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What website has a tropical set as the theme for a birthday party?

What website sells a set that is tropical. Tropical is the theme my cousin decides on having. Thanks so much! :] 10 points for the best answer!

ummm... well usually i go to party america or party city, mabey they have a site that you can visit for all the hawaiin and tropical party stuff that you need!  (+ info)

What is a less fattening tropical or summery drink?

Hi, I am going on vacation to Hawaii and one of my favorite things is tropical drinks -- mai tais, pina coladas, etc. However these are all really high in calories and sugar and I have been trying to lose weight. I have been so dedicated to healthier eating and I don't want to mess it all up on vacation. Are there any ideas for tropical drinks with fewer calories? Thank you!

I had the same problem when we went to Mexico last year! Sorry to say, there's no easy fix. I drank Mojitos (which still have sugar but not as much) and I would try flavored vodka with a diet drink. I love vanilla vodka and diet coke. Raspberry vodka is pretty good with diet sprite but not all places have diet sprite. If I were you, I'd ask the bartenders as well. They may be able to come up with something creative!

Good luck!! :)

Forgot about flavored rum! haha Malibu is always a good bet!  (+ info)

What is a fun tropical drink that I can make in bulk for cheap?

I'm having a beach party in February and want to make 1-2 kinds of tropical drinks for my guests. Does anyone have any suggestions for an alcoholic beverage I can make in bulk that will keep the cost low?

Sangria. Inexpensive red wine mixed with favorite fruit juice(s) on ice. Fantastic!  (+ info)

Tropical gourd that is dried and used to exfoliate the skin?

Tropical gourd that is dried and used to exfoliate the skin

6 letters - what is it?

loofah  (+ info)

What are some ideas for a tropical themed dorm room birthday party?

Its a surprise 19th birthday party, and we have a very low budget. I want to decorate it in a tropical style.. its a double room, not too big.

How about looking for beach towels on sale and
putting these on the floor for seating.

I used the site below they helped me with my
son's birthday (they have a free party planner
who can help you for free).  (+ info)

How can I create a tasty and sweet tropical fruit food sauce containing bananas?

I have recently began experimenting with cooking and I am interested in creating my own food sauces. Does anyone have any ideas of how I can create a food sauce containing bananas and other tropical fruits?

Methods and ingredients would be appreciated :-) .

You could try caramelizing the bananas in a frying pan and use maybe some Coconuts the "meat" or puree if you wanna call it that and blend it or try some pomegranates  (+ info)

How would you grill a turkey with a tropical twist in it?

I am beginig to find stuff for a competition and i need a recipe that I grill half of a turkey breast and I would like to have a tropical theme to this presintations so does anyone have any suggesions?


1/4 c. pineapple juice
2 tbsp. soy sauce
2 tbsp. honey
1/2 tsp. ground ginger
Turkey breast cut in half

Mix all ingredients except turkey. Arrange hot coals around grill. Place turkey on top of grill about 4 inches from heat. Cook until breast meat is white when pierced, about 1 hour. Brush with pineapple juice mixture the last 30 to 40 minutes of cooking.  (+ info)

How do I make a party seem truly 'tropical'?

I am planning to have a party with some friends with a Hawaii/Tropical theme. I need ideas! Do you have any for food, games, and invitations?
Please and thank you!!

Here are some invitation ideas:

If it's an inside party, make it feel tropical, crank up the furnace to about 90F.

Costume Suggestions

Buy flower leis to give to each guest, putting them around their necks as they arrive to the party.

Many costume shops sell plastic leis or you might find a florist who can provide leis made of real flowers.

You could also make tribal headdresses using large leaves and flowers and attaching them to a headband.

Make a grass skirt by twisting green crepe paper and having it hanging down from a sash. Many costume shops also sell grass skirts, so you could try the nearest store perhaps.


Set a tropical look by decorating the house in bright big flowers and leaves. You could maybe use real flowers bought from a florist.

You can also try making large flowers and leaves using crepe paper and cardboard. Make cutouts of coconut trees to put along the walls.

Decorate chairs by adding bamboo to the backs of them for an exotic touch. You can give the same look to tables by covering them with a bamboo blind.

