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Spinal Stenosis?

Has anyone out there been diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis? And if so, has anyone 'recently' undergone a Spinal Fusion surgery? I am having my surgery this upcoming Monday (July 16, 2007) and I have to admit I am very nervous to say the least. If anyone has recently been through this surgery, I would appreciate your details, feedback and overall opinion as to what you have been through. Thanks!

It is a narrowing of the spinal canal where the spinal cord and nerves run. Compression of the nerves caused by spinal stenosis can lead not only to pain, but also to numbness in the legs and the loss of bladder and/or bowel control.

I think I have that memorized! LOL


I wish you all the best with the upcoming back fusion. It's definitely hard to go thru, but You may find it is the best thing.
Back pain often ends with surgery- of course YES, there is the surgical pain, but all of that miserable pain you felt -will hopefully be relieved with the fusion!


PLEASE follow everything they say in Physical Therapy- and afterwards... you will be that much better for it. And if I may -- in the future if you are extremely miserable I would like to tell you that there is an option to control your pain -- ok

It is called a spinal column stimulator and an amazing little device!! i KEEP IT ON 24/7 i KNOW YOU DIDNT NEED that info, BUT I thought I would help ease the depression that often follows- people think that back pain is forever and this little device has made it so that it you can look forward to relief. So either way-- You should be feeling wonderful soon.

I cannot speak about my experience of a fusion- experience. But I know that there are more successes then failures from this surgery---

I had 6 others-- I am only 43 and I dont want a fusion yet- I am not ready to be that stiff. That is a big undertaking and once it is fused it is in place! I am content and as long as things are "tolerable" I am putting it off as long as possible-

was a fusion the only option?  (+ info)

spinal stenosis?

could i have spinal stenosis? my mum has it ans i know it can be hereditary. my legs feel numb a lot of the time, and its hard to stand or walk for a long time because my legs are really painful but numb at the same time. i'm going to the doctors about it next week, but i wondered if anyone might know if i have it?

I have it in my c-spine,that makes my hands numb. Yours could be the lower back. The Doctor will know with some test. Good luck!  (+ info)

where can I find a chat group for spinal stenosis?

I have tried to google this but I am looking for a group that someone has found to be helpful. Since being diagnosed with cervical spinal stenosis and cant get any help that doesnt consist of multiple needles and thousands of dollars, I have only benifited one of these pain blocks. I am hoping to get advice from people that have been through it.

Try this site, they have information, blogs, and a message board/chat area regarding spine health, including specific sections for spinal stenosis.

Though, while others can share information, and their experiences, without your specific information, nobody can determine what course is best for you. This is why, while it is good to have all the information possible, you need to discuss these matters with your personal physicians. Without your diagnostic test, history and physical examination, any suggestions made online should be considered as only additional information, and not advice.  (+ info)

Would the amount of disability due to spinal stenosis be different whether married or not?

I am looking into trying to get disability due to spinal stenosis and I am married (this may change.) Does the amount you receive differ whether your married or not?


no. it's based on you alone. now as far as tax purposes go (U.S.) part or all of you disability could be taxable depending on total household income. even with disability you can work up to about $900 a month w/o affecting your payments.  (+ info)

Do liquid glucosamine supplements like Flexicose and Synflex help with spinal stenosis?

I know they help with joint damage and repair, but doesn't spinal stenosis mean that it's bone spurs that pinch the nerves?

Yes they do help with Spinal stenosis; go for the Hylauranic Acid too; and consider adding these:

a. Calcium (low dose only) with Vitamin D;

b. A green food for the Folate and Magnesium

c. Yoga

Go to www.algaecal.com; they have info on "bone spurs;

oh and PS the no. 1 Vit. for this is Vitamin B12!
(u get Vitamin B12 from Doctor or pharmacy; A.  (+ info)

Can one get disability for spinal stenosis if married?

