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Can u tell me something about somnambulism?? Tnx!


Click on the link below.  (+ info)

What is the common name for somnambulism?

Somnambulism means sleep walking. It is arousal disorder. It is a state of dissociated consciousness in which sleeping and walking stages are combined. Varies from sitting in the bed to walking around the house. Episodes occur during deep or intermediate REM sleep. Considered normal in children but a hysterical basis in adults.  (+ info)

What is meant by somnambulism disorder?

Rising out of bed and walking in the state of sleep is called somnambulism or sleep walking (somnus = sleep; ambulare = to walk). It varies from just sitting up in teh bed to walking around with eyes open and performing some major complex task. The episode lasts for few minutes to half an hour. It occurs during non-REM sleep. In children, it is associated with bed wetting or night terror without any psychological disturbance. However, in elder persons it is associated with psychoneurosis.  (+ info)

what are the ways of treating(or curing) sleepwalking (somnambulism)?

visit doctor  (+ info)

I'm worried about Homicidal Somnambulism?

I live with people and I've read about Homicidal Somnambulism. The idea of it is worrying. I have never sleepwalked and I'm allergic to the main chemical in most sleeping aids. Is there anything I can do to stop any Homicidal Somnambulism related things from happening?. Like belting up my legs.?

If you have never sleepwalked before then I don't think you have anything to worry about. Are you asking because you have someone who sleepwalks living with you? if not I think you might want to get checked out for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. (OCD) is more Prevalent. I would also stop reading the medical journals before you think up another "condition" to worry about.  (+ info)

just a simple explanation. is somnambulism caused by an external or internal factor?


Experts believe that sleepwalking probably occurs because the brain's ability to regulate sleep/wake cycles is still immature. Most children outgrow the symptoms as their nervous systems develop. Sleepwalking that begins later in life or lasts into adulthood may have psychological causes, such as extreme stress or, rarely, medical causes such as epilepsy.  (+ info)

how Insomnia can be cured? what is somnambulism?

the best cure that i know of is to wake up at the same time every day, or at most 1 hour later than usual. this will set everything right. if you go to bed late, you have to wake up at the same time no matter what.  (+ info)

I am a sufferer of homicidal somnambulism, and I have small children spending the weekend with me.?

What are the best ways to go about keeping them safe?

If anyone has been in this situation, or a similar one (sleep sex, etc)

Please, PLEASE! Answer!

In answer to the answering folk.

A) The children have no where to go, sadly, I am their only option

(Me or the streets)

B) Is Wild Turkey a potent sleep aide?
It's wild that you mention that, since I run a foster home!

So you do think it's ok that they are staying with me?
The judge placed them in foster care.

These bouts of my condition get worse when I accept new children into my home, however after a time of them being there, it's usually ok.

I just am a little worried because my ex-wife used to be the one who kept me calm for the first week or so (by leading me back to bed, removing whatever weapon or means of attack I had choosen from my hands, etc)
My ex-wife is obviously no longer there to assist, as she is my ex.

Wild Turkey is not your answer. So you go to sleep and sleepwalk?? You're not trying hard enough. If the kids are only staying the weekend, why can't they just go to where ever they're supposed to go after they leave your place? You need to get whoever else you know involved and find some help. The streets could be a safer option in your case. I would just refuse to keep the kids. The worse that could happen with them being somewhere else would not be the worse that could happen if they were with you.  (+ info)

I subconsciously turn off my alarm clock.. Help!?

Sometimes I am late waking up? My alarm clock goes off, but I think I turn it off without knowing I did. I have a history of somnambulism.. Any tips on how to wake up when the alarm goes off? I get about 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Thanks

put it on the other side of your room so u have to get up to turn it off  (+ info)

Am i mad?........................................................................?

I am a 15 year old boy.The problem is that some times I can see everything in 4 different ways.I told this to my friends,they took it as a joke.Some times I can hear and see some mysterious sounds and lights.I have somnambulism also. Some night I would cry loudly for nothing during sleep.I am not back in studies.what is the problem with me. Am I mad? I need some serious answers friends.

asking this question made you mad.

its just a minor problem but by thingking it as a very big one you'll end up in the mental hopital.

keep it cool man...   (+ info)

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