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Infantile spasms (West symdrome) Does your baby have it or do you know much about it?

Hi there

My 8 month old little girl has just been diagnosed with a form of Epilepsy called West symdrone where she was having episode of repeated head dropping lasting 10-15 minutes about 4 times a day. Followed normally by vaccant episodes where she would just stare for a good 5 minutes.

The doctors were amazing at the hospital and she is now on a high dose steroid to control the spasms.She cant mix with other children yet due to immunosupression of the meds but Next week she should be changing to Vibabatrin I think or having another Eeg to see if it still positive like the last one.

I was wondering if there are other mothers out there who have gone though the same thing. My little girl seems better in herself now and only has about one episode a day now but the long term picture that i have read up about the condition is very depressing. The doctors have told me its rare and can effect child development.

So far they don't know the cause and are still testing her for a lot of things. The doctors have said knowing the cause can shed more light on the likely hood of long term complication so I very anxious at present.

I'm sorry to waffle on so much but I can't help feeling alone about this. I would very much like to hear from other parents in the same situation.

I have tried baby related sites like huggies, pampers, baby centre and there is no forum discussion or any mention of the illness. i found some videos on youtube and lots of information on american sites about the condition but I would really love to talk to other parents about it but can't find any forums. Can anyone help?
I live in the Uk and was given 2 number of organisations but neither of them worked. It is a forum that I am very much after having contact with. Seeing as talking on forum is much more user friendly these days then the phone.

wowvyou must be a really strong mother. where are you from? I am not going through your situation. but have you tried contacting organizations? from canada ( epilipsycanada) US? even contacting these places can easily network you. I can imagine how you need to relate to others at this time. I wish you n your daughter the best of luck and god bless  (+ info)

Did the Infantile Spasm cause cerebral atrophy or It is the opposite way?

My 13 months old baby has Infantile Spasm and I did the C T Scan to his brain and I found he has a cerebral atrophy , did the Infantile Spasm cause the cerebral atrophy or It is the opposite way ?

Infantile Spasm (West Syndrome) has many causes. One cause of Infantile Spasm is cerebral atrophy.  (+ info)

Moro reflex or Infantile Spasms?

I have just returned from hospital with my four month old son, who seems to be having either really pronounced moro reflexes or spasms.

Today, when I put him down for a nap, his arms raised, his legs pulled up as if he was being startled (though there was no stimulus). This happened from 7 to 10 times in less than two minutes, 3 times today. I couldn't see his eye movements as they were closed, but he did grimace a couple of times. He has had this since birth but less pronounced than they have been over the last several weeks.

When he falls asleep in my arms I have not seen this happen. It only seems to happen when I put him into bed, and its as if he feels as if he is falling. He also seems to do this when he is in his pushchair. As I understand, the moro reflex only happens once per stimuli, yet my son has them in succession. I have tried hugging him when they happen which seems to make them stop. But as soon as I let him go they start again and only stop when he's deep in sleep.

I had him via emergency C section. Apgar was 9 and 10.

He also has hypopigmentation under his neck and also 3 going across his check. They are round in shape. Health vistor says its just a fungal infection.

The doctors at A&E have said it could be just moro reflexes, but weren't sure why he does so many, but to keep an eye on it.

how old is the baby?
during light sleep a newborn could be very fidgety.

my girl was very active during her sleep, she was swaddled and you see her legs stick up in the air and her arms would fling around.
she would grunt a lot and squish her face up.

when you hold her, she feels comforted like in how she was in your tummy, she most probably more comfortable,

i it only happens when you place her on her own i doubt that its spasm, cause it stops when you attend to her.

if your really worried,buy a sling, the best ones are the ones that have the .long material and you wrap it around yourself.
thats what i did.
if its really worrying you go and get a second opinion  (+ info)

Infantile spasms...? Anyone with experience?

My daughter started having seizures when she was 6 days old. We were admitted to the hospital for testing and observation for 5 days. Her ultrasound and EEG were normal, but her pediatrician diagnosed her as having seizures. She was put on phenobarbitol when she was 9 days old. We saw a pediatric neurologist about a week ago (she's now 6 weeks old) who diagnosed her has having benign neonatal seizures, and said she will most likely grow out of them by 3 months of age. There is a chance that it could evolve into something more serious, such as epilepsy. Has anyone had an infant with this? What was the outcome? Did they outgrow it, and when?

