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Is there any web site or place i can order hawaiina/ tropical baby shower invitations?

I'm lookin to do a baby shower thats a tropical theme but everywhere i look there is all blue and pink baby shower stuff i want it to be a bit different let me know if you have any ideas.

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What are some good tropical or otherwise exotic names for a female character?

She has long dark hair, if that helps.
The story is set in a fantasy realm, but I would prefer the names to be at least halfway recognizable.
Thanks in advance!

Here are some:

Dasha (DOSH-uh)
Melody (i don't know if its exotic, but its unique and i love it!
Cassianna (Cass-ee-ON-uh)
Cassania (Cass-ON-yuh)
Katia (KOHT-ee-uh)
Juilissa (Jew-LISS-uh)

H☺pe i helped!
Good luck!!!!!!!
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How to plan a tropical party on a shoestring?

Okay so I'm trying to plan a surprise birthday party around a 'Castaway Bay' theme. So does anybody have any ideas on how to spice up the party on a budget (or how to get the top off a coconut to use it as a drinking cup!)
Bear in mind that we are in the Dominican Republic - hmm, challenging - i think so!

Head to the beach, and have a big campfire
check local building sites/skips, but get permission for some planks of wood and some other objects to set up an improvised bar....remember you are castaways!
Ask everyone coming to the party to write a message for a bottle, but not to sign their name on it, then when they arrive put all the messages into a container, later on when around the campfire get people to select a message and ready out and see if you can guess who sent it.... the winner of the best message gets to put it into a bottle and then you throw it into the water...use plastic bottle for safety reasons
Suggest guest come in shipwrecked, beach, or hawaii styleclothing
Oh just thought could you get an old surf board as a table?
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What is the best tropical smelling indoor tanning lotion?

I want something that smells like a pina-colada or similar - bronzer is ok but no tingle formulas - thanks!

I like Designer Skin products. I am very fair skinned, and their products have gotten me darker than any other brand I've tried...and believe me, I have tried a LOT!

I like Spellbound and Black by Designer Skin. Spellbound has 4 bronzers, and Black has 20x bronzers. I'm not sure how many bronzers you are wanting; they have tons of different lotions. Both of the ones I listed do smell great though.

You can go their website and read about each of the lotions; there is a place in each description that will tell you what the scent of each lotion is...


They have 3 different lines, Designer Skin, Boutique, and Splash tanning tonics...each one is listed on the site separately, and within each listing you'll find the description of all the lotions in that particular line.  (+ info)

Where to get Hawaii style or tropical island style type accessories?

I am planning a Luau Party for my daughter and her friends, I want some Hawaiian theme or island style accessories. Where can I get them?

www.orientaltrading.com has lots of cute, inexpensive stuff for luaus...or any party. I have also seen luau stuff at JoAnn Fabrics and leis at Michael's this past week.

www.abcstores.com is a Hawaiian store with very cute things. They also have stores in Vegas.

If this helps, then I'd like to be invited to the party. :>)  (+ info)

does anyone know where i can buy zen nature's tropical flowers brazilian exotic aromatherapy oil?

i bought this oil from diamond beauty 2 years ago. They don't carry zen nature products any longer. This is one of the best smelling oils i've ever had. I can find tropical fruits, but i REALLY want the tropical flowers. The company is based in brazil, but distributed by Swan Walk Ltd in Santa Monica CA. The phone number that was on my bottle is smudged off. Any help is appreciated.

try the body shop or a health/herbal store  (+ info)

What tropical fruit is red on the inside, green on the outside, and grown in Panama?

It is not a watermelon, guave, papaya, or mango. It is small, maybe the size of an orange, and has spikes on it.

maracuya??? Spanish for passion fruit.  (+ info)

Does anyone have the recipe for the tropical syrup that is served at the Original Pancake House?

I understand that this syrup is made from scratch daily at the restaurant chain. It is a blend of citrus fruits (citrus zest I think). I love this stuff, but want to be able to make it at home. Someone out there must work at an Original Pancake House that can help me out!

Check out www.kopycat.com lots of restaurant secret recipes.  (+ info)

What are the symptoms after drinking hydrogen peroxide tropical solution if some1 drinks it?

just curious?
I know its a solution to fight off germs, I want to know once you drink it what will you experience?

It entirely depends on the concentration.  (+ info)

Where can I buy Tropical Sun Coconut Water from cheap?

My wife and I love Tropical Suns Coconut Water, but its difficult to come by as most shops only sale Grace, Can anyone recommend a place where I could buy some in large quantities in or around London?

Do certain people think London is in America now.

I think Tesco do it in the World Foods section, they've usually got a big drinks area if its a massive shop  (+ info)

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