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How long can a spinal headache last, after having a blood patch already?

I had a spinal on accident was suppose to be a epidural and i got a headache the next day after delivering my son. I had a blood patch that day the headache started but since have had dull headaches off and on the last four days. Just wondering how long this will last, no pain meds are helping.

It took my doctor 7 days to figure out that I had a "spinal headache" after having back surgery. Once he figured out what it was, he told me I needed to lay flat 24/7 until it was gone. Laying flat helped a TON! He said it would allow the spinal fluid to fill up where it had none, which was causing the headaches. It was a total pain, but after a few days of getting up only to use the potty, even eating laying down, it was gone. (It didn't hurt while laying down, but after I was sitting or standing up for only about a minute it would get really bad again). I hope this helps  (+ info)

What happens during a spinal block procedure?

I am to have a spinal block done on monday for chronic back pain. I would like to get some information on it from people who have had it done because i cannot find a good website to tell me. I need to know... How the procedure is done (sedated), How long does it last, how much pain will i be in, how long will i have to lay flat, and How often are they done? Any help would be much appreciated, Thanks!

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How painful would a spinal tap be for a 7 year old?

She normally has a very hard time with injections and blood draws. Would a spinal tap be worse?

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What other kinds of spinal curvature are there aside from scoliosis?

Lately my back has been hurting and I feel that over the years, the top of my spine is becoming more curved (ie. sort of hunched) and then it's been curving inward too (creating an even bigger dip for the small of my back). However, when I looked up scoliosis, it only shows a curve that goes left or right if that makes sense.

Do I have scoliosis, or are there other kinds of spinal curvature deformities and what are they called?

Scheuermann's Kyphosis is what i have that is exactly like what you are describing. It is essentially when the back of your spine grows faster than the front of your spine. This causes the "hunchback" effect because the vertebrae are essentially squeezed from rectangles into triangles. For me, my curve was diagnosed when i was 13, i had a 64 degree curve at the top which was just under where they recommend surgery. I currently wear a brace 20 out of 24 hours and my curve is improving greatly! If you are still growing there is a pretty good chance the brace will be an effective treatment but if not surgery may be your only option.

Best of luck!  (+ info)

What can happen to the brain if one has a rather large intramedullary spinal cord tumor?

An intramedullary spinal cord tumor is a tumor inside the cord. So what could happen if a tumor was found inside a person's spinal cord in the cervical region, which is in the neck? What could this possibly do to the brain, specifically? Keep in mind this tumor is long and large enough it expands the cord and been left untreated years.

I hope you are not the patient. The cord tumor can cause increased intracranial pressure- papilledema, sometimes acute enough to cause other symptoms, like vomiting, headache. Not very common, but I have seen a couple.

Understand that we never see anything common at Walter Reed- the other hospitals can handle the common stuff. So sometimes it is hard to get a good idea of just how common a given problem is.

Usually the symptoms of a cord tumor are related to the damage to the spinal cord.- pain is common, weakness, spasticity, sensory loss muscle wasting in the muscles supplied by the affected part of the cord. A tract of the Trigeminal nerve goes down into the upper cord, then back up- can cause numbness of the face. This can be a confusion factor, as it can be mistaken for a second lesion, and lead to a diagnosis of MS.

http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/251133-overview  (+ info)

How do donate your spinal fluid for money?

I have heard that you can donate your spinal fluid just like how you donate plasma, but that you make a whole lot more money. I am just trying to get more information if anyone has or knows how to go about doing it.

that's not the best way to make some money LOL

check with your local hospital for csf banks

just so you know after you donate that shit you're going to feel really weak and sore cuz it's a big needle and your csf needs to regenerate  (+ info)

im paralyzed t4 spinal stroke did not fracture my spine, lost alot of blood car accident?

i slightly tore my aorta yea big deal. but anyways is there a homeopathy medicine to help me get return in feeling and movment.

There are studies in progress now that sound promising to spinal cord patients, but no miracles in the immediate future.
No meds to help return feeling, either, sorry to say.
What did your doctor say about your injury? Was it a complete cut in your spinal column? How long ago was it? Are you still healing?
In some cases, time will help, the swelling from the injury reduces, and will give back a little movement or feeling, but not always, and not in a complete cut.
Make the most of the movement and feeling you have, you want to keep it, not lose it due to weakness. Consult your doctor, and get on an exercise program that you stick to each and every day, without fail. When the spinal cord cure comes, you do not want to be stiff and curled up permanently, you want to be as healthy as you can be.  (+ info)

What might be causing these mysterious rib bone fractures?

A friend has been having mysterious fractures of her ribs, with no significant bone pain prior to them. She is in her 70's and had breast cancer a few years ago, which appeared to have been treated successfully. She has been to several doctors and had many diagnostic tests including a needle biopsy, but so far no definitive diagnosis. Now they are are recommending an open biopsy.

What could be causing these fractures? One obvious possibility is bone metastases from her breast cancer, but the symptomatology seems somewhat atypical for that.

It is very likely mets from her breast cancer. See it happen all the time.
Have they done a PET scan?  (+ info)

What is a spinal and where do they give it?

How long does a spinal last? And do you have a catheter when when you have a spinal?

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How long does spinal cord swelling last?

I asked another question about the spinal cord before. Since I learned that the spinal cord swell, how long does it stay swelled? Weeks, months, years?

nobody knows. some say a month, some say a year.  (+ info)

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