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How painful is it to have a soft tissue graft done in my mouth?.?

My dentist wants to take tissue from the roof of my mouth which is so thin and sensitive. Anyone know the recovery time?

My girlfriend just had this done. It was sore for a few weeks, but the pain medicine she was given really eased the process. She is happy all in all. Recovery tiime is several weeks to be fully healed, but she quit being discomforted after about 2 weeks.  (+ info)

Should I proceed with or postpone a dental appointment to have three soft tissue grafts done on October 29?

I have read various reports stating that healing may take from 6 to 19 weeks. Since the holidays are so close at hand, I am wondering if I should postpone this particular procedure. Other work such as crowns and fillings could possibly be substituted. Is my concern valid?

I think you should ask your dentist because your teeth might get worse in that time. But I think you have a logic point since Thanksgiving is like less then four weeks from that date so you'll be using your mouth a lot for eating.  (+ info)

What is a soft tissue density?

The doctor said it was a soft tissue density on the stomach. Is that like a tumor or stomach cancer?
Please don't be spamming this question up for points. This is really really serious.

Soft tissues refer to muscle, fat, fibrous tissue, blood vessels and all other supporting tissues outside of the skeleton. Your doctor is calling it a density because he or she is unsure of exactly what it is and is trying to rule out a tumor. It could be any number of things including a cyst or a benign growth. I would expect that your doctor will want to do a biopsy to rule out a malignancy. I'm sure you are frightened, but try to relax. There are a number of conditions outside of cancer that can cause soft tissue densities. Good luck to you and take care of yourself!  (+ info)

How serious is Soft Tissue Damage?

About 7 weeks ago i crushed my thumb and wrist up. I went to the hospital, got an xray and they said i had soft tissue damage. Its been 7 weeks and its still hurting. Its really annoying coz its my right hand i thought it would heal by now after 7 weeks.

soft tissue damage still affects the nerves, and that is what takes the longest to heal because every time you even make a little twitch the nerves are being vibrated, If you can ice it on occasion that should help some other wise it just takes time  (+ info)

I have a pain that starts in my joints then moves to the soft tissue like of my upper stomach. It will start?

in my right hip usually and move up into upper stomach and then it will move into left leg and just leave as mysterious as it came. The "spot" that is painful continualy moves and is very sore to the touch. Have been to doctors with no help.

Try a low fat diet. Losing weight is good for many issues.  (+ info)

Can you pass soft tissue Sarcoma down to your children?

I want to know if I have children if there is chance that I would be passing this on to them.

Cancer is rarely hereditary and if your oncologist thought yours may be, he or she would most likely have suggesting testing. If you have reason to believe yours may be for some reason you should ask your oncologist about it. Cancer maybe hereditary if you have multiple family members, including first and second degree relatives, with the same cancer diagnosed at an early age for the disease.  (+ info)

What would echogenicty of a soft tissue calcification of a normal size ovary mean in an transvag ultrasound?

right ovary normal in size ..there are several foci of increased echogenicty in the right ovary raising the possibility of soft tissue calcification... what is this????

ovarian cysts- usually completely benign.  (+ info)

Last week had my appointment for a soft tissue biopsy.was refereed from my dentist to Hospital?

Having gone through this procedure, not very nice and my mouth is still sore after the stiches, was wondering if you across the pond know anything about, The brush biopsy.

The oral brush biopsy was introduced to the dental profession in 1999, overcoming the limitations of traditional oral cytology. This biopsy method utilizes a brush to obtain a complete transepithelial biopsy specimen with cellular representation from each of the three layers of the lesion: the basal, intermediate, and superficial layers. Unlike cytology instruments, which collect only exfoliated superficial cells, the biopsy brush penetrates to the basement membrane, removing tissue from all three epithelial layers of the oral mucosa. The oral brush biopsy does not require topical or local anesthetic and causes minimal or no bleeding or pain. The brush biopsy instrument has two cutting surfaces, the flat end of the brush and the circular border of the brush. Either surface may be used to obtain the specimen.. In a recent study, paired, same-site samples of tongue tissue were obtained from patients, first by brush biopsy and then by surgical punch biopsy. The study demonstrated that the brush biopsy technique, unlike cytology, sampled the full thickness of oral epithelium and obtained epithelial cells similar in representation to surgical 6 mm punch biopsy specimens.

Brush biopsies are utilized routinely in the detection of precancer and cancer in other organ systems. Examples of well-known applications of brush biopsies include fiberoptic bronchoscopy (bronchial), ureteral retrograde brush biopsy (renal or ureter tissue), cholangiography (bile duct stricture), pancreatic ductal brush biopsies and others, including endometrial, nasopharynx, and GI tract applications (rectal, gastric, esophageal, colon). Their use in the oral cavity has only recently been introduced as OralCDx testing.

The improved accuracy of the OralCDx brush biopsy over traditional manual cytology is due, in part, to the fact that the entire thickness of the lesion is sampled- cells from all layers are collected. Furthermore, the analysis of the specimens is aided with a highly specialized neural network-based image processing system specifically designed to detect oral precancerous and cancerous cells, detecting as few as one or two abnormal cells scattered among tens of thousands of normal cells. The core technology behind the OralCDx computer was originally developed for the missile defense system. Without the computer-assisted analysis, the abnormal cells are often overlooked with just manual inspection. The patented brush biopsy tool, which samples all of the layers of the lesion, together with analysis of oral brush biopsies assisted with sophisticated computers make the OralCDx test highly accurate. In two independent studies, the first conducted in the U.S. at 35 academic dental centers whose results were published as the cover story in the Journal of the American Dental Association, and the second, at a prestigious German university, OralCDx was shown to have a sensitivity of greater than 95% and a specificity over 90%. hope this helps mate  (+ info)

Soft Tissue Release Massage in Dallas Fort Worth Area?

Does anyone know of a good soft tissue therapist in the dfw area. One that they know by experience, not looked up on google. I need someone who is familiar with sports injuries and such. Thanks!

wade alberts  (+ info)

Soft Tissue Laser Surgery for Cold Sores?

I am looking for anyone who knows of a dentist, oral surgeon or dermatologist who performs soft tissue laser surgery for cold sores around the mouth area. I would prefer to know of any one who performs this surgery around the Indianapolis Indiana area. Thanks!
FYI... this is a new technique. Some people suffer with continual outbreaks & NO Abreva DOES NOT work in these cases. Maybe you ought to do some reserach to find out about new discoveries by the medical & dental institutes before you say to revoke someones license!

There's no need to do laser surgery on a cold sore and anyone who does should have their medical license revoked.

Put some Abreva on them daily - just a little bit - and they will disappear.  (+ info)

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