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What causes painful muscle spasms in the foot and ankle area?

I take cholesterol lowering meds (Zocor), and I thought it was a side effect. My Doctor says no. They started about 7 yrs ago, and only happen around 4-5 am. Very painful spasms. I can't move my leg for up to 5 minutes. I get them about 4-5 times a year.

Low Potassium. I was getting really bad spasms in my feet and my lower leg (calf area) for quite some time. After several trips to the doctor, blood work, and many nights waking up in severe pain we were able to determine I wasn't taking in enough Potassium.  (+ info)

What is causing my foot spasms and should I be concerned?

For the past few days I've noticed that near my right foot pinkie toe, a muscle in my foot twitches or spasms. There is no pain associated with this, and it seems to come randomly, but often. Should I go to a doctor with this? Or is it nothing?

The spasming could be related to a vitamin or mineral deficiency such as low potassium (an example only), but I would recommend seeing your doctor for further evaluation of the situation to see what they say.  (+ info)

What are the muscle spasms called in your foot?

I know that in your leg or calf the muscle spasms are called "Charlie Horses", but what are they called in your foot? Are they still Charlie horses? Are they the same kind of spasm? What's the deal?

all muscular "spasms" are "cramps". Charlie horse is a colloquialism, use that term in another country and they won't know what you are talking about. Say cramp, and most anyone knows what you mean.  (+ info)

I have had numbness on the left side of my lip and spasms in my left foot. What could it be?

For the last few weeks, periodically the left side of my lip feels numb. It usually lasts for a few minutes.

Also at different times muscles in the arch of my left foot have spasms (at least I think this is the way to describe it). This usually lasts for about a minute or two.

Could these symptoms be related? What could this be?

buldged disc n ur neck better have it checked  (+ info)

What causes spasms or twitches (not painful) deep in the left upper abdomen and back?

I've been experiencing these spasms for the past week or so. Again, they aren't painful, just annoying. Also, I have anemia. Could it be related to that? Is it my spleen?

it's probably gas, your spleen doesn't sit up there. it is below and behind the stomach. only thing there is your stomach and a loop of your large intestine and your left kidney in the very back.  (+ info)

How can i stop having regular back spasms?

I'm a 17 year old girl and have back spasms, once every few weeks, but these spasms last for a few hours, There extremely painful and it makes me feel like i can't breathe because my back and stomach have become so tight, but after i have these back spasms i end up very ill the next few days and have a really sore back and am sick alot over these few days. Is there anyone that can give me tips on how to stop them from happening. Or help at all.

Try Chiropractic. Backs are our specialty. It's a cheap doctor visit. No drugs are used. It just feels great too.  (+ info)

What foods are good to eat to prevent or ease muscle spasms?

For the past month I have been plaqued with severe muscle spasms in both hands, fingers, feet, toes, and abdomen and even right below the knees. Does anyone know what foods I could eat to prevent and or ease the pains of muscle spasms? Currently my doctors do not know the reasons why I am having these. My blood work shows everything is normal, I am not vitamin defienct in anything.

Help in this matter would be extremely appreciated. I am unable to take any oral medications because I have elevated liver enzymes. So instead of taking an oral medicine for this problem I thought I would turn to food as an answer. Serious answers only please. Thank you! Happy Holidays to all!
I have my potassium and calcium levels checked regularly and my body isn't low in these at all. I also get my iron level checked too. Everything checks out to be normal. So even though my blood work shows that everything is okay, I should eat foods that are high in potassium anyway? What does potassium do to the muscles that prevents muscle spasms?
How many bananas a day and other foods high in potassium should I eat in a day's time to prevent and or cure my muscle spasms?

I would suggest that you seek the help of a Good Expereienced Homeopathic Practitioner in your locality. You are showing signs of some sort of side effects of Allopathic Medicine thats why you can not take any oral medicine NUX VOMICA in 30 potency thrice a day half hour before meals will take care of it without any side effects or complications. 100% relief. Take it for three days and if the spasms still persist take BELLADONNA 30 thrice a day half hour after meals, while continuing with NUX VOMICA.
Take Care and God Bless you !  (+ info)

What are these spasms in lower left side of back?

It has been moving all morning, my husband says it is muscles spasms, i was worried a parasite might be in my kidney or something, could it be severe gas, it doesn't hurt or anything, it just keeps shuddering(or whatever) in my lower left side of my back, in the kidney, lower intestine area. hope someone can shed some light on whats up with this. thanx. it doesnt hurt, so should I visit the doc?

it could be a spasm,or gas. Gas moves around allot and is normally painful. But if you are overly worried go to the dr and see what they have to say. I don't think that a parasite is something that you would feel. I get these kind of movements but they aren't just in one place. But like I said go to the dr if you are that worried the worst thing they could do is give you meds or have you take a test. good luck   (+ info)

What is it called when your muscles always go into spasms?

A few of my fingers have started going into spasms over the last week. I feel it through the muscles straight down my arm. I have tried excersizing them, heat, ice and just relaxing them. They just do whatever they want when they want and I can not control it. What is going on? What can I do?

cramp  (+ info)

I am having muscle spasms from the cold and also get migraines?

I have had nuerological surgery on my c3 and c4 fussion 3 years ago and a lower disc out. Is this something seperate or related.. Whenever I go out in the cold I get muscle spasms in my legs and sometimes it bothers my shoulder and neck till I tense up and get a migrane for a few minutes. I go to the pain management doctor this week.

This could be related to your surgery. I would recommend telling the neurosurgeon that did your surgery as well to see what they think.  (+ info)

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