this most likely?

I have a CT scan planned to further diagnose it. I am concerned because I have been coughing up blood. If it is cancer, is there any way via the "left hilar soft tissue prominence" diagnosis to identify the most likely type of cancer? Thank you.

have all medical questions answered by the experienced radiologist & doctor treating you.  (+ info)

I have a soft tissue like spot on my penis?

I have a soft tissue like spot on the bottom of my japs eye (Sorry, Don’t know the technical term). I have squeezed it and no pus comes out only a little blood! It doesn’t hurt or irritate. When I ejaculate or urinate it causes no discomfort. Does any one know what it could be or what’s happened? Anyone help?

Where has it been?
See your doctor. Could be a cyst or infected sweat gland, but you need to let your doctor see it.  (+ info)

How long does soft tissue damage take to heal?

I was in a car accident a few days ago, ive been checked over at a&e who said that i had soft tissue damage to my neck, back, shoulder and chest. The cars wernt going that fast, it happened at a roundabout. Any ideas how long it will take for my neck etc to feel better??? thanks

Look soft tissue takes a long time to heal the insurance companies state that it heals in about eight weeks but that is not true. It can often take months for soft tissue to heal. The important thing is to start working the muscles as soon as the pain is down to a level where you can handle it. Use ice for fifteen to twenty minutes every hour. Stay away from heat as this will only prolong the problem. Hopefully the doctor that is seeing you will refer you to a physical therapist. Watch your posture as there will be a tendency for you to slouch. One thing that must be understood, muscle has a memory and if it is not gotten back to normal states it will remember the altered one not the normal one.  (+ info)

How can soft tissue damage get better faster?

i damaged the soft tissue at my ankle last week and i was wondering does anyone know a soloution that could help it get better quicker its really sore btw. pleaseeeee help!!

you can try putting something warm and press it against your ankle for 2 minutes or so. you might want to avoid drinking too cold a drink for the time being for a faster recovery =)  (+ info)

Would a soft tissue CT scan of the neck show if I had a mass in my throat?

Had a CT of the neck -soft tissue for enlarged lymph nodes, showed nothing I was told. I keep having neck and jaw pain and my health anxiety is kicking in and I am worried I have a mass somewhere that maybe the CT didn't show...

The CT shows everything in that area. If there was any kind of mass it would have been seen.  (+ info)

What are the lumps on the soft tissue on the inside of your lips called?

Is it fatty tissue? Is it veins? Both? Something else? Please only answer if you know what it is. Best answer will be recognized.

They're called "The Damn Things I Bite All The Time"

It's just tissue. It contains blood vessels as all tissue does.  (+ info)

how do you heal soft tissue damage on top of your foot?

I twisted my foot the other day while i was running and its the top of my foot that hurts. i got an xray and no bones were broken, they said it was just soft tissue damage but it really hurts to even walk on it. should i try to rest it or will walking on it help? also will ice help at all?

Stay off it thebody will heal itself us one cane or crutches  (+ info)

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