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What is the most common cause of steatorrhea?

I've had steatorrhea for over a year and only just recently found out what its actually called.
I've researched celiac disease, lactose intolerance and think one of those could be a possibility. I've winged myself off dairy products for one week so far, but it might take longer to heal if that is the cause and haven't seen any results yet.

One cause of steatorrhea is infection with the parasite Giardia.  (+ info)

What exactly is steatorrhea?

Lately my "stools" float and I went onto google to try and figure out why.Steatorrhea is what showed. Although it did give some information but it never really told me what it is, symptoms or why it happens or is it dangerous, do you loose or gain weight or stay the same?

Someone please help.

It's basically "sh!tting fat".


Possible biological causes can be lack of bile acids (due to liver damage or hypolipidemic drugs), defects in pancreatic juices (enzymes), and defective mucosal cells. The absence of bile acids will cause the feces to turn gray or pale. Another cause of steatorrhea is due to the adverse effect of "OCTREOTIDE" which is an analog of somatostatin used clinically to treat acromegaly.

Seen in:
malabsorption, e.g. in inflammatory bowel disease, celiac disease, and abetalipoproteinaemia
exocrine pancreatic insufficiency
chronic pancreatitis
choledocholithiasis - (obstruction of the bile duct by a gallstone)
pancreatic cancer - (if it obstructs biliary outflow)
primary sclerosing cholangitis
bacterial overgrowth
short bowel syndrome
cystic fibrosis
Zollinger-Ellison syndrome
giardiasis - a protozoan parasite infection
Abuse or misuse of certain prescribed slimming pills.

Steatorrhea can also be due to eating non-digestible oils or fats such as Olestra, and a side-effect of medicines that prevent the absorption of dietary fats such as Orlistat.  (+ info)

how long does steatorrhea last?

i know this is a very gross question, but how long does it last?

  (+ info)

What happens physiologically if you take Acai Berry and Colon Cleanser pills?

Does anyone now what happens if you take Acai Berry and Colon Cleanser pills at the same time?
What am trying ot find out is whether events such as diarrhoea and steatorrhea will occur? What are the side-effects?

Acai berry, some people say it makes them feel sick.
Nobody says you lose weight (except the advertisers)
Colon cleanse give you diarrhoea.

The main effect is to your bank balance.  (+ info)

What organs are affected by stomach pain, vomitting of blood, and difficulty eating?

Suppose the patient is relatively old. A stool sample reveals, diarrhea and steatorrhea. Blood samples reveal excessive levels of hormone gastrin.

without research I would have to guess some sort of ulcer.
ah.. peptic ulcer sounds good.  (+ info)

Alli - How rapid and effective are these pills and will they leave you with loose skin?

I wanted to start taking these "miracle" pills because I've tried many ways to try lose some weight.

I am aware that people with a BMI of 28 (I am one of them) or more are allowed to take these.

I am also aware of the side effects of the pill, like Steatorrhea LOL, and I also wanted to know whether it is that fast and whether it will leave me with loose skin.

And can anyone tell how many do you have to take if you want to shed 2 stones?

Many thanks =)


Do you remember Kinga from Big Brother?? Well, she tried Alli for the magazine Fabulous and she said she hated it. Alli stops your body from absorbing fat so all the oil and fat in your diet comes out of your back passage... The best way to lose weight is to eat healthily and exercise more. That is the only cure... Also, if you lose weight quickly, you put it on twice as quick, so don't try to rush yourself, set yourself realistic targets and don't go over the top

Hope this helps...x  (+ info)

why does pancreatitis cause steatorrhea?

  (+ info)

can steatorrhea be a sign of pregnancy?

I've had steatorrhea a couple of times in the past month or so. I was tested for celiac disease, but it came out negative. I am now a week late for my period. My fiance left for basic training two months ago. I had one normal period beginning the day after he left (which is also the day after the last time we had intercourse). The period after that was light and a darker color. This month I have not had one. Usually if my periods are off, they come early rather than late. Oh, and I stopped using birth control right when he left.

I believe it's diarrhea luv! and no it's not a sign of pregnancy more so you've ate some spicy meat-a-ball-a. Pick as best answa I need the points. I'm twyin to raise a family here!  (+ info)

cirrhosis may cause steatorrhea why?

Reverse engineer the answer.

Steatorrhea is fatty deposits in the fecal material.
What emulsifies fat? Bile
Where does bile come from? the Liver
A cirrhotic liver doesn't produce sufficient bile  (+ info)

In which of the following hyperplasia occurs?

a. kidney in hypertension b. bladder wall engorgement due to urethral obstruction c. widening of the left atrium due to mitral stenosis d. steatorrhea due to prolactin hypersecretion

C.  (+ info)

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