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What does it mean to find soft tissue near the lymph nodes?

My father had a test done involving drinking barium due to stomach pains. They first thought it was his gall bladder. His gall bladder was fine, but the doctor said the radiologist found some soft tissure near the lymph nodes. The doctor wants my father to get a C Scan, but did say the radiologist may be being overzealous. I am trying to prepare myself for the worst. Does anyone know anything about this and what it could mean?


I'm sorry about your father's problem.

'Soft tissue' is the medical word for 'flesh,' so it doesn't quite make sense to say that there was some flesh near the lymph nodes. My guess is that the report said there was 'soft tissue swelling,' - - 'flesh swelling,' near the lymph nodes. That would mean that the lymph nodes were inflamed or sore in some way, and that the flesh around them was also affected.

A CAT scan would help to clarify what the problem is, but it might be worth asking why a CAT scan is better for this than an 'MRI' scan which is especially good at showing up soft, fleshy tissue.

Your doctor is clearly not too worried, - - this bit about over-zealousness means that the barium meal X ray *is otherwise completely normal.* No stomach ulcer, no stomach cancer, no stomach outflow obstruction, and no duodenal ulcer has been shown.

Presumably the doctors are investigating your father for indigestion-type stomach pains? If no 'structural,' i.e. gross physical cause has been found for the indigestion, either in the stomach, duodenum or gall-bladder, - - then your father might just have an 'H.' ('helicobacter') stomach infection which would respond completely to triple-antibiotic tablets. Perhaps he has had, or will have, a breath-test for the 'H.' germ?

The doctor is not too worried, and I think you should not be too worried either. This is a good result from the barium meal, - - all negative except for some soft tissue swelling around the lymph nodes.

Inflamed or sore lymph nodes might be a reaction to stomach infection, or sometimes to the spread of a cancer. But if no trace of cancer has been found in the stomach, this latter seems unlikely.

I hope this is of some help.

Best wishes,

Belliger (retired uk gp)  (+ info)

i think ive got soft tissue damage round my foot an ankle will i get crutches?

will i get crutches for it or anything? i had done soft tissue damage to my hand recently i didn't get anything for that though so plz help thanks!

Up to your Doctor and the type of injury.  (+ info)

is soft tissue graft covered by dental insurance?

I have gum recession that looks pretty bad and believe I need soft tissue graft. I read it costs about $1000 per one area but is it with the insurance coverage or 100% out of pocket?

I also have to wait until Jun 30, 2010, for the insurance to cover my treatments (I maxed out last year's benefit), and I wonder if soft tissue graft is urgent thing to get or I could wait for another 5 month if it would be covered by the insurance.

healthquotes.awardspace.info - my family have this health insurance. It is affordable and has good coverage for dental issues.  (+ info)

I heard cracking knuckles can damage soft tissue!!! How can it heal?

Cracking knuckles for me has became an addiction for 4 years, if I stop now will I still have a chance to not damage my soft tissue? Also, what is your soft tissue and how fragile is it?

  (+ info)

which is worse a broken bone or soft tissue tear?

This is regarding to the joint area, but it is not limited to that. Also, which will lead to more future issues/complications? I feel that a tissue tear is worse because its never really the same again after the injury.

  (+ info)

Any exercises for soft tissue damage in wrist?

I hurt my wrist and hand by landing wrong from a bad fall and now my wrist and hand have soft tissue damage. It can be pretty painful waiting for it to heal but I can handle it. I'm in my early 20's and I don't think it should take long to heal but I want to help it along. Are there any exercises I can do to help speed my recovery? If you are a health professional, please add that in your answer.

The best thing you can do is to see a therapist who can tailor a rehab program for you specifically. Ideally, you should see a CHT - certified hand therapist.

I know you may be thinking "i don't want to trouble with that, it will get better on its own". You may be right, but if you want things to get better and stay better, then it is time to invest in your health here and get some help.

Go to APTA.org, click on "find a PT", and search your home area.

Good luck!  (+ info)

What Happens when you tear your "soft Tissue"?

When i was younger i hurt my arm in a football match, The doctor said i had tore the soft tissue in it. My arm is still very weak at times
What is the soft tissue and how long does it take to repair?

A soft tissue tear is just another name for a muscle tear or ligament tear (bone to muscle connector) or even a cartilage tear(muscle to muscle connector). All are "soft" tissues compared to a broken bone ("hard")
These can be very annoying because they can heal completely on their own, without surgery or become partially healed over time, and that depends on the extent of the injury and how the affected area is being used and or rested.
Some injuries like a dislocated shoulder very rarely heal completely, leaving some weakness in the joint and thus leave the possibility of dislocating it again. Kind of like a sprained ankle. Once you've severely sprained it, it's more likely to be the one you sprain again. Just wear a brace and support/protect it the best you can.
Good luck with your injury.  (+ info)

Do you purposefully tear away the soft tissue on the inside of your mouth?

A smooth inside of my mouth is a trigger to tear off the skin, I've been doing it for my entire life. Years ago, once I stopped for two years. Other than chewing gum 24/7 which I am now doing, are there other ways to stop this habit?

Hello, to be perfectly honest with you, you are describing someone who has issues with some area of emotional stress. Other symptoms are gritting, grinding and pressuring the teeth together. All to many people who have these issue don't realize they are stress related much less where the stress is being generated from. Stress is generated from issues with one or a combination of six areas, Marriage, Money, Employment, Health, Sex and Poor Self Esteem. It usually takes a professional counselor to help identify the area and provide advice as to how to deal with it. Good luck and I wish you well.  (+ info)

My dog is diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma(cancer) what to do ?

My dog is diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma(cancer) what to do ?
my 13 or 14 years of age yellow lab is diagnosed with a soft tissue sarcoma appearing close to the dew claw on his left front hand. The suggested treatment is to give him 20 sessions of radiation therapy then attempt to remove the cancer via surgery ? Have you had similar experience. Please give me your opinion !

The Dalmatian 'Spree' pictured with me had a liposarcoma removed from her neck when she was 8 years old. That soft tissue tumor did not recur.
She died of a widespread malignancy last August at the age of 13. I think she had either breast carcinoma or a lymphoma at the end. Our vet thought it was breast cancer. It felt more like lymphoma to me - though I'm a human cancer specialist - not a dog oncologist. I never had Spree's tumors biopsied. There was no way I would put her through chemotherapy. I didn't like putting my human patients through chemotherapy - which is one reason I retired early.
- - -
It's up to you. If you have plenty of money and time to take your dog for 20 radiation treatments and then pay for surgery, your dog will probably tolerate this well. Dogs are tougher than people with surgeries. (We had dog surgery courses in med school.)
- - -
You might consider that your dog is at the end of the normal life span.
For Spreedog, I took care of her at home until she could not walk.
I carried her to the vet to be put down. Very difficult experience.
Spree had been at my side every day for 13 years.
Best of luck with this tough time.  (+ info)

What can you do to relieve pain in lower back from soft tissue damage?

I can't afford to go back to the Dr. any over the counter or homeremedies that will help?
Does anyone know if over the counter ibprophine will help? If so what strength?

Try Rubbing Emu Oil on your back. It works like an anti inflammatory. Use it for skin conditions also.
It is almost like a wonder oil.  (+ info)

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