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What can I do to limit back spasms?

I've recently (about a week or so ago) started exercising every day. I've been trying to do 20 sit-ups every day, to get rid of my gut. Sometimes though, laying on the floor I have lower back spasms and it's hard to get up. How can I eliminate or reduce these back spasms, or at leasy make htem less painful?

Are you laying on a cold ,hard floor, or a carpeted one? I suspect it is the former, and that is the reason for your discomfort--you need to have some sort of cushioning between your body & the floor--a thin excercise mat would be ideal.  (+ info)

Does anyone have muscle spasms in the lower back and around the waist?

For about 3 years I have had muscle cramps and spasms in my lower back and around my waist. Some days it is really bad. I have tried exercises and ibuprofen, but nothing seems to work. I am a 61 year old male. Has anyone has a similar problem?

I have been having muscle spasms for several years, I know what you are going through. You need to go to your Doctor and have him/her send you for a CT or MRI scan.
The wrong type of treatment or exercises can do more damage than good and you need to have your back properly diagnosed prior to ANY treatment.
Again you do need to have a CT / MRI scan or such done before allowing ANYONE to touch your back.
There are so many expert quacks out there but they mostly want you to buy their "bad back" book or such.
Get a professional opinion from the radiologist doing the scan in his report to your doctor and then go from there. Best of luck....  (+ info)

What is the cause of random brain spasms and what do they do to you?

My dad went to the doctor and found out that he has been having brain spasms that have been causing his eye to twitch, causing him to have severe headaches constantly, and his head also feels "foggy" sometimes, but all the doctor told him that he has been having brain spasms and prescribed him some medicine called Flexeril and didn't give him any more information, so anything you could tell me to expand our knowledge on this ailment would be highly appreciated.

wow do you have autism or something. duh its called having a SEIZURE.  (+ info)

What would cause muscle like spasms by rib cage?

Since Friday I have been getting these weird spasms or something on the right side of my rib cage. You can see it thru my shirt. It will only last for 5-10 seconds, and then stop. It comes and goes ant diffrent times. It feels like a heart beat pounding really hard then stops. I took some ibuprofen for a few days thinking maybe it is just a pulled muscle, but that didn't help, and then someone said maybe gas, so I took some gas x with no result.

Sometimes it is painfull.

I would definitely recommend that you see your doctor ASAP. If the spasm is fairly low down on your rib cage, you could be having a gall bladder attack, which can make you pretty sick if ignored for long. Even if it's higher up, close to your armpit, any persistent chest pain is worth having a professional look at it.  (+ info)

How to stop a muscle spasms from happening?

I have been getting muscle spasms in my back lately. And I heard that eating bananas help because of their potassium. If that is true, then is the reason I keep getting them is that I don't have enough potassium in my diet? And does adding more to my diet help?

Epsom salt baths, stretching and core strengthening. There's also a product called Biofreeze. Look it up it's good stuff and it works.  (+ info)

How to you treat muscle spasms in back?

How to you treat muscle spasms in back?

I have amuscle spasm below my left shoulder blade that feels like I am being stabbed by a knife.
How do I releive the spasm without going to a chiropractor or taking muscle relaxers?

I use to have very bad muscle spasms in my lower back and I would take 1 asprin and rotate heat and ice and that would help some  (+ info)

Is it normal to have muscle spasms near a fracture?

I fractures a bone or two in my foot yesterday, and now the muscles are going crazy with spasms. Is this normal? I have never broken anything before.

the reason for the spasms is cuz the muscles have lost their "integrity";; if you can move the foot, move it;; if you are casted, try moving the parts that are not, & wiggle your toes inside the casting;; DO NOT compress you foot against the casting;; & make sure you are elevating for appropriate times & @ appropriate levels;; if the spasms cont, you need to call the doc...
once the spasms start, COMPLETELY rest the limb, DO NOT go along with the spasm & tighten your foot up cuz this will only cause MORE pain.. not easy to do, but something you HAVE to learn!! you will learn to reduce the nerve triggering the contraction (spasm).. good luck!!  (+ info)

What is causing and how can i fix my short frequent back spasms?

Just in the last 24 hours I have started developing short frequent back spasms. I am wondering if these could be caused by a pinched nerve and if there is anything I can do to help them. Thanks!

See a chiropractor - he can adjust your vertebra to take the pressure off the nerve --
in the meantime - Take an Aleve or Advil - and use an ice pack on your back - 20 minutes every other hour - You might also try "stretching" it - like "cat stretches" -
Watch your posture (sitting or lying in an odd way ) -as that puts strain on the vertebrae --  (+ info)

What do I do about chest spasms and tightness?

I have been getting spasms in my chest and stomach recently and vomiting. It gets really bad. I ave had acid refluxes and pain in my oesophagus.I,ve still got a throat infection as well. Any docs can help?

You can take some motrin for the discomfort, you can take any over the counter antacid or stomach med regularly which will settle down the acid reflux. Your antibiotic might be causing the nausea/vomiting. Make sure you take it with some food. If every dose comes up, you need to be calling your doctor and reporting this and he will probably change your antibiotic. If you are coughing, an over the counter cough medication. Run a humidifier in the bedroom where you sleep, increase you daily water intake. Rest. There are lots of things you could be doing.  (+ info)

Will drinking Chamomile Tea help relax my muscle tension and spasms?

I have mild Cerebral Palsy. I've heard chamomile tea is an antispasmodic and can relieve muscle spasms. Is this true for the stomach and intestines only or can it also help with my muscle tension and spasms in other parts of the body as well?

Chamomile tea is really good for soothing jangled nerves and relaxing and calming you down. It will also help manage gastrointestinal problems including mild tummy cramps, wind, bloating and inflamed stomach lining.

Rosemary, marjoram and lavender will help to ease sore muscles..... Mix 3 tablespoons of each of dried rosemary, mrajoram and lavender. Place the mixture in a double layer of muslin or simply just a face washer wrapped around the herbs and tie with a string and toss into the bath as the tub is filling. or simply tie to the faucet so as it connects with the flow of the water ........ then simply lay back and luxuriate for 15 - 20 mins!! Enjoy.


Take care of you♥  (+ info)

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