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Who is the LONGEST living Quadriplegic with a C1 thru C 7th Spinal Cord Injury?

Quadriplegic: someone who is paralyzed in ALL four limbs with varying degrees of paralysis at whatever level Spinal Cord Injury that was sustained to their body? In my particular question, I am ONLY interested in Spinal Cord Injuries caused from breaking, compound fracture, compressing, crushed, fracturing, severing, shattering, swelling, twisting the Cervical Vertabra from C1 thru C7 in which the vertebra cuts the Spinal Cord some how?

I am a C2-C3 ventilator dependent quadriplegic, due to a auto accident 14 years ago.  (+ info)

How long should spinal braces be worn?

my mom had a compression fracture and she asks me how long these spinal brace should be worn to ensure its maximum effectivity? and what can we do to hasten bone healing?

You are not supposed to be asking those questions on here.

That is what your doctor is for.

Fractures generally have radiographic union in six weeks, however I know nothing of your mothers other medical history.  (+ info)

Did I fracture or sprain my hip, or is it a spinal compression fracture?

I was in a close call on my motorcycle, and used my leg to pivot my bike to avoid a car. For a week I had minor pain in my leg. I felt great for a couple of months, but in the last week, I have had severe pain sitting, and getting up from the seated possition. The pain starts at my hip and shoots towards my foot on the outside of my leg. I have full range of motion after getting up and moving.

Sounds like your sciatic nerve eh!

  (+ info)

What does it mean in the spinal xray when it says,?

“these could not be ruled out as new or old fractures?”

  (+ info)

I had a vertebrae fracture in my spinal cord in the t12 and i fell on my back in soccer today what should i do?

I had a vertebrae fracture in my spinal cord in the t12 and i fell on my back in soccer today what should i do?
I am worried that it may got worse WHAT SIGNS should i look for to go to the doctor THE FRACTURE'S LAST REPORT was in JULY but the results said it was a old fracture.

if it hurts - go see your doctor
if it doesn't - just forget about it, or if you're worried you can call your doctor and ask if there is any risk of it being damaged.

if it's healed already then it's unlikely you'll have done anything to it so you should be fine.
no need to panic.  (+ info)

how much time does it take to recover from spinal hairline fracture?

i had a fracture in june now 2 months have passed i wanted to know how much time does it take for full recovery

In general bones take 2-3 months to heal. Factors like poor nutrition, osteoporosis, smoking, and being inconsistent with any treatment/restrictions could cause you to take longer for a full recovery.  (+ info)

Can the sciatic nerve be damage after a procedure to the spinal cord?

A friend of mine had what is called a vertebrae plasti, to repair fractured lower vertebrae. It appears that the procedure was successful, but something else happenedd afterward. Could the sciatic nerve have been pinched or compressed diring the procedure, causing intense pain, to the point of not being able to plant her feet.

yep. It could be temporary...from swelling related to the procedure itself. Sounds like she has 'drop foot' which can be corrected with AFO (ankle foot orthotics).  (+ info)

What can one do, at home, for a spinal compression fracture?

Plenty of rest ie bed rest, avoiding bending etc simple!!  (+ info)

What is the medical term for the condition of a constant penile erection following a conus spinal fracture?

yes priapism is right  (+ info)

ANY DOCS NURSES WHAT CAN cuase your spinal bones to just fracture from no trama and pain?

what can cuases them to just deteriarte and fracture!???and have a burning pain?

various bone diseases  (+ info)

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