Use a kiddie pool filled with ice to keep drinks in. Lay a tarpaulin beneath it and surround it with sand and fake palm trees, making an oasis where the guests can quench their thirst.

Food Suggestions

Serve tropical food like large fruit platters using banana, berries, mangos, pineapple and other luscious fruit. Spice up a fruit salad by adding thick coconut shavings to it.

A roast would also be good for a tropical celebration. You could maybe try to hire a spit for the party.

Make a large punch for the guests to drink. Add large chunks of pineapple and other fruit. You can decorate the punch bowl by surrounding it with leaves and flowers.

Serve food on large banana leaves instead of plates.

Try to serve drinks in halved coconut shells. Or you could even use pineapples with the centres hollowed out. Add bright bendy straws and cocktail umbrellas to add to the look.

Games & Activities

Pineapple Toss:
Set a table outside and cover it in a bamboo blind.

Line pineapples along it, spaced evenly apart, and have guests try to throw rings around them for prizes.

You can make rings by cutting the centres out of plastic plates. If you need to add more weight to the rings, use several plates taped together.

Coconut Bash:
Set a second table outside and cover it in a bamboo blind.

Line it with plastic cups and set a coconut on top of each one.

Mark a line on the ground using tape or even flour, and have a basket close by filled with balls.

Have the guests try to knock over the coconuts down.

Monkey Mayhem:
Make a large palm tree cutout using cardboard and paint. Try to cut it so that there are lots of leaves that hang to the sides.

Fix thumbtacks to the back of the palm tree by placing sticky-tape over the pin and taping them to the back, with the pin facing outward.

Also make cutouts of monkeys and attach a paper clip to each one using tape.

Using the paperclips, hang a monkey from each thumbtack so it looks like they’re swinging in the tree.

Have the guests try to knock the monkeys off by either throwing balls at them or squirting them with a water pistol.  (+ info)

what is a good tropical mix drink for rum?

My wife bought a bottle of rum. I'm not sure why because neither one of us care for the taste. Can you give me some ideas of a good tropical tasting drink.

Rum Punch
3 oz pineapple juice
3 oz orange juice
3 oz lime juice
8 dashes Angostura bitters
6 oz rum
2 oz simple syrup
Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice.
Serve in tall glasses.

Rum Runner
6 ounces Rum
1 ounce Banana Liqueur
1 ounce Blackberry Brandy
2 tsps. Grenadine
20 ounces Sweet & Sour Mix
Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glasses or belnd with ice for a frozen drink.  (+ info)

What types of food can i bring in to class for tropical dry forest?

I'm doing a tropical dry forest project and i have to bring in food for it.

What foods should i bring in?

"Tropical" usually means Fruits and Pork.

Wild pigs live great lives in tropical areas and have been staple foods for people in tropical regions.

Dried or fresh mangos...

Fresh coconuts with the Coconut Milk to drink...

You can buy banana leaves at specialty stores and wrap plantains, pork, and onions (sort of mashed together) and tie the "Packets" with string and steam in a pot for 20 minutes. You can make them the day before, don't unwrap, and bring them the next day to be eaten at room temperature and "Unwrapped" by your classmates and eaten off the leaf like a plate.

Check out this episode of "Good Eats" for ideas:

Good Eats: Down & Out in Paradise Episode EASP02
A freak fishing accident leaves AB all washed up on a deserted tropical island. Armed with little more than a pocket knife and a will to survive, AB gets by on coconuts, pineapples, mangos, papayas and one very feisty pig. Survival's never tasted better.

Recipes in This Episode
Island Ceviche with Pickled Onions
Coconut Shrimp with Peanut Sauce
Mango Chutney
Papaya Soup
Sweet and Sour Pork
Toasty Coconut Macaroons
Spicy Pineapple Slices
Chocolate Coconut Balls

Watch it:
Part 1 of 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlGuIB72mCA
Part 2 of 4: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=197DB9764D8E6183&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&v=His0oH9j-Rk
Part 3 of 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDSSbb-clrY
Part 4 of 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5V5lVchEpc  (+ info)

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