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Alternative Spondylarthritis treatments besides injections?

My mom can't deal with needles, and she's very frail, so we need an alternative treatment to help ease her pain. And, time is of the essence.

Try Vemma, it is an all natural supplement that decreases inflammation . It is about 60.00 for a months supply and it helps with so much more than just inflammation. It is in a liquid form, so it would be easier for her to take, and she only needs 2 oz a day, if you wanted to you could even give her 4 oz for the first few days to help make her feel better faster. You can look at my website, and if you have any questions you are more than free to email me. www.myvemma.com/tinacornman  (+ info)

can anyone give me more info on Ankylosing spondylarthritis? I keep looking for more info on it.?

I just need to know more about it. I am a mother of 3 kids.. So i don't always have time to sit. if someone could help me out. thank you

AS is basically inflammation of the spine. It can start at any age and if the inflammation continues then you will notice pain and stiffness set in. That leads to immobility which literally allows the spine to fuse. Their are drugs that can slow the process down, so best to see a Rheumatologist if you have this condition.  (+ info)

blood protein profile irregularities? anyone have any notions?

slight irregularities in my blood tests:
IGM 2.68 g/l (normal 0.60-2.35)
Haptoglobin: 0.45 g/L(normal: 0.60-1.89)
prealbumin: 0.20 g/l (normal: 0.20-0.40)
anyone have any ideas of what the above means??? i'll see immunology doctor at end of next week.
symptoms: long term: low energy, low immunity (tendancy to catch things easily and they drag on sometimes), sensitive stomach, low white blood cells (fluctuating from 2500-6000 over a few years), new(past 2-3 months): dizziness,diarrhea, sacralization, sacroilliatis, prickly nerve sensations,(all of these last symptoms except bone things have improved since stopping gluten one week ago) low vitamin d other blood things very good resulsts,
suspected by doctors: celiac disease, ankylosing spondylarthritis (am negative for genetic marker)

Dear This Woman,

I can't tell you about what the blood test abnormalities may mean except to say that high IgM indicates that your immune system is primed for attack.

You may be reacting to more than gluten and this is worth reading about and making up your mind.

http://www.fedupwithfoodadditives.info/ (see down this page for factsheets)


The symptoms you describe and the fact that they got better after ceasing gluten in your diet indicates that you do react to gluten. If you are celiac then this may explain the changes in white blood cells too. Being constantly exposed to a substance that your immune system wants to attack messes with your immune system and can leave you vulnerable to other illnesses. The fatigue is a definite affect of reacting to gluten and other chemicals.


I hope this helps.


Kingfan  (+ info)

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