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which two spinal curvatures are obvious at birth?

and also under what conditions do secondary curvatures develop???

Question #1: The two primary curvatures that we're born with are the concave forward curvatures in the thoracic and sacral spines.

Question #2: The "secondary" curvatures, the compensatory curvatures, occur with normal development. (Normal development is the condition under which they occur) These are the cervical curvature, which develops first with infant head lifting and the lumbar curvature, which develops next sitting up. These curvatures prepare the spine for ambulation.  (+ info)

diagram the normal spinal curvatures,and then the curvatures seen in scoliosis an lordosis.?

Normal = S
Scoliosis = an S with a wave in it..
Lordosis = P (person with shoulders hunched)

Hope your instructor likes those answers.  (+ info)

What would be the limitations if i got a spinal operation to get the curvature out of my spine?

I am just interested about what limitations there are after getting a spinal operation.

I saw your question about your curvature of the spine, so I thought I would answer you. If you go to my webpage at http://atlantaspinalinjury.com there is an article that might be of interest to you. Watch the movie, too, it has a lot of good information in it. Also, I have had spinal surgery eight years ago. Before my surgery, I couldn't walk even across the room without stopping 2-3 times. But now, I walk everywhere with no pain, it's great! My sister had polio back in 1951, and had curvature of the spine from that. After many operations, she could walk better, but your curvature is probably not from polio, thank goodness! But to really answer your question, I have NO limitations after my back surgery and I hear that the laser surgery is so much easier than when I had mine. Good luck if you decide to go with it, it truly helped me!  (+ info)

What is the condition of holes in spinal bone called?

Years ago, I was diagnosed with 'Scheuermann's Disease' and shown Xrays which disclosed holes in the spinal bone.
Today I found out via a web site, that Scheuermanns Disease is about spinal curvature! I do not have a curved spine AT ALL. So I went and tried to find out what holes in the spinal bone is actually called. I could not find this data. I tried to use the contact button, but that was for clinical trials only. So, I decided to pose my question here on yahoo. Does anyone here know the answer??
Note: the hole/s in the bone were LARGE and I was told 'the bone had been eaten away' they were not small and I believe he referred to them as "schmal's nodes" or something similar (it was a long time ago!)

It is called

Hydromyelia and syringomyelia  (+ info)

to get spinal fusion surgery for scoliosis, what is usually the degree curvature for canidates?

my curve was almost 40 degrees, and a 90 degree curve for kyphosis. my doctor put me in a brace, and it's gotten slightly better, but i havent been wearing the brace. is surgery an option for me?

  (+ info)

Is it possible to have Spinal Scoliosis corrected at age 46, or a way to prevent further curvature?

Yes it is possible but difficult. What makes it difficult is the length of time that you have already had it and how severe the curvature is. The longer that you have had it the worse the degenerative changes in the joints and discs will be and that has to be dealt with. The other problem is that the soft tissue around this area has adapted to this incorrect posture and must be retrained and strengthened. Why you should try....if you don't then all these things will get disproportionately worse as you age and your health problems will increase.  (+ info)

What are some effective stretching exercises to cure excessive curvatures on the back?

Well the deal is i have excessive curvatures on the back.I heard stretching it would help one get a few inches of hidden height.i am 1m76cm and 16years.I already hang from a bar,30 minutes daily.How can I cure the excessive curvatures on my back naturally?Any help would be greatly appreciated.

i totally agree  (+ info)

How do I lose 30 pounds to prepare for spinal fusion?

I cannot exercise because of extreme 10+ level pain. Spinal stenosis, degenerative disks full spinal involvement. I am not active by choice, but I am asking how to lose weight to prepare for three level spinal fusion. What can a person like me do to lose the weight without the ability to exercise?

Through a calorie-reduced diet it's very possible to lose weight without exercise at all. Eat 1200-1500 calories, making sure to get 5-10 servings of fruit and vegetables per day (and try to keep it down to 4-6 servings of grains per day), and cutting out the obviously bad-for-you things like junk food, candy, fast food, convenience foods and you can lose 10lbs per month (with potentially more in the first month if you're retaining water due to a diet high in salt and processed foods).

I lost most of my weight through diet alone - the first 65lbs only through diet before adding walking. So I know it's possible. Good luck with getting where you need to be for the fusion surgery.  (+ info)

What should my daughter expect during and after a spinal tap?

My daughter is having a MRI and a Spinal Tap tomorrow. I heard that the spinal taps are painful, but how painful and I was wondering if she can expect a headache? How bad will it be? How long does she have to stay at the hospital after the tap? Thank you!

If your daughter gets a headache after the spinal tap, report it immediately. The headaches can become so severe that she will throw up from just moving herself into a different position. There is no way to treat the headaches except for a blood patch (which is where they put blood in to replace the cerebrospinal fluid). No amount of painkillers with help with the headache. So watch for drainage around the site and if she starts experiencing a headache, take her back to the hospital. Usually it's an in and out procedure like a surgery.  (+ info)

Is there any known homeopathic treatment for spinal tumors? Even to just reduce the size of one?

The tumor resides between the C1 and C2 vertibrae, in the center of the spinal cord. It is extremely slow growing and not causing any physical issues yet.

If your tumor is benign, you should go to your doctor immediately to have it removed or else (because its growing in an awkward place) it will be too late to remove it when it grows larger (may damage the adjacent nerves).........
Anyways here are some other obtions for you + Homeopathic remedies & websites that you can scroll through to find out more...
p:s Had it been god forbid Malignant, you would have known what to do by now!!

All the best..  (+ info)

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