I have congenital spinal stenosis of the the neck and lower back. I used to be a vet technician for 18 years. I KNOW I could no longer perform the functions of that job. I am married and was curious if one could be eligible for disability? What if I was not married and a single mom of a 3 and 12 year old. I cannot be on my feet for longer than 15 mins and I have numbness in my left hand.

I am only 42 years of age.

Yes, I did. I have severe back problems also. I applied for my disability and was repeatedly turned down, even though I was still going through surgery after surgery and on high doses od Oxycontin. First apply with Social Security and if you are turned down hire an attorney. After going over 2 years with massive medical bills and no income on my part I hired an attorney who got me approved within a couple of months. That check for back pay really helped out! Good luck! Get that attorney! BTW, they can only take a small percentage by law of your back pay, you don't have to pay anything up front. It's soooooo worth it!  (+ info)

Are there any homeopathic and/or physical therapy treatments for spinal stenosis?

My friend thinks she has spinal stenosis (it runs in her family.) However, she can't afford health insurance and doesn't know of any treatments for it. Is there any physical therapy she could do on her own? Maybe even a special diet? I will be surprised if anyone can answer this one!

Although spinal stenosis does have to be confirmed on imaging studies, mere presense of "stenosis" does not imply that it correlates with one's symptoms.

When most people say "stenosis" they automatically think that it refers to a narrowing of the spinal canal or vertebral foraemen by boney obstruction which can cause pressure on the spinal cord or nerve roots, respectively. Yet, the term stenosis can also refer to a narrowing due to disc protrusion or other lesion.
The former is irreversible, the later is very often reversible.

No matter what the imaging study shows, however, it needs to be correlated with a physical exam. This is because imaging studies...especially MRI, often show anomalies that exist in a pain-free population. In otherwords, if you x-ray or MRI 100 pain-free people, a certain percentage will show spinal stenosis, a disc protrusion etc. Therefore, we often prefer that patients come to us WITHOUT any imaging studies (unless there are any red flag signs that warrant it) before they are told they have an "incurable" or "degenerative" type of condition that may or may not be true and does nothing but upset the patient.

Only after a mechanical evaluation (seeing how the pain responds to movement/positioning) can it be determined if this is a "reversible" stenosis, or if boney obstruction does, indeed, appear to be the compelling factor.

I do recommend that your friend seek out physical therapy from a therapist who is credentialed in performing mechanical evaluations. It should be known within the first 1-3 visits if this can be helped with conservative methods. You can find a list of credentialed providers at: http://www.mckenziemdt.org
If reversible, she will be shown what exercises to do to correct it, prevent it, and monitor it.  (+ info)

Can you still work as an nurse's aide when you have spinal stenosis?

I have been a nurse's aides for years and I have been told that I have spinal stenosis. I am going to graduate for Database Design in one year, so I will not have to work as a nurse aide after that. Will I be able to work as a nurse aide for one more year without severe pain?

I would guess that it depends on your present symptomology and current job demands. Some nurses aides end up just doing simple thing, yet others end up in physically demanding work.

I would also say the symptoms you are presently experiencing would determine you ability to continue at work. The present worker's compensation system recommends work as therapeutic, so as long as you are able to continue at work, you should do so.  (+ info)

Does spinal manulipation help correct severe spinal stenosis?

I have cervical spondylosis and sever spinal stenosis. Should I see a chiropractor? If so what should he recommend for theropy?

Spinal manipulation may help with the symptoms, but it won't correct the problem.  (+ info)

Can spinal stenosis cause short term memory loss?

I have lumbar and cervicle stenosis. For a couple of years, I've had issues with short term memory. Can stenosis cause short term memory loss or do I need to look elsewhere for the cause?

Yes. Cervical impairment of nerves can directly cause short term memory loss AND recall difficulties. Also, with cervical stenosis there is commonly an habituated chronic stress reaction, a "nervousness", that causes a challenge, a challenge to learning and retaining information. And, pain alone can cause a cascade of reactions that hinders memory and recall.  (+ info)

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