Well not my son but my husband yes. Something went wrong while he was being born and didn't get enough oxygen to his brain. He started to have seizures about that time as well. They put him on meds. His did grow to epilepsy. It's ok though, I know it's scary but they can be controlled by meds and if they are a person can live a very normal life. My husband has to be on meds the rest of his life for his epilepsy and if not then he will have seizures. He lives a very normal life with me and our son. So even though your daughter may have or end up with something like epilepsy just know that it will be ok. Sometimes they can outgrow it yes so keep that positive outlook as well. Good luck, I wish you the best.  (+ info)

Any information on Infantile Spasms?

My three month old is having some symptoms like after she wakes the knees to the chest arms across her chest. The head bobbing forward. She will just be laying there and her arms go to the side. When shes on her back the tends to like stick her left side of her stomach out. Some times she just stares into space and i can't get her attention. Now I don't know anything I can look for or do to be sure. I would just normal think it was normal behavior except for the fact of lack of Oxygen and there was a knot in her cord. I don't know anything would be helpful.

I'm just going to say, talk to her doctor.  (+ info)

What causes painful back spasms during pregnancy?

I'm currently 30 weeks pregnant and I've been having painful back spasms in my lower back. They come on randomly but sometimes if I'm upset or scared they are evident as well. I'm just wanting to know what causes these type of painful spasms and if it's anything to be worried about.

Lots of things cause back spasms, and most of them are harmless!
Usually, it is the combination of hormonal changes making your ligaments more lax, as your abdominal muscles spread further apart, and become weaker - Meaning that there is less support for your lower back, causing the spasms.
Yoga and good posture will work wonders :)
...Other times, the pain is caused by the baby's spine resting against *your* spine. It hurts, and its called "back labor"
...Don't forget the possibility that your babe is positioned in such a way that she is putting pressure on your sciatic nerve - That means sciatica, and it sucks, too! Usually, the pain is joined by pain in the back of the leg, also.
Unless you are having abnormal discharge, any blood, things like that - I'd say you're in the safe zone.
Doctors say that regular doses of tylenol are OK for a couple days, many also recommend Arnica Gel as a very safe homeopathic remedy.  (+ info)

What causes one to have spasms in the neck, ribs, chest around the heart?

I have been having spasms around my heart, ribs on right side under the arm, neck area on both sides of the head around the ears. My face draws up, can't breath on the spasms around the ribs, but worse around the heart. Almost like I am having a heart attack.

Your description is highly suggestive of a considerable postural discrepancy. One which compresses the ribs on one side and allows contact with the intercostal nerve. Is a very sharp pain and will stop the inhaling process when taking a deep breath. The spasms of the neck and face is highly suggestive of a very progressed inflammatory process to involve sufficient nerve irritation to bring about the contracture of the musculature of the face.

The auricular nerve goes from the neck and over the ear. This being one of the cranial nerves..There is, no doubt, other of the cranial nerves are involved. Should the neck spasms be that .prominent

What have you done for this condition so far? Have you even had it checked yet? You need to have the heart condition ruled out first.. If for no other reason than to give you some peace of mind.  (+ info)

What foods help relax or curb involuntary muscle spasms?

I experience involuntary muscles spasms that last about 10-15 seconds, make my face scrunch up, and my arm and leg muscles tighten. As a child, I took phenobarbital to control them, but I now choose not to use it. For long periods I don't have any problems, then they act up for several weeks before almost disappearing again.

As a child then, you were diagnosed with a seizure disorder. You should really get back on medication. Maybe something less sedating if that is an unpleasant side effect of the phenobarbital.  (+ info)

What disorder causes spasms and chewing?

I have the constant urge to chew things (anything that will fit in my mouth is fair game). I also have random bursts of energy that cause spasms in my arm and sometimes I yelp loudly without meaning to. I only get these around two people (a friend and my boyfriend) and my friend thinks it may be some kind of disorder and the more I thought about it, the more curious I got.
And the thing with my chewing is not a hunger issue. I just feel the need to chew.

  (+ info)

What causes the stomach spasms as you suffer with the norvo virus?

Got the norvo virus and it is painful. These stomach spasms are the worst thing about it, too. Why does my stomach do that?

What causes the stomach spasms as you suffer with the norvo virus?
The answer is exceedingly simple. The norovirus causes the spasms.

You could have gastroenteritis (stomach flu); an illness caused by norovirus. This disease has almost all of the same symptoms, with the exception that it is involving inflammation or infection of the stomach and intestinal tract.

Norovirus symptoms: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/norovirus/DS00942/DSECTION=2

Gastroenteritis symptoms: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/viral-gastroenteritis/DS00085/DSECTION=2

Gekko!  (+ info)

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