FAQ - Spinal Muscular Atrophies of Childhood
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If one omit's exercise from their life for upwards of six months, is one prone to muscular atrophy?

If somebody were to not exercise often (less than twice a week, not even with strenuous workout activity) for about six months and basically sit around for that amount of time, would they suffer from muscles not working correctly, and if so, are they reparable?

First, thank you for a nicely worded, properly punctuated and properly composed question.

However, I'm not sure I know the answer to your question. I don't exercise much, being that I've been indoors all winter with a now six month old daughter, but at the same time, I don't really sit all day, either. I'm not sure of her weight, but I'm frequently lifting her, holding her, etc. I wouldn't be surprised if she were around 15 pounds. Yet, my muscles do seem to work correctly. I still walk wonderfully, I can still use my arms well which is great considering how much I hold my daughter, etc. They're just a little rusty from unuse which I feel from when I do frequently walk. I'm sure my body will tell me that when I can finally get out and start walking again.

I suppose though, it is possible for one's muscles to totally tighten up and be unusable.  (+ info)

What general strategies create muscular definition without atrophy?

I have a strong, mesomorphic build, little spending money, and favor lower GI foods.

lift weights or try yoga  (+ info)

Is there any actual evidence to suggest that cardiovascular conditioning actually does cause muscular atrophy?

more specifically atrophy of SKELETAL muscle!

  (+ info)

what are the side effects of a childhood skull fracture in adulthood?

i fractured my skull at age 12 (fracture with spinal fluid leakage into the ear) can i expect side effects later in life?

Not at all but you should get a Scanned every 10 years just to be safe.  (+ info)

How do I lose 30 pounds to prepare for spinal fusion?

I cannot exercise because of extreme 10+ level pain. Spinal stenosis, degenerative disks full spinal involvement. I am not active by choice, but I am asking how to lose weight to prepare for three level spinal fusion. What can a person like me do to lose the weight without the ability to exercise?

Through a calorie-reduced diet it's very possible to lose weight without exercise at all. Eat 1200-1500 calories, making sure to get 5-10 servings of fruit and vegetables per day (and try to keep it down to 4-6 servings of grains per day), and cutting out the obviously bad-for-you things like junk food, candy, fast food, convenience foods and you can lose 10lbs per month (with potentially more in the first month if you're retaining water due to a diet high in salt and processed foods).

I lost most of my weight through diet alone - the first 65lbs only through diet before adding walking. So I know it's possible. Good luck with getting where you need to be for the fusion surgery.  (+ info)

What should my daughter expect during and after a spinal tap?

My daughter is having a MRI and a Spinal Tap tomorrow. I heard that the spinal taps are painful, but how painful and I was wondering if she can expect a headache? How bad will it be? How long does she have to stay at the hospital after the tap? Thank you!

If your daughter gets a headache after the spinal tap, report it immediately. The headaches can become so severe that she will throw up from just moving herself into a different position. There is no way to treat the headaches except for a blood patch (which is where they put blood in to replace the cerebrospinal fluid). No amount of painkillers with help with the headache. So watch for drainage around the site and if she starts experiencing a headache, take her back to the hospital. Usually it's an in and out procedure like a surgery.  (+ info)

Is there any known homeopathic treatment for spinal tumors? Even to just reduce the size of one?

The tumor resides between the C1 and C2 vertibrae, in the center of the spinal cord. It is extremely slow growing and not causing any physical issues yet.

If your tumor is benign, you should go to your doctor immediately to have it removed or else (because its growing in an awkward place) it will be too late to remove it when it grows larger (may damage the adjacent nerves).........
Anyways here are some other obtions for you + Homeopathic remedies & websites that you can scroll through to find out more...
p:s Had it been god forbid Malignant, you would have known what to do by now!!

All the best..  (+ info)

What is the incubation period of bacterial spinal menigitis?

I have a neighbor that is in school and she needs help on an assignment. She needs to know when you get spinal menigitis how long does it actually take before the symptoms take place. Please help me on this it will really help me and my neighbor . Thanks sooo much.


this report from the Mayo Clinic may help u. they always have the best medical advice.  (+ info)

Is a Dynatron sts machine avaliable with an already implanted spinal cord stimulator?

My girlfriend has RSD. After many surgerys doctors decided to go with a spinal cord stimulator for her arms and legs. Her legs seem to be in much better pain-free atmosphere, her arms are extremely in chronic pain. She is on oxymorphone and oxycontin to control the pain but we are hoping for an alternative method. I have read about a dynatron sts machine for nerve pain. Would this be a solution considering she already has a spinal cord stimulator?

Hi. Your girlfriend should have no problem at all using this type of unit in conjunction with her spinal cord stimulator as they are stimulating different nerves at different levels. In any case, if the STS gave her some relief in her arms but somehow caused interference, she could turn her spinal stimulator off for short periods to use the SCS on her arms. I have CRPS/RSD in my legs and arms - I have a spinal cord stimulator (and an intrathecal drug pump) and have used something similar to the STS (though with no success).

My only concern with the STS would be whether she would tolerate it the patches that are used to adhere the electrodes to the skin. I had some problems from a sensitivity perspective, despite the fact that I do a lot of desensitisation work every day. The big worry however was that the adhesive on the electrode patches caused my skin to ulcerate, producing wounds that took many months to heal.

As you are looking at alternatives, or at least adjunctive to medication (I know how she feels - I take so many tablets that I feel as though I'd rattle if you shook me!)

Anyway, I hope that answers your question and really hope that she can try the STS system with  (+ info)

How is Childhood Obesity a present and future threat to america?

I am doing a research paper on chilhood obesity for my english class. I already have the causes, effects,prevention, and statistics of childhood obesity. All i need to write now is how childhood obesity is a present and future threat to america. Any ideas or links to articles will be greatly appreciated.

Rather or not one supports the currents wars that America is in, we do need a military and the obesity of children will threaten our ability to protect ourselves in the future. The military has released reports stating a lot of recruits have been turned away due to their physical condition.

Also, being overweight increases the health problems in kids which could lead to more days missed at school. Our education system is already struggling to educate kids so the more school a kid misses do to illnesses, the least likely he/she is going to grow up to be a doctor, engineer, scientist, inventor, etc. Then there's payment of the illnesses, cost of insurance will go up for everyone.

So not only will be not be able to protect ourselves from outside forces, we won't be able to support or care for ourselves, we will be at the mercy of other powerful nations, and that is never a good thing.  (+ info